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Bridal's 8 Blissful Combinations

List Price:USD68
Our Price:USD23.88
Material: Wood, metal, plastic, fabric, thread, glass, wax
Color: Multicolored

Dimension of items(in):
Ruler 13x1 in
Candles 12x0.5 in
Scissors 6x3.2 in
Brown Comb 4.5x2 in
Red Comb 4.2x2 in
Mirror 3.5x7.2 in
Pin 2.5 in
Needle Box 2.2x2.2 in
Thread 2x0.7 in
Double Happiness Cutting 7x7.5 in
Basket 7.5x7.5x2.5 in

Weight: 350g
ID: SL11817


Product Description
The bridal's must-have auspicious items include traditional and authentic items that are used for "Hair Dressing Ritual (Shang Tou)" and items to be displayed in the bridal's bedroom on a table. The set contains 8 authentic items altogether. They are:
1. Two types of comb
2. Two red string hair pins
3. Embroidered mirror
4. A pair of gold brass Dragon-Phoenix scissors
5. Needlework box with thread
6. Double Happiness red ruler
7. Double Happiness cutting
8. Dragon-Phoenix Candle

The set comes with a foldable embroidered red basket to collectively contain all the items together.

Hair Combing Ceremony (Shang Tou)
Traditionally, for some Chinese dialect group, at the dawn of the wedding day or the night before the wedding, the bride will be bathed in water added with pamelo, lime leaves etc to cleanse the body. She will put on new clothes and shoe. Then she will sit before a set of long-feng (dragon and phoenix) candles in front of the mirror, to have her hair combed. A woman that has enjoyed reasonable good fortune in life will help to comb her hair. The act of combing the bride's hair is to symbolize a long and lasting marriage. The hair combing ceremony includes four blessings:
1st combing represents from start of the marriage until the end (togetherness all your life)
2nd combing represents harmonious relationship until old age (harmony in your marriage)
3rd combing represents having many sons and grandsons (blessed with many children and grandchildren)
4th combing represents monetary wealth for a long and lasting marriage. (blessed with longevity)

In the very old days, the groom also have a similar hair combing procedure, but this is no longer practiced anymore.

If one does not go through the hair combing ritual, she should at least display the combination of items as a decorative in her bedroom on a table to ensure a successful marriage because each item gives a special meaning. They can be kept properly after a week, but they must never be given away or passed on to anyone except to her own daughter in the future.

1. The comb - Combing ceremony is a pre-wedding eve ritual where the bride receives blessing from a reasonably good fortune woman by combing her hair. It symbolise the family's blessing to their daughter, for a good and happy marriage life. Comb symbolises a lifetime until old age, happily ever after.


2. The red string hair pins - In the hair dressing ceremony the bride is set with new hairstyle with red-stringed hair pin, represents the beginning of new chapter in her life. Colour red is used to symbolise bringing good fortune into the marriage.

Red string hair pins

3. The mirror - "Jing Zi" sound pass "Jin Zi" in Mandarin, meaning adding son into the family. It symbolises the marriage couple will have their own children, completing a full family. Mirror, reflecting your own image, also reflecting the image of the person by your side, symbolise the marriage couple will take good care of each other for the rest of their life. Also, Mirror has the power to Qu Xie Hua Sha, having it along in their marriage can guard them a peace of life.

Mirror - front and back views

4. The scissors (Xi Jian) - In Chinese ancient time, scissor (with two knifes joined together) carries the meanings of loveliness and togetherness. It is a blessing to the bride for good and wealthy life. It represents ingenuity, can take good care of the family. Scissor also cut all the troubles away, symbolising the couple will work together for good life.

Scissors made from fine polished gold brass with symbols of dragon and phoenix for marital bliss.

5. Needlework Box (Nv Hong) - Needlework box includes set of needle and red thread. The needlework box is a must have auspicious item in the traditional Chinese marriage. It represents the ability of the bride to sew clothes for the family, symbolising a good handle of the family's living, leading to happy life.

Traditional Needlework box and thread

6. The ruler - It represents a thoughtful financial planning in their new life, symbolising the new married couple can carry their household nicely. Ruler also represent the measurement of happiness, symbolising a harmonious and happy relationship of the married couple.

Double Happiness Red Ruler

7. Double Happiness Cutting - The double happiness symbol represents happiness and joy multiplies in double. One should stick this symbol on the wall at the head of the bed or outside the door of the bedroom.

Symbol of Double Happiness

8. The dragon-phoenix candles - To light up the hair combing ceremony. The bride will sit before a set of long-feng (dragon and phoenix) candles in front of the mirror, to have her hair combed. If the ceremony is not carried out, then there is no need to light the candles. They can be displayed un-lit.

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