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Imperial Treasure Box with Ingredients

List Price:USD138
Our Price: USD68.88
Material: Wood
Color: Red, Black, Gold
Dimension(in): 5.5x3.5x2.5 in
Weight: 600g
ID: SL10945


Product Description
In recent years, chinese historians had made an important discovery in the ceiling of China's imperial palace. According to actual facts, they had found that Emperor Chien Lung kept a small sized treasure box up in the ceiling of the main foyer. And the secret ingredient inside the treasure box is the "nine dragons". The nine dragons brought auspicious breathe to activate the treasure box and brought so many good things to Emperor Chien Lung's reign. This is a close replica of the treasure box with the powerful symbols of peaches, palm of windfall, "sau", dragon and phoenix ornamented on it. The strong wooden box is also richly painted by skillcrafters. Besides the nine dragons, other important ingredients are also included into this treasure box. Multiply your inflow of cash and wealth luck by keeping a beautiful treasure box in your premise, filled with potent wealth ingredients. One can also use this as a wish fulfilling box. This enhancer is best kept in the the wealth corner of your bedroom, living room or office to usher in riches, speculative luck and mentor luck.

Authentic feng shui masters have recommended that it is almost compulsory for all feng shui enthusiasts to keep a treasure box filled with 100 pieces of Chien Lung coins in the NW corner to bring luck for the patriarch, support from important people, nobleman luck and good networking that leads to growth in wealth. For those who want to harvest peach blossom luck that leads to marriage luck, you may use this as a wishfulling box by writing your wish and placing the photo of your desired lover into the box and keep it in the nien yen corner or the SW corner.

Its interior is covered with the contents of the auspicious almanac. The ingredients include the exclusive 24K Gold Brass Ingots, Three Lucky Coins tied in red thread, Sacred Mantras, Nine Dragons Coin, precious Citrine Gems.

For those seeking for soulmates or would like to revitalize their romance/love energy, grannies have thought us that this wishfulfilling box could be turned into a powerful love energizer that would bring you new found soulmates. Simply place a written wish and the picture of the soulmate you desire, the type of lover whose characteristics you want to have same as the picture or the photo of your lover whom you desire to marry, and let your peach blossom luck harvest into wonderful marriage. Keep the box in your bedroom, either in your nien yen location or the southwest corner.

On the other hand, the treasure chest filled with treasures depicts a powerful wealth pot which is extremely auspicious to accumulate abundance of wealth in your business premises and homes. Also display this wonderful energizer of prosperity luck on your desk to attract lots of wealth and good fortune into your office. Simply place the picture of a millionaire you desire to be alike, a wealth deity, I-Ching coins from powerful emperor, gold ingots and 7 treasure gemchips into the box to harvest your millionaire luck. You can also use the treasure chest as a jewellery box to keep your crystal bracelets and jewellery which automatically turns it into a wealth pot. Display the box in your sheng chi location, northwest, north or the southeast corner.

Place this wish-fulfilling box with your written wish or picture of your desired soulmate, a pair of mandarin ducks or rose quartz stones in the following areas to energize romance luck:
1. Display the box in the bedroom or southwest corner of living/family rooms to energize or rejuvanate your love life. It will create your love desire, thus enabling you to find your long term partner in life.
2. For those who are believers of 8-Mansions Theory, try to display the box in your personal Nien Yen direction to optimize your love luck.

Place this box with your wealth treasures in the following areas to energize your wealth luck. It not only creates abundance in wealth, but also protects your existing wealth from being loss:
1. Display the treasure box in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (wealth corner) to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
2. Display the treasure box facing your entrance so that you can see it as you enter to invite wealth and multiple fortune luck into your homes at chi entry points.
3. Display the treasure box in your office and shops to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
4. Display the treasure box in the Northwest sector to activate your financial support luck for money finding opportunities.
5. The treasure box generates vibes to our minds to remind us of money seeking opportunities, which will enhance business luck tremendously.

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