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Ang Pow of Empowerment (10 pieces)

Our Price:USD12.88
Material: Paper
Color: Red-Gold
Dimension(in): 2.2x3.1 in
Weight: 10g
ID: SL11229

set (10pcs)

Product Description
The ang pow of empowerment is used to empower your cures and enhancers so that it could result in more substantial results. The front portion of the envelope is insribed with chinese character "fuk" which connotes good luck and success. It combines the auspicious meanings of the ang pow, with taoist annointment method using taoist incantation and secret of intention to form a boost to your cures and enhancers. This angpow is suitable for empowering cures and enhancers which are standing/sitting on horizontal base.

The "ang pow" (red packet) tradition has long been practiced throughout Chinese history and stems from chinese culture and folklore. Red is known to be the most auspicous color and powerful color to ward off misfortune. One can actually empower your enhancers and cures by placing them with an "ang pow" below them. The "ang pow" has to be filled up with folded money notes (say USD2, USD10, USD12 etc). This is called "ya sui qian" which literally means to "press down evil". On top of that, one also can write down not only what you want, but why you want it and how intently you want it to fill inside the angpow.

Another secret element of empowerment is to use sacred mantras or taoist incantation. It is like sealing a deal with certainty where your actions, thoughts, attitudes and new life situation are all aligned together. Such empowerment is also known as annointment (or "kai kwong" in chinese). This will greatly magnify your cures and enhancers which sits on your table or floor. You can check out the Ang Pow of Empowerment all preprinted with gold sacred incantation; to make your cures substantially more effective.

Summary of steps in empowerment:
1. Choose a good day to display your feng shui artifacts. The day must not conflict your zodiac essentially.
2. Smoke your artifacts with incense sticks to enliven them.
3. Put notes of money (eg. ($2, $10, $12 etc) into the angpow.
4. Write down your intention in detail and put it into the angpow together.
5. Display the angpow on the intended horizontal base you like to display your artifacts. The gold incantation must face up!
6. Put your artifact sitting on this angpow.


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