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Double Happiness Red Packets (50 Envelopes) and Stickers (80 Pastes)

List Price:USD48
Our Price: USD12.88
Material: Paper Envelope and Plastic Tape Sticker
Color: Red-Gold Envelope and Red-Transparent Sticker
Envelope - 3x4.8 in
Sticker paste - 1.5x1.7 in
Weight: 150g
ID: SL11848


Product Description
The golden light from the embossment reflects off this premium quality creation in harmonious ways and the warm red hues depict happiness and cheer. The "shuangxi" (double happiness) red packets and stickers are used exclusively in connection with marriages. Red packets (ang pow) are envelopes stuffed with cash which either the wedding guests and elderly give to the newlyweds or the newlyweds give to all children and unmarried relatives. Contemporary stickers on the other hand are for pasting on wedding gifts, congratulatory cards, bridal decoratives, bridal bedroom and all wedding items.

Each yellow background has 4 pastes of stickers (left);
A stack of 50 pieces of red packets (right)

During joyous celebrations such as the chinese new year, birthday of the elderly, newborn and wedding, cash will be placed inside auspicious red packets and given away. This is known to be lucky for both the recipient and giver. Normally, all children and young people who have not yet married are eligible to receive the red packets from elders and married friends. Elders give children "ya sui qian" (lucky money) because old customs believe that children are prone to sickness, harm and injury and that the lucky money will protect them from the evil one. "Ya" means to press down and "sui" is the name of an evil spirit of the year.

Legend has it that once there was an evil spirit by the name of "sui" that emerged each year on new year's eve to harm people. This evil was capable of draining away all the smartness of children during their sleep. One day, by accident a kid was playing with a piece of red paper and eight copper coins. He wrapped the coins with red paper and fell asleep with it. When "sui" visited him at night to harm him, a flash of light shot out from the red packet and terrified it. Since then, the custom of staying up all night on chinese new year's eve and giving children red packets to protect them from "sui" became known as "shou sui" (to protect from evil).

Do remember that red (associated to vermillion) is the ultimate symbol of joy and has the magical powers to dispel evil, being the color that most represent "yang" and the element fire. The amount of money inside the packet is not as important as the sentiments behind the color of the red packet. But it is advisable to place an even-numbered amount for better luck.


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