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Golden Rice Bowl Set for Never Ending Wealth and Abundance

List Price:USD148
Our Price:USD69.88
Material: High Quality Brass
Color: Polished Golden Brass
Bowl - 4.75x4.75x1.7 in
Spoon - 5x1.5x1.5 in
Chopsticks - 8x0.25x0.25 in
Weight: 1100g all
ID: SL11943

Product Description
This sensual brass masterpieces recreate the emblematic gold rice bowl, chopsticks and spoon usually owned by the chinese royals, tycoons, the rich and the famous. The golden rice bowl set represents prosperity, abundance, wealthiness, career advancement and flourishing business. The owner or receiver of the golden rice bowl will obtain the luck of ever lasting supply of good food served in golden rice bowl. Stunning in esthetics, this graceful golden rice bowl set constitutes a meaningful and prestigious gift for the following occasions:
1. A respected figure of the family (normally the patriarch or matriarch of the house) celebrating birthday to wish them long lasting abundance.
2. God parents presenting this to an adopted child or god child to celebrate the occasion.
3. A prestigious gift for friends or business counterparts celebrating their grand opening of business.
4. A prestigious gift for housewarming of close friends, relatives and family members to wish them good luck.
5. A prestigious gift for those who started embarking on a new career to wish them success and promotion all the way up in their career ladder.
6. A prestigious wedding gift to wish couples starting up a dynastic family filled with prosperity and abundance.
7. A prestigious gift for those celebrating a BIG BIRTHDAY.
8. A prestigious gift for outstanding employees who had worked very hard for the company and who deserved special management appraisal.

What the Golden Rice Bowl Set symbolizes and how to place this object?
The golden rice bowl is used by only the imperial officers, rich tycoons and the emperor when they dine in ancient times. It represents remarkable success in life with strong financial possession and having more than enough to eat. It is one of the most auspicious symbol to own for families who desires luxury, comfort and joy in life.

The golden rice bowl can be placed in many places to multiply our wealth, career luck and build prosperity:
1. Some housewives who seek gambling luck will display the set at the altar of the Earth God or Wealth God.
2. For businessmen who desire success, the golden rice bowl can be displayed at the cash register, shop reception, treasurer's desk, safe box and any prominent part of the business premises which deals with money and customers.
3. To invite more wealth luck, additional sources of income and career growth one may display this in the SE or N or your personal Sheng Chi corner of your living and dining room. This will ensure you get the career of your dream and get unlimited prospect in career advancement.

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