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List Price:USD38
Our Price:USD16.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Colorful
Dimension(in):4.5x1.5x2 in
Weight: 150g
ID: SL11246

Special Price:USD28.88
ID: SL11246st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
Are you bothered by legal problems? Worry no more, because the Fengsiye is a protective cure against lawsuits, legal problems, disturbances from police or political forces. It has the three fengsiye lions each carrying its auspicious object to counter the effects of Triple Conflicts and the Three Killings when they go into ones zodiac constellation. If you have a difficult or prolonging lawsuit going on, and cannot afford to lose the trial, you may display this ornament next to you by your bed. There is no need to use force nor violence when solving problems with your opponents. The one who uses the mouth wins, while the one who uses the hand loses. The Fengsiye can be used as a strong antidote on the following situations:
1. It is the cure against the Three Killings energy so that one can be saved from legal issues, violence, robbery and fatality. Those who are afflicted have their bedrooms, maindoor and home facing direction in the 3 Killings direction. In 2015, 3-Killings is in the west.
2. The horse, rooster, rabbit and rat are the four zodiacs that take turns to be afflicted by 3 Killings from year to year. Therefore, these zodiacs in specific are more prone to legal issues, violence, robbery, fatality and unstable career. In 2015, those who are born under the zodiac rooster, dog and monkey will have legal battles.
3. Those who are prone to legal issues or who are currently in a legal battle can display it beside the bed for assistance. Normally those who are in business, those who do not wish to open a can of worms, those whose job requires them to avoid the police force, those who did not properly declare their income to the tax department etc will have to display the Fengsiye to prevent legal problems. Those who are facing lawsuits can also display it to win in the court.

Each Fengsiye Lions carry the following objects:
1. Vase - pronounced as "ping" to represent harmony. This will resolve disputes.
2. Ingot and string of coins - this wealth symbols will prevent financial losses.
3. Brush and seal - they are needed to seal over agreements carefully so as not to invite lawsuits.

One can display this ornament in the following places for protection:
1. One can display by the bed of the person who is to be protected.
2. One can display it in the living room or center of the house facing the maindoor.
3. One can display it facing the afflicted energies that causes legal problems and troublemakers. For example, in 2015 the west will spell such energies.

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