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Five Element Pagoda with Anren Water Cure - Energy Infused

List Price:USD308
Our Price:USD98.88
Special Price:USD58.88
Material: Brass and Immitation Liuli
Color: Trinity Colors; Transluscent Yellow-Green
Dimension(in): 1.5x1.5x3 in pagoda; 3x3x1.4 in lotus base
Weight: 510g
ID: SL11897
Special Price:USD98.88
ID: SL11897st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Departing from the usual pieces, Feng Shui Bestbuy has mindfully recreated this legendary pagoda by incorporating significant properties that will make it more potent than the ordinary. This magnificent design has a stunning combination of two known authentic and powerful cures: the Five Element Pagoda and Anrensui Water Cure. The pagoda arrests, traps and locks up the harmful energies of earth element, while the anrensui in the form of a lotus works on weakening the energies to zero strength and zero ability to harm. Careful attention has been paid to every detail to ensure it works efficaciously. Prestigiously powerful and reliable, many significant symbols of propitious motifs light up the pagoda to strengthen your inner confidence in countering the evil. Inspired by the need to activate its true potential and power, a shy energy infused tag is hidden within the cure.

This magnificent masterpiece is now more gorgeously designed and incorporated on its surface with the 8 Immortals Objects, the hidden Hotu Pattern, the Four Celestial Guardians, the Chien Hexagrams, the powerful Mantra of Medicine Buddha, the Purifying Lotus and the Secret Dragon. The non-visible objects hidden inside the pagoda are the Secret Wulou and Lotus Blossom.
1. Secret Dragon - designed on the cover of the lotus basin. The underlying secret that is usually kept and never revealed by many feng shui masters is that the dragon will bring out the vitality and power of an anrensui cure.
2. 8 Immortals Objects - these objects represent the presence of Eight Immortals as a matter of fact. They bless families with positive energy, bring good health, good fortune, wealth, fame luck, longevity and good descendants.
3. Hotu Pattern - Ancient texts revealed that the Hotu pattern is a powerful antidote and provides the key to unlock many of the secrets of Flying Star feng shui problems.
4. Four Celestial Guardians -
They provide directional guardiance to the imprisoned evil energies from being released. They are the green dragon, white tiger, black tortoise and red phoenix. Known as the protectors of four directions, they provide safety and prevent dangers from hurting the family.
5. Chien Hexagrams - the Chien Hexagram with six solid yang lines represents BIG METAL, thus exerting powerful energies to subdue earth energies from 5-Yellow or 2-Illness stars.
6. Powerful Medicinal Buddha Mantras - Mantras always bring the much needed divine help from the universe to counter effectively any unwanted illness, injury and fatality energies.
7. Symbol of Purifying Lotus - Provides remedy for all troubles, mishaps, disputes and disharmony. Useful as remedy when the number 5 or number 2 meets with other inauspicious numbers to give wrathful combinations.

The pagoda comes in 4 pieces assembled together! There is the Secret Wulou and Lotus Blossom hidden within the pagoda to subdue illness and fierce energies. The Hotu pattern is underneath the pagoda.

There is a secret compartment within this pagoda for you to fill it up with either mini chips of crystals, fine sand or other types of earth material as a gesture of imprisoning earth energy. Crystals, fine sand and earth being the earth element represent earth energy from 5-Yellow star or the Illness Star#2.

Next the anrensui in the form of a lotus jar sparkles in a stunning combination of multiple vibrant colors of glaze to create a fascinating finish.The main ingredients include genuine bronze 6 Emperor coins, rock salt and water. The 6 Emperor coins are provided. However, rock salt and water will not be provided. The jar will have to be filled with rock salt first (3 quarter of the jar), then the coins and then the water. Water can be added into the jar once a month when necessary. If it has successfully fight the fatal stars, the coins will be corroded and there will be a lot of salt activities taking place. If the 5-Yellow is totally destroyed, the color of the water can sometimes turn yellow at the end of the year. But please be sure you do not fill the pagoda with water. The coins, salt and water are only to be filled into the lotus base.

Note: The pagoda is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Free packaging box.

What 5 Element Pagoda symbolizes and how to place this object?
The Feng Shui Master's 5 Element Pagoda is a more superior and effective cure considered by many authentic masters compared to windchime, coins and metal wu lou. This pagoda is intelligently designed by the grandmasters and made from strong heavy brass (representing strong metal element) to effectively counter strong earth energy from 5-Yellow and Illness Star#2 in Period 8. It is also potent to ward off bad energy, illnesses, evil and killing forces in our surroundings. This is the "tradesecret" of many authentic masters in the classical feng shui world in Southeast Asia, and rarely could be found in the West.

Lotus Anren Water Cure: top view, lid opened to be filled with six emperor coins, lid showing the Secret Dragon

The stack-up of five different shapes (in three dimension) represent the productive cycle of the powerful five elements, which is the basis of feng shui studies. The square at the bottom represents earth element, which produces metal element, that in turn produces water element, which produces wood element and finally yields fire element at the top.

Free packaging

The pagoda has to be displayed in the locations of 5-Yellow or Illness Star#2. Do not renew the fillings until the next lunar new year, unless you are moving to another new house mid way through the year.
This 5 Element Pagoda is a MUST to cure the deadly 5-Yellow Star.

This supreme pagoda is also exceptionally suitable for "Natal Charts", in remedying water stars and mountain stars #2, #3 and #5.

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