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Medicine Buddha Mantra Pendant

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Stainless Steel
Dimension(in):1.5 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL11144

Special Price:USD68.88
ID: SL11144st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Health is true wealth. We cannot afford to fall sick because of many reasons. We need a healthy body to be able to free ourselves from bodily sufferings so that we can obtain better quality of life. We cannot afford to fall sick especially during recession because medical costs are too expensive to bear. We need to stay healthy to be at full potential and to earn a better living. We need to be free from diseases in order to be happy in life. The list goes on and this tells us how important our health is. This pendant with sacred "Medicine Buddha mantra" will:
1. purify negative karma and assist those who are having long term illness so that they can live a longer life.
2. strengthen the antibodies of those who have a weak body and often falling sick.
3. keep all types of illness energy due to unpopular stars at bay.
4. help cure mental depression and mental illnesses.

This exclusive charm is esthetically crafted in high quality stainless steel. Its design is Bvlgari inspired, and its ring can rotate slightly emulating the prayer wheel symbolism. Stainless steel is naturally hypoallergetic and is notorious for being nearly indestructible. Being an alloy more rugged than gold and silver, it can never get corroded or turn black. Suitable as gift for friends and family members.

Note: Comes with free necklace. Gift wrapped with jewellery box. Although this piece of jewellery piece has a fanciful design, but it cannot spin freely like a prayer wheel due to its size limitation. Those seeking the function of a prayer wheel should get the actual prayer wheel.

The side is also filled with sacred mantras!

Medicine Buddha
The Medicine Buddha (Bhaisyajaguru), is the Buddha or Master of healing. Medicine Buddha is also known to be the "Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light". He represents the healing aspect of the historical Buddha Sakyamuni. Medicine Buddha has unbiased compassion for all. He protects everyone from physical and mental sickness and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three poisons attachment, hatred, and ignorance which are the source of all illness and danger. The Medicine Buddha is typically depicted seated with a lapis-colored jar of medicine nectar in his left hand and the right hand resting on his right knee, holding the stem of the aurara plant between thumb and forefinger. The Medicine Buddha not only helps in healing but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. Thus the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering. The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative karma. Anyone who is stricken by disease can seek blessings from the Medicine Buddha for curing.

Superb quality!

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