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Dragon Son-2: Chiwen

List Price:USD58
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Colorful
Dimension(in): 3x2.5x2.5 in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL11016


Product Description
The chinese dragon comes in many different forms. Some ancient texts said there were nine dragon sons altogether. Others said there were nine generations instead of nine sons. The information was quite scattered because ancient emperors selfishly kept the information only to themselves and almost all texts relating to them had been burnt. People only knew about them when they visit the China's Imperial Palace. "Chiwen" is one of the sons that look like a monitor lizard. Chiwen always look upwards to the sky and protects against natural disaster. Chiwen possesses the power to bless rain because of its ability to spout waves of water from its mouth. Because Chiwen controls water, it can prevent flood as well. Chiwen is also able to swallow fire, therefore can safeguard against fire hazards. If one lives in a geographical location that is susceptible to forest fires, typhoon, flood, earthquake and natural disasters, it is best to invite Chiwen to protect the family. It will ensure the home will not get destroyed and family members stay safe and unscathed.

One can display the Chiwen in prime area of the house for protection against:
1. Fire hazards. If one stays in a house that (a) was not built with safety features against fire, (b) has old wiring embeded in walls, (c) is overloaded with appliances, (d) is near forest that always catches fire, (e) is built by wood or materials that easily catches fire and (f) has combination of annual or natal flying stars that suggest fire hazards; then invite Chiwen into your home.
2. Flood. If ones house is (a)near the river, (b)flash flood prone, (c)built on low ground and (d)in locations where rain is very frequent; one can invite Chiwen and display anywhere at home for protection against damage and safety of family members.
3. Typhoon. If ones house is (a) in geographical locations that suffers from annual typhoon (Hong Kong, Florida, Taiwan, Myanmar etc), (b)facing rough oceans and sea and (c)near river banks and unprotected by hills; one should invite the Chiwen for family safety.
4. Earthquake and Tsunami. If ones house is located in geographical locations where earthquake and tsunami is normal (eg. South America, Japan etc), the Chiwen could help save your family lives when any natural disaster occurs.

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