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Red Wish Granting Jewel for Fame and Good Relationship - New Revision

List Price:USD88
Our Price:USD29.88
Material: Crystal
Color: Red
Dimension(in): 60mm
Weight: 100g
ID: SL11012


Product Description
This beautiful wish-granting red crystal jewel mimics the properties of red ruby that guarantees quick generation of fame and popularity, enhancement of relationship and improving our study luck. Red symbolizes strong fire element and when crafted in the form of jewel, it represents the yield of good news associated to this element. In feng shui, fire element is associated to fame and popularity. When your south is being activated with this jewel, it will benefit those who wants to stand out in a crowd and aiming to be famous, for example those who are book authors, business writers, showbiz entertainers, politicians and simply workers who desires to be seen for their good work! This jewel is also perfect to activate earth energy in the SW (for love) and NE (for literary luck) because fire produces earth. Wish granting jewel is used popularly by feng shui enthusiasts who loves using the visualization technique. The visualization technique involves envisioning of precious wishes, goals and dreams to achieve desired results. These jewels made from synthetic crystal possess a great deal of sparkle and are used to diffuse light over a wide area. They are faceted and shaped into auspicious design of a diamond that could be used in feng shui to transmute good energy when light shines on them. Also worth noting that when shar chi enters such faceted crystals, the facets deflect the energy and turn it into positive forces (sheng chi). Place this wish-granting jewel on your workdesk if you desire recognition and popularity at your work place. For those seeking for healing energies in relationship matters, place this wish-granting jewel in the SW. For people who desire to get good grades, place this jewel in the NE. It is also a perfect centerpiece for homes.

Note: The new revision of the jewel comes with a faceted crystal disc as the stand.

Wish granting jewels are excellent at creating a broad spectrum of good fortune vibrations when deflecting lights. Some would hold them in their hands and focus their mental energy for their wish to come true. Such visualization technique when frequented will bring quick and desired results. This wish granting jewel is best placed in living rooms to bring excellent yang energy and feng shui for enhancing your aspirations. By creating an environment rich with the symbolism of jewels will elicit positive thinking, focused minds, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity. This powerful symbolism method will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in every aspect of our lives.

FS Bestbuy recommends a few suitable locations for displaying the red wish granting jewel:
1. Place it in the south sector (fame sector) of living rooms and business premise, or simply on your workdesk to bring recognition, fame and popularity, which in return brings many successes in your life. It could also channel positive energies to you so that you could experience harmony with your office colleagues and improve your relationship with people.
2. Place it in the southwest to channel relationship energies to benefit yourself and your whole family. Without love and good relationship, having all the money in the world may not be good enough. Therefore, focus to build good relationship with your partner, family members and friends in life with this jewel.
3. Place it in the northeast to bring education luck and literary luck. For those sitting for hot exams, place this jewel in the NE to heat up the earth energies and in return increase your examination luck.


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