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Six Signs of Longevity with Heavenly Doctor (Mobile)

Product Description
This is the mobile version where one can carry along as an amulet or alternatively hang at walls, windows and doors. This gold plaque has a DUI trigram with SIX SIGNS OF LONGEVITY. Based on the Yi Jing (I Ching), the "DUI trigram" yields the Heavenly Doctor (Tien Yi) that holds the key to remedying Illness Star #2. Only limited few powerful masters who know the secret of this (especially those from the classical school) would incorporate the DUI Trigram straightforwardly to remedy the Illness Star authentically. On the other hand, the six signs of longevity are:
1. The Rock of Longevity
2. The Water of Longevity
3. The Tree of Longevity
4. The God of Longevity
5. The Birds of Longevity
6. The Antelope of Longevity

The six signs of longevity once invoked or called into homes will accomplish the followings:
1. All existing signs of misfortune will be overcome
2. All dangers of untimely death will be overcome
3. Happiness, wealth, power, life and merit will be increased
4. Karmic "debts" owed to other beings will be repayed, thus a process of purification.

Six signs of longevity visibly crafted!

DUI trigram being the Heavenly Doctor
According to Eight Trigrams philosophy, the illness star#2 is represented by the "kun trigram". And we know that changing the first and second lines of a trigram yields the Heavenly Doctor (Tien Yi). And, changing the first and second lines of "kun trigram" actually yields the "dui trigram". Therefore, the DUI is the trigram that remedies Illness Star #2.

Kun and Dui Trigrams in Eight Trigrams

Six Signs of Longevity
The six signs of longevity are recorded in both ancient chinese and tibetan texts. They are:

The rock of longevity (brag tshe-ring) - is a conch-shaped rock whose geomantic properties are believed to benefit ones health. Monasteries, temples, stupas and habitations normally would seek an area with such empowered rock formation.

The Water of Longevity (chu tshe-ring) - possesses the eight qualities of pure water, and essentially pours forth as the nectar of immortality which is contained in teh flask held by the long life deity Amitayus. The water springs from the rock of longevity nourishing the tree, which in turn nourishes the man, deer and cranes.

The Tree of Longevity - underneath which the God of Longevity sits is usually represented by a fruit-laden peach tree. The divine peach tree of Hsi Wang Mu (Goddess of the West in chinese heaven) yielded the fruit of eternal life. Imbued with the eight medicinal qualities it blossomed and ripened over an immense period of time. The transitory nature of the peach blossom heralded the onset of spring and the marriage season; the development of these blossoms into ripe peaches symbolised good health and longevity.

The God of Longevity - is one of the Three Star Gods of the southern hemisphere. He is better known as Sau Sing Kung and is often accompanied by God of Happiness and God of Wealth. He was believed to be born from a peach. He is usually represented as a contented old man with large prominent forehead, white hair, long white eyebrows and beard. In Tibetan Buddhism, he represents a contemplative sage who manifests the qualities of Amitayus - the Buddha of Longevity.

The Birds of Longevity - are often being represented by the cranes. Cranes are believed to live to an advanced age of over a thousand years, and they can survive on water alone. They can transport the souls of the dead to the Heaven of the West. It is one of the triple symbols of longevity in Tibetan Buddhism, the others being the antelope and pine tree.

The Antelope of Longevity - is credited with its ability of being the only creature capable of locating the ling tzi (fungus of immortality). The antelope is also the vehicle of God of Longevity. It is therefore a strong animal symbol of longevity.

This Longevity Plaque is best displayed in the following areas to enhance your health and ensure longevity:
1. Display it in the bedroom to create good health, to heal ailments/sickness and to rejuvanate the energy of sick people.
2. Display it in the sector afflicted by mountain star#2 or water star#2 according to the natal flying star chart of your house.
3. Display it in the east sector of our living rooms, family rooms and dining for benefit of general good health for the entire family.
4. Display it at the workdesk to eliminate illness chi from harming you.
5. Display it as a powerful cure on annual Illness Star-2.

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