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Smooth-Sailing Pi Yao on Ship - Energy Infused

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD41.88
30% Discount:USD28.88
Material: Brass
Color: 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 3.1x1.1x2.5 in Pi Yao in Longbi
Weight: 440g
ID: SL15018

2-Pieces Special
Our Price:USD49.88
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Heavy and made from precious material, this stunning masterpiece celebrates the beauty and brilliance of the very important animal of outstanding fortune in feng shui. The figurine sparkles in stunning gold and radiates out heavy duty metal energy. Under its feet lies a pile of treasures carried by a wealth ship sailing speedily, thus making the Pi Yao cast its powers more efficiently. It signifies smooth-sailing undertakings with less obstacles.

It possesses the following characteristics to produce wondrous results in countering misfortunes:
1. Wings (heavenly type) - the wings signify its ability to fly high and reach greater heights/goals.
2. Warrior-like - the strong gestures, muscular limbs and legs make it an animal warrior. It is charming and at the same time fierce-looking (ready to fight but remain steady and calm).
3. 'Taoist incantation' - inscribed between the neck and the stomach in front. This incantation is known as the Tai Sui Mantra. It has been successfully used for centuries to strongly appease the wrath from the Tai Sui and Sui Po, which are both very brutal afflictions.
4. Metal energy - is key to remedying afflictions from the Tai Sui and Sui Po. Metal here refers to real gold and strong metal. These are made from heavy brass and genuinely electro-plated with gold.
5. Fat looking - The stomach of the Pi Yao is buldging to the front. This is the criteria that feng shui masters often require. As oppose to skinny ones, the fat Pi Yao signifies abundance.

Inspired by the need to activate its true potential and power, a shy energy infused scalar tag is hidden under the ship. This fabulous Pi Yao possesses the ability to transform negative chi into positive, overcome obstacles, prevent annual dangers caused to zodiacs, subdue bad luck, diminish obstructions, combat bodily harm and terminate stress. The Pi Yao is suitable for stimulating growth in business, securing safety for the family, warding off negativities, inviting fortune/wealth, protecting against intangible afflictions, and appeasing the Tai Sui and Sui Po. The Pi Yao is a powerful celestial creature known to absorb all the bad vibes caused by inadvertantly offending the Tai Sui, for example if you cut a tree, dig a hole, hammer a nail or unavoidably disturb the Tai Sui corner. It is common for feng shui enthusiasts to invite the pi yao to grow wealth for the household while using them to appease the Tai Sui wrath. Yes, it is like killing two birds with one stone. The position of Tai Sui in 2021 is at NORTEAST 1 ranging from 22.6 to 37.5 degrees. The direction opposite where he is sitting will be the SOUTHWEST 1ranging from 202.6 to 217.5 degrees.

Note: This Pi Yao is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What the Pi Yao symbolizes and how to place the celestial animal? The Pi Yao is the most popular symbol used by Feng Shui enthusiasts as recommended by the masters. The Pi Yao is the ninth generation of the heavenly Dragon and has different names depending on where it is being sighted. Pi Yao lives in the heaven, Pi Xiu lives on earth and Pi Kan lives in the sea. All of them brings the same blessings and possess the same properties. Pi Yao is a protective heavenly creature that has one horn, lion-dog face, hoofs and little wings and a tail. Many people prefer using Pi Yao over Chi Lin because Pi Yao does not have an anus and only eats but does not dispose. It has a big and infinite appetite. For the naturally greedy businessmen and merchants or housewives out there, if you intend to only have lots of money luck coming in and ensure the money never be spent, Pi Yao is what you are looking for. Pi Yao are also known to be very obedient to their owners as they are loyal in nature.

An example of how a huge Imperial Pi Yao stand majestically in business district of China

The Pi Yao provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:
1. Ushers good luck and fortune
2. Generate good feng shui or earth luck
3. Elevating wealth and riches
4. Protects individuals and home
5. Drives away evil, obstacles and hardship
6. Brings windfall luck

In the olden days, the Pi Yao was devoted as guardian of homes of the emperor and high officials. Because of its capabilities to drive away evil and ushering wealth, it would benefit those earning a living in the bank, finance companies, foreign exchange markets, entertainment circle, casinos, business, betting, service industry and stock market. It brings good luck all year round.

The Pi Yao has many functions and can be placed in different locations of your premise according to your needs:
1. Place the Pi Yao anywhere in your living room (best in the east sector and lower than eye level of the tallest family member) if you intend to renovate your existing house or move into a new home/premise to overcome obstacles and guard your family against bad feng shui due to alterations. It ensures good health to your family.
2. If you desire good fortune, protection from evil spirits, power to counteract wicked people and overcome bad luck, you may place the Pi Yao at your work desk, reception or important area of your living room. At the same time, the Pi Yao can ensure authority for managers when placed at the Northwest sector of your workdesk.
3. For those who travel long distance frequently, display the Pi Yao facing out directly at the main door (or placing one in your car) to prevent injuries, accidents and ensuring successful and fruitful journeys with good business deals. Putting the Pi Yao in this position will also promise good fortune that enters your house being trapped in the stomach of Pi Yao and its fierce look can ward off evil spirits. The Pi Yao can also identify wicked people and prevent them from harming you.
4. You may place the Pi Yao at the sector where the annual "Tai Sui" (Grand Duke Jupiter) resides and the "Sui Po" location to appease the bad influence. The Pi Yao is excellent in helping people who are experiencing bad luck due to bad annual stars too.

Note: This high quality Pi Yao is originated and custom made by Feng Shui Bestbuy from a prestigious brass factory in Taiwan. Its quality is guaranteed.

Energy infused with scalar tag.

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