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Jade Fortune Bat Amulet

List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Natural Jade
Color: Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 1.9 in bat; 1.9x11in Amulet
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11978

2-PCS Special
Special Price:USD32.88
ID: SL11978st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
This beautiful jade piece has a bat biting the double coin. The bat is called "fu" in chinese which carries the meaning good luck and good fortune. The symbol of bat biting coins implies "everlasting fortune and love just in front of your eyes" and resembles long life, excellent relationship, happiness and good luck. The bat enhances wealth, prosperity, happiness energy and realize smoothness in our endeavour. Giving this amulet to your loved ones will harness good love life and excellent fortune to the recipient. Also great for birthdays and seasonal celebrations. This amulet is suitable for both male and female.

What the bat symbolizes?
Bats has a legendary role. In caverns of the hills in china are found bats of a thousand years old which is silverish is color and are fed on stalactites. These bats have medicinal values and is an important ingredient in chinese herbal medicines. It normally appears in the summer to bring happiness and torpid in the winter. Because of its ability to swallow its own breath, it attains a very long age.

The bat is an auspicious symbol for chinese, it is emblematic of happiness and longevity. Their symbolic presence are employed in ancient chinese homes, used together with fortune symbols and carried by deities like Chung Kwei and Sau Sing Kung to signify wealth. If you notice, the head of the Ru Yi normally has the shape of a fortune bat spreading out its wings. They do not signify dracula like what the west believe. The bat (pronounced as "fook" in chinese) means prosperity and has the capability to deflect illnesses or outbreak that that causes unnatural death.

On the other hand, jade is believed in feng shui to be the link between man and the heaven and is called the "stone of heaven" during ancient times. The jade gives impression of delicate gracefulness, elegance and exquisiteness. Widely used in esteemed arts and crafts from 18th century till today, jade embodies perfection, immortality, and is a symbol of love, fidelity, virtue, generosity, wealth and nobility. The jade promotes good health, protection against losses and good fortune. The jade had saved many lives too. In times of danger, such as when the owner of a piece of jade meets with an accident, the jade would break into pieces to take away the danger and save the owner's life. Or out of no good reason a piece of jade is broken or by accident, it simply means it had taken away some danger that you could encounter on that particular day.

1. In groups of 5, they bring the powerful five blessings for abundance and fulfillment.
2. Hang the fortune bat on your office wall to welcome good fortune and prosperity into your work environment.
3. You can also hang this fortune bat in your reading room, library, kitchen, bedroom, living, dining and business premises.
4. The symbol of bat in your entrance area ensures attraction of wealth chi into your homes to signify multiplication of fortune and next promotion in your career.
5. Hang this in front portion of your house, maindoor or other chi entry points such as the windows to bring in prosperity and deflect away bad viruses which can lead to health problems.


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