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Great Increasing Wealth Crystal Ball - Energy Infused

List Price:USD168
Our Price:USD49.88
10th Anniversary Sale: USD39.88

Material: Crystal
Color: Citrine glaze; Blue Sapphire glaze
Dimension(in): 2.1in globe; 1.5x1.5x1.5in cube
Weight: 400g
ID: SL11887

Product Description
Increased income, prudent investment and asset accumulation leads to good harvest! Bringing wealth illumination into your home, this large and sparkling magical crystal ball is incribed with the mantra of "Great Increasing Wealth", providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine blessings in maximizing wealth and prosperity. The Six Emperor Coins, in groups of three at the top and at the bottom of the ball, on the other hand will let you enjoy heaven luck, powerful network and windfall. Emitting the blue tune of good fortune are the four auspicious images of the Four Friends, Three Bodhisattvas motif with Manjusri's Fire Sword, Mongoose with Jewel and Victory Banner. The light reflects off these images in harmonious ways and the golden yellow and blue sapphire hues depict powerful air of wealth is at work. Financial luck is colorful and able to spark off easily. Inspired by the need to activate its true potential and power, a shy energy infused tag is hidden under the base.

Note: The item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Great Increase Wealth Mantra - Greatly increases money and prosperity by drawing new avenues and sources of income and wealth. Increases the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth. You can never fall short of money and material comforts.

The Four Friends - These four herbivorous animals represent four terrestrial habitats of sky (bird), tree (monkey), ground (elephant) and underground (hare). Best used to create respect, harmony and love among family members and friends. It is especially useful when the elderly are facing rebellion from rude children, younger generation or co-workers. It is also effective in magnifying your social life with more friends and busier friendships coming your way. At times, it can intensify platonic friendships into intense love relationships.

The emblem of Three Bodhisattvas motif with Manjusri's Fire Sword - Will penetrate through all mental blockages and harness seeds of clarity. The emblem of Three Great Bodhisattvas consists of a lotus, book, fire sword of Manjushri rising above a lake, flanked by a double-headed duck and parrot. As the emblem of the three great Bodhisattvas, Manjushri is represented by the lotus-borne book and wisdom sword. Avalokiteshvara is represented by the double headed duck. Meanwhile, Vajrapani is represented by the double headed parrot. The Three Bodhisattvas represent wisdom, compassion and power, which transmutes ignorance, desire and anger.

Mongoose with Jewel - The wealth mongoose is considered to be a holy creature carried by a Wealth Deity (Yellow Jambhala) in Tibetan Buddhism. Each time it is happy, it will obediently produce miracles by magically churning out jewels and precious gems.

Victory Banner - One can display the victory banner to signify triumph over evil, disagreements, disharmonies, obstacles and anger. It is also a strong symbol of wealth recovery, suitable for those who had gone through bad and trying times before. It is a strong remedy to remove all types of sufferings.

Suggested places of display of this item:
1. Display it in your living room, family rooms, dining or bedroom of your home, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (universal wealth corner), your personal sheng chi direction or wealth star #8 location to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
2. Display it in your office if you have one that you own by yourself and your shop to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
3. Display it in the Northwest sector to activate your financial support luck for the Patriarch or man of the family for money finding opportunities.
4. To increase ones personal wealth luck, one can display it in your personal zodiac direction:
Rat - North
Ox - NE
Tiger - NE
Rabbit - East
Dragon - SE
Snake - SE
Horse - South
Sheep - SW
Monkey - SW
Rooster - West
Dog - NW
Pig - NW

Energy infused

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