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Jade Double Ru Yi Amulet (1.5-inch)

List Price:USD78
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Genuine Jade
Color: Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 2.4in Ru Yi
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11787
2 PCS Special
Special Price:USD32.88

ID: SL11787st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
The Ru Yi when crafted out of genuine jade immediately magnifies the power of this auspicious symbol a few times more. This being the reason why the ancient Empress Dowager of China and royal family members had their scepter crafted out of genuine jade. The Ru Yi ensures smoother paths forward, trouble-free mind and problem free endeavours. By freeing yourself from obstacles, you will therefore be able to attain your dreams successfully.The ruyi is suitable for those who desire to gain authority, promotion luck and good tidings in all endeavours. One may carry along the Ru Yi whenever they feel lacking in authority or needing more power/influence in negotiations and in meetings. It is also an amazing energizer to increase networking luck. For ladies wishing to gain more authority in their relationship and having better control of their kids, they will definitely have to wear the ru yi. Recommended for executives, managers and businessmen who are climbing corporate career ladders.

Overall view

What the Ru Yi symbolizes and how to display this object?
Originally, the Ru Yi was a short sword made from iron and used by ancients for self defence and for purposes of gesticulation. Later it evoluted to become a present to signify good wishes to the recipient. Some claimed it was used as a pointer of directions and others said it guards against anything unexpected. The shape was derived from lotus and some even claimed it was derived from ling tzi, a special curative fungus that cures a thousand diseases. The head of the Ru Yi is also a strong resemblance of a bat which brings fortune and good luck. Ru Yi symbolizes authority and power in the imperial courts and royal assemblies. The Ru Yi was later being regarded as the sceptre for Imperial courts and offices, which was used by high ranking government officials including empresses. Ru Yi has auspicious meanings: smoothness in endeavours and enhanced luck in undertakings. Ru Yi is also a potent symbol carried by the Tua Peh Kong, Laughing Buddha and one of the Fuk Luk Sau (3 Star Gods) and many other deities for blessings. The symbol is most suitably used to bring our career to greater heights and raise the bar for authority. The item can be displayed to ensure we get enough control over subordinates at work, increase our influential power and also if we have rebellious children. The Ru Yi can also protect you from evil, harmful people and misfortune.

Each Ru Yi normally has a head at one end. Sometimes there are two heads, one bigger than the other. The smaller head should be positioned facing the inside of the house or space while the larger head points outward. This is the correct placement of a Ru Yi.

Carry this mobile ruyi as an amulet of protection for your career and to increase your authority luck, especially useful for those who always need to travel around.

If you do not wish to carry along this ru yi with you, it has many other uses and its presence signifies many blessings:
1. Hang this Ru Yi in the West (family luck corner) to enhance your authority in the family, especially over your children who are rebellious.
2. Hang this Ru Yi in the Northwest of your living rooms or family rooms to energize your mentor luck. This would bring in helpful people and support from important people in your endeavours. It would also enhance your opportunities of getting a better job through helpful people.
3. Hang this Ru Yi in the North sector of your living room or work desk to improve your career luck and to enable promotional opportunities. It would also help you gather more support from subordinates and peers, besides having more command over difficult employees. This would result in wealth improvement.
4. If you need more control over your love relationship, display this ru yi in the Southwest sector of your bedroom or living room.

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