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Double Happiness Candle Pair (Type D)

List Price:USD23
Our Price:USD13.88
Material: Wax Candle and Glass Cups
Color: Red
Dimension(in):2.1x2.1x2.5 in per piece
Weight: 250g
ID: SL11935

3-Pairs Special
Our Price:USD29.88
ID: SL11935st
set (3 pairs)

Product Description
This beautiful candle pair comes with "double happiness symbol" short glass. The red candle with "double happiness symbol" has many uses:
1. If lit in the bridal room on the wedding night, it will ensure a lifetime of happiness in the couple's relationship, driving away unwanted third party relationships along the way.
2. Everytime one feels the need to spice up your love and romance whether you are single, dating or married, light the candle by the bedside or at the southwest (for female) and northwest (for male) corner of the bedroom. Red candle light can jazz up positive feelings in intimacy.
3. Red candle itself possesses strong fire element within and when lit it radiates out vortexes of fire element. And the fire element is the most effective element to dissolve quarrelsome or unwanted energies of bad temper from brewing. To resolve conflicts among family members, friends and social linkages, you can light this candle in the annual Quarrelsome Star #3 sector of your house. To resolve work related conflicts, it is best to light up the candle at your workdesk. To resolve love or intimacy conflicts, it is best to light up the candle in the bedroom where you make love.

The colors of candles have a deep meaning and there are those who know what they mean and stand behind their meaning. These people will use certain color candles to help them focus and meditate on problems in their life or in others lives. Red candles represent energy, vitality, and strength, health, passion, sex, love, protection, fire, fertility, fast action, strength, potency, lust, blood, physical love and passion, courage, warmth, energy, attraction, magnetism, desire, action, physical strength, power and willpower. Be very careful when selecting candles of other colors, especially black candles because they are for black magic and can invite devils. The same principle applies for color of lamps and lamp shades.

The double happiness symbol composed of two Chinese characters for “happiness” arranged side by side, is a time-honored symbol of marriage and conjugal happiness and reputed to be the most popular symbol of love. The double happiness symbol is used to enhance spiritual and physical love between two people; ideal for men or women searching for love, already in love or maintaining a steady relationships or marriage. The double happiness symbol will help you if you are looking for a romantic partnership or wanting your romance to become more serious. It will keep third party at bay and smoothen the path of romance. For couples who have been married for a long time, the double happiness symbol helps to renew their passion and love for each other.

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