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Globe of Excellence - Energy Infused

List Price:USD118
Our Price: USD79.88
50% Discount: USD39.88
Material: Leaded Crystal
Color: Green, blue and gold
Dimension(in): 50mm globe
Weight: 400g
ID: SL11568


Product Description
Made to be tasteful in esthetics, it will definitely spark up your space of a modern looking home with authentic ancient symbols of intelligence, wisdom and mental development. The globe is embossed in gold and come in glaze green to represent the color of personal development and education. The blue glaze support acts as water element to produce wood energy for the globe and has the following symbols of good fortune:
1. Kwei Star
2. I-Ching Chilin
3. Taoist Incantation of Confucius
4. Tibetan Mantra of Intelligence
5. Wen Chang Pagoda

This mental sharpening globe assists those who are seeking office or testing the abilities in the public examination. It will help those in corporate life facing the meritocratic review who need to compete with other peers. It is also especially useful to draw strategy and clever tactics for those who are running a competitive business. Besides, it also blesses one in passing examinations with distinction. One would attain academic excellence and win a place in the university.Those wishing to increase their self-development, further their education level or improve on writing skills will also benefit from this globe. Teachers, authors, lecturers, newspaper reporters etc are recommended to keep this globe.

This globe is highly recommended to be displayed in the southeast in 2013 to enhance your networking, travel luck and literary luck.

Note: The ornament is energy infused.

Chilin Carrying I-Ching and Incantation of Confucius; Wen Chang Pagoda, Kwei Star; Tibetan Mantra of Wisdom

The Kwei Star (Kuei Star) is the one at the tip of the bowl in the Big Dipper (Ursa Major). He is also named as Wen Chang Ti Chun or simply Wen Ti; and being regarded as the God of Literature. He had transformed himself 98 times and equales the authority of three rulers of heaven, earth and sea. This powerful divinity is generally represented holding a pen and a book. He decides your literature success. As Wen Chang he is figured as a handsome man in sitting posture. As Kwei, he is represented as ugly looking with one fot on the head of the dragon carp. He stands on the dragon carp because the Yellow River is believed to make ascent of the stream in the 3rd lunar moon each year and those passing the rapids of the Dragon Gate, will transform into dragons. He is therefore worshipped in temples on the 8th day of 3rd lunar month.

We seek Kwei Star's help so that our mind can become more vigilant, agile and intelligent. He also improves our literacy at work. Having him with us enables us to think out-of-the-box, foresee the unforeseen, defeat our competitors, leap frog to the next level of excellence and heighten our wisdom. He activates education/ examination/ career/ business/ political strategic paths effectively. Those in the field of writing such as authors, reporters and communications will also need his support.

Next, the Chilin Carrying the I-Ching (also known as Book of Changes) is an extremely powerful symbol of wisdom. I-Ching is the ancient magical bible used to explain the unexplainable. It records all the facts of the universe and create awareness that layman usually will not think about. The fundamentals and formulas of feng shui are in fact derived from it. This is a very high end philosophy that many ancient scholars and modern researchers are trying to uncover the secrets within. This sacred book is the symbol of great intelligence that outsmart modern science.

Next, the "mantras of intelligence" is derived from the incantation of confucius (deity of education). This secret mantra brings scholastic luck to ancient scholars who walk miles from home to take imperial examinations in ancient China's Nanking.

Next, the Wen Chang Pagoda Pagoda brings literary luck to those who are pursuing their studies and preparing to enter univesities (equivalent of ancient imperial examinations for court officials). Besides they also bring fame luck and advancement in career.

The following are the recommended areas of display:
1. In your study rooms, study table, work rooms, offices, writing rooms and decision making areas. Also excellent to activate your examination luck and catalyze interest in studying.
2. Important areas of your living rooms and family rooms especially in the NE for those who are seeking wisdom and position of Flying Star #4 or ones Fu Wei position for those who are seeking literary luck to tap excellent Feng Shui luck and energies. In 2013, display this amulet in the southeast.

Energy infused

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