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Dragon Son-3: Suan Ni

List Price:USD58
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Colorful
Dimension(in): 3x2.5x2.5 in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL11017


Product Description
The chinese dragon comes in many different forms. Some ancient texts said there were nine dragon sons altogether. Others said there were nine generations instead of nine sons. The information was quite scattered because ancient emperors selfishly kept the information only to themselves and almost all texts relating to them had been burnt. People only knew about them when they visit the China's Imperial Palace. "Suan Ni" is one of the sons that looks like a lion. Although it looks fierce, it is quite tame. Suan Ni loves to sit. It is normally seen on incense burners because it loves smoke and fire. Suan Ni's supernatural power is to bring riches and financial freedom to its owner. Therefore, those who desires to enrich their bank account can invite this dragon into their homes. It does not only create wealth, but generate savings, which is a true form of wealth. It is best displayed in wealth corners or diagonally in one corner facing the main door.

One can invite Suan Ni into the prime area or wealth corner of the house if:
1. They seek to fight inflation and obtain better wealth making opportunities during bad times.
2. They want to build assets that will become a treasure in the future.
3. They like to see additional sources of income to grow their wealth that will make them rich in the long run.
4. They wish to see their creativity turning into a fortune that could make them truely rich.
5. They wish to see true wealth, one that that can be saved and continue to grow....property, investment etc.

Wealth corner refers to the ones primary wealth corner according to natal flying star chart, secondary wealth corner according to annual flying star chart , ones sheng chi location and southeast corner of the house.

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