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Supreme Hotu Five Element Pagoda

List Price:USD298
Our Price:USD118.88
Introductory Offer:USD58.88
Plus additional savings in shipping!
Material: Brass
Color: Electro Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 2.75x2.75x5.5 in
Weight: 1100g
ID: SL11409

Product Description
The most supreme or most complete version of all five element pagodas is finally out! Specially designed to higher realm specifications, it incorporates the hidden Hotu Pattern, the Four Celestial Guardians, the Chien Hexagrams, the powerful Mantra of Safety and Health and the Purifying Lotus.
1. Hotu - Ancient texts revealed that the Hotu pattern is a powerful antidote and provides the key to unlock many of the secrets of Flying Star feng shui problems.
2. Four Celestial Guardians -
They provide directional guardiance to the imprisoned evil energies from being released. They are the green dragon, white tiger, black tortoise and red phoenix. Known as the protectors of four directions, they provide safety and prevent dangers from hurting the family.
3. Chien Hexagrams - Appearing in all directions, the Chien Hexagram with six solid yang lines represents BIG METAL, thus exerting powerful energies to subdue earth energies from 5-Yellow or 2-Illness stars.
4. Powerful Safety Mantras - Mantras always bring the much needed divine help from the universe to counter effectively any unwanted misfortune.
5. Symbol of Purifying Lotus - Provides remedy for all troubles, mishaps, disputes and disharmony. Useful when the number 5 or number 2 meets with other inauspicious numbers to give wrathful combinations.
6. Six Spheres of Tridacna Gigas Shell as secret ingredient - Spheres of the rare and sacred giant clams from deep oceans. They are recorded in buddhist texts as having the ability to purify energies and drive away evils. Its rounded shape and white color both represent metal element, and its material have energies more superior than the metal to terminate the 5-Yellow.

Also worth taking note that it does not need to be tall to be more powerful. Many factories are trying to make pagodas look taller but their weights are reducing until out of proportion with the height due to increased pricing in metals. On the contrary, this super heavy weight pagoda is broader in aspect ratio and generously made with much thicker walls to provide muscle output. It is made from heavy brass and finished with more gold through the expensive electo-plating process. This muscle version is meant to provide powerful shield in largers spaces, suitable for homes up to 5000 sq feet. It is more value for money, therefore you do not need to spend unnecessarily on getting a few to be displayed together.

There is a secret compartment built within this pagoda for you to fill it up with either crystal, sand or other types of earth material as a gesture of imprisoning earth energy. In year 2010, where fatal star 5-Yellow occupies the southwest of all buildings and homes, this pagoda is a MUST in order to prevent the deadly effect from striking the matriarch's luck. The earth energy of Southwest will amplify the effects of 5-Yellow significantly, therefore we need this stronger cure!

Comparing this super heavy weight pagoda with the thinner multicolored pagoda

Note: The spheres of Tridacna Gigas Shell are rare and very limited, therefore will be provided together for free for a limited time only with this purchase. Once the stocks are depleted, they will not be available and you will be properly informed. The 6-inch multicolored pagoda shown in the picture is for illustration only. It is sold separately and not part of this purchase.

What 5 Element Pagoda symbolizes and how to place this object?
The Feng Shui Master's 5 Element Pagoda is a more superior and effective cure considered by many authentic masters compared to windchime, coins and metal wu lou. This pagoda is intelligently designed by the grandmasters and made from strong heavy brass (representing strong metal element) to effectively counter strong earth energy from 5-Yellow and Illness Star#2 in Period 8. It is also potent to ward off bad energy, illnesses, evil and killing forces in our surroundings. This is the "tradesecret" of many authentic masters in the classical feng shui world in Southeast Asia, and rarely could be found in the West.

Hotu Pattern; Purifying Lotus; Chien Hexagram

The stack-up of five different shapes (in three dimension) represent the productive cycle of the powerful five elements, which is the basis of feng shui studies. The square at the bottom represents earth element, which produces metal element, that in turn produces water element, which produces wood element and finally yields fire element at the top.

Mantras of Safety; Four Celestial Guardians; Compartment and 6 Spheres of Tridacna Gigas Shell

There is a hidden compartment within this pagoda for you to fill it with either some sand, earth or crystal chips. Sand, earth and crystal chips being the earth element represent earth energy from 5-Yellow star or the Illness Star#2. Some crystal chips will be provided for free with this purchase. Then add in the 6 spheres of Tridacna Gigas Shell. Then place the pagoda in the locations of 5-Yellow or Illness Star#2, and not renew the fillings until the next lunar new year, unless you are moving to another house.

This 5 Element Pagoda is a MUST to cure the deadly 5-Yellow Star which occupies the southwest of all maps of buildings and homes in 2010.

This supreme pagoda is also exceptionally suitable for "Natal Charts", in remedying water stars and mountain stars #2, #3 and #5.

Note: This high quality five element pagoda is originated and custom made by Feng Shui Bestbuy from a prestigious brass factory in Taiwan.

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