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Hotu Luoshu - Cure Astrological Enemy Problem

List Price:USD88
Our Price:USD36.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): 4.6x3.7x4.2 in
Weight: 600g
ID: SL11925

Product Description
The Hotu Luoshu is the glorious chi lin being supported by the slower pace but hardship withstanding tortoise. This combination marries the qualities of both celestial animals together. This is a traditional cure used by olden days feng shui master to cure astrological conflicts. It is from the patterns on their backs that all classical feng shui formulas were derived. This powerful emblem has the effect of taming the ferocity of zodiac clashes. Forging closer bonds, you will get along well with all zodiacs including your enemies, thus benefitting you with glowing interpersonal relations. Zodiacs with moderate and difficult compatibility will most likely end up as your opponent, rival, enemy, foe, nemesis, antagonist, combatant, challenger, contender, competitor, opposer or fellow contestant. Zodiac adversaries can generate hatred, moments of tantrums, negative phases, exhaustion, hostility and defeat. They can be your life partner, your own children, family members, relatives, friends, co-workers, bosses or business associates.

Zodiac Compatibility - Knowing your Enemies
The Chinese Zodiac System offers some clues to zodiac compatibility. Although it is a very general guideline, but its accuracy is still unquestionably higher than 65%. Therefore, chinese fortune tellers often advise youngsters not to avoid zodiac compatibility when they search for desired partners in life. Businessmen are also advised to check their compatibility with business partners before they form any business partnership. Some books actually stated that one's compatible zodiacs are determined by their group of "secret friend" and "allies". However, we advise not to follow the formula blindly, as there are more facts to consider besides just merely looking at "friendship formula". We also ought to look into personal behaviour/characteristics and hints from old legends for different zodiacs to see if they match each other. Upon further investigation and judging from data, we have found the following table yields the most accurate zodiac compatibility.

Zodiacs with moderate and difficult compatibility will most likely end up as your opponent, rival, enemy, foe, nemesis, antagonist, combatant, challenger, contender, competitor, opposer or fellow contestant. Zodiac adversaries can generate hatred, moments of tantrums, negative phases, exhaustion, hostility and defeat.

Zodiac Compatibility Chart

What the Chi Lin and Dragon Tortoise symbolize?
The Unicorn, Dragon Horse or Chi Lin is a fabulous heavenly creature of good omen, and the symbol of grandeur, felicity, wise administration, longevity and illustrious offspring. It had attained the age of 1000 years old and said to be the noblest form of animal, emblem of perfect good incarnated essence of Five Elements. The predominant characteristics of the unicorn is its perfect goodwill, gentleness, and benevolence to all living creatures. It possessed all the good qualities found in all animals and has the head of a dragon, scales of the carp and body of a horse. Some believed that the Chi Lin was actually a giraffe. If one were to observe carefully, it could be a fact! Its voice is like the sound of bells and other musical instruments. It carefully avoids treading upon any living insect, or destroying the grass under its feet, and its gait is regulated according to propriety.

Since Chi Lin is a wonderful combination of a dragon's head and a horse's body, it produces a harmonized mixture of excellent qualities between the two auspicious animals. It has a more royal status compared to the other guardians and is simply adorable. Chi Lin blows "sheng chi" because of its Dragon head to benefit surrounding. Unlike lions and other fierce creatures, the Chi Lin representing a "new born baby" by ancient chinese is very loyal to its owner and easier to tame, like a lovely horse. Its energy represent vitality, strength, ambition, good competing spirits, great health, perseverance and fame. Besides, it also has the scales of a carp which ushers in wealth, prosperity and abundance. The patterns on its back were used to derive the earlier heaven bagua, an ultimate symbol in the study of Feng Shui.

On the other hand, the tortoise is a divine creature that can live for more than 5000 years and imperishable without food and air. This creature is also said to be the attendant of Pan Ku, the one who chiselled out the world and created everything. It guards the northern quadrant of the heaven and is said to symbolize winter. Hindus and Buddhist believe it symbolizes the universe. Its markings on the shell uncover all the secrets of heaven and star constellations. This traditional symbol is placed in ancient palace to signify peace, steady rule of the country and longevity of the emperor and placed in homes to symbolize high status in life, long life and harmony.
Water is equivalent to wealth in feng shui. Because it has power over water, it is considered as being able to draw wealth. The tortoise body signifies excellent support from important people, good health and longevity and perseverance in homes.

Where to display this cure?
One should know his/her own astrological enemy and check if there is any such zodiac among your friends, family members or relatives. If the answer is yes, then one should display the Hotu Luoshu at the following locations according to his own personal horoscope sign. For example if you are a rat and your astrological enemy is the horse, but you have children born under this sign, you can display this at your own astrological corner to resolve the problem. If you have co-workers, business associates or bosses whose signs are your astrological enemies, you should also display it at your own astrological corner to resolve the problem:
Rat - enemy is Horse - display it in the North
Ox - enemy is Sheep - display it in the NE
Tiger - enemy is Monkey - display it in the NE
Rabbit - enemy is Rooster - display it in the East
Dragon - enemy is Dog - display it in the SE
Snake - enemy is Pig - display it in the SE
Horse - enemy is Rat - display it in the South
Sheep - enemy is the Ox - display it in the SW
Monkey - enemy is the Tiger - display it in the SW
Rooster - enemy is the Rabbit - display it in the West
Dog - enemy is the Dragon - display it in the NW
Pig - enemy is the Snake - display it in the NW

Astrology Wheel: Each zodiac is associated to one subdirection.

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