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Stunning Green Pi Yao (Wood Element) - LIMITED EDITION

List Price:USD168
Our Price:USD69.88
10th Anniversary Offer:USD39.88

Material: Brass, Swarovski Jewels, Enamel
Color: 24K Gold Plated, Green
Dimension(in): 2.9x0.9x2.9 in
Internal diameter width 2.1in
Internal diameter height 1.9in
Maximum wrist perimeter 6.5in
Weight: 100g
ID: SL11872


Product Description
A high jewellery collection between myth and reality, this oriental inspired setting blends dream and reality, a modern creation dedicated to generation of good fortune and luck. A spectacular revelation from the usual pieces, this stunning and eye-catching creation of our brand features the legendary fortune magnifying Pi Yao. Skilfully and uniquely crafted in metal, 24K gold plating, enamel and swarovski jewels, this sensual piece honors the legendary creature and will draw lots of admiration. Worn at lavish functions or a gala night outings, this sparkling quality definitely grasps a lot of attention. Empowering the bracelet is the mantra of wealth from the Yellow Jhambala, providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine blessings to light up your wealth luck. This luxury series come in a total of five element colors, each beautifully carrying its own meaning. Stunningly elegant, the Pi Yao neutralizes negative forces and protects its owners from harm. Calming the nerves of easily excited people, the Pi Yao also garners benefactors and averts scheming individuals for one's great advancement in their career path. Entrepreneurs on the other hand will find profits rolling in. The Pi Yao is fond of seeking treasures to win the affections of its owner. Besides the Pi Yao is also popularly used to appease the effects of Grand Duke Jupiter to overcome bad luck, therefore is helpful for those who are either associated with the Grand Duke or those who are going through a bad year according to their zodiac.

The Pi Yao provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:
1. Ushers good luck and fortune
2. Generates good feng shui or earth luck
3. Elevates wealth and riches
4. Protects individuals and home
5. Drives away evil, obstacles and hardship that had been prolonging for a long time
6. Brings windfall luck

Note: Guaranteed limited edition. This item is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. Each piece is crafted by a true jewellery crafter by hand, and NOT mass produced. It is therefore extremely suitable to wear for gala spectacular events.

Choosing the Color and Element
There is no hard rules to selecting the color of your desire. In general, you can select the color that suits you according to either one of the following criteria:
1. Your aspirations following the table below.
2. Your personal zodiac, determined by the year you were born in and following the table below.
3. Your kua number, determined by the year you were born in and also your gender. Follow the table below.
4. Your lucky element. Your lucky element is determined by the element you are lacked in and is usually derived from the season you were born in. Follow the table below.

Choosing Colors according to Aspirations

Choosing Colors and Elements.
*Resource color will benefit and stabilize the basic.
*Growth color will boost up and extend the luck more than the basic.

What the Pi Yao symbolizes?
The Pi Yao is the most popular symbol used by Feng Shui enthusiasts as recommended by the masters. The Pi Yao is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and has different names depending on where it is being sighted. The Pi Yao lives in the heaven, Pi Xiu lives on earth and Pi Kan lives in the sea. All of them brings the same blessings and possess the same properties. The Pi Yao is a protective heavenly creature that has one horn, lion-dog face, hoofs and little wings and a tail. Many people prefer using the Pi Yao over Chi Lin because the Pi Yao does not have an anus and only eats but does not dispose. It has a big and infinite appetite. For the naturally greedy businessmen and merchants or housewives out there, if you intend to only have lots of money luck coming in and ensure the money never be spent, the Pi Yao is what you are looking for. The Pi Yao is also known to be very obedient to their owners as they are loyal in nature.

In the olden days, the Pi Yao was devoted as guardian of homes of the emperor and high officials. Because of its capabilities to drive away evil and ushering wealth, it would benefit those earning a living in the bank, finance companies, foreign exchange markets, entertainment circle, casinos, business, betting, service industry and stock market. It brings good luck all year round.

The Pi Yao has many functions:
1. Wear the Pi Yao if you intend to renovate your existing house or move into a new home/premises to overcome obstacles and guard yourself against bad feng shui due to alterations. It ensures safety, good tidings and good health to you.
2. Wear the Pi Yao if you desire good fortune, to increase wealth, to enhance windfall, protection from evil spirits, power to counteract wicked people and to overcome bad luck.
3. For those who travel long distance frequently, wear the Pi Yao to prevent injuries, accidents and ensuring successful and fruitful journeys with good business deals. Everywhere you go, good fortune will be trapped in the stomach of the Pi Yao. Its fierce look can ward off evil spirits. It can also identify wicked people and prevent them from harming you.
4. For those who have been suffering from a spate of prolonging misfortunes, Feng Shui Masters often advise them to wear the symbol of Pi Yao to revitalize good luck and protect against more bad luck.
5. The Pi Yao is especially excellent to enhance business luck or increase sales performance.
6. For those whose zodiac is in conflict with the Tai Sui, wear this Pi Yao to help you appease the conflict with the Tai Sui.

Empowered with the powerful Yellow Jhambala Mantra to stimulate wealth luck


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