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Colorful Gold Chromed Yellow Jhambala (LARGE)

List Price:USD88
Our Price:USD24.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Gold Chrome Multicolor
Dimension(in): 3.5x2.8x4.6 in
Weight: 550g
ID: SL10875


Product Description
The Jhambala is the Tibetan God of Wealth who is also known as Kubera. His corpulent figure signifies prosperity and his belonging to the Jewel family. He holds a lemon and a mongoose that sprouts jewels as he squeezes it. He stays on Alaka of the Himalayas and worshipped by Tibetan Buddhists. According to Buddhist mythology, he practiced Buddhism for a thousand years before Brahma made him immortal and have him guard treasures and distributing wealth to eliminate poverty and provide financial stability. It is said that riches attained from Jhambala comes with a wealth of spirituality. When one is rich, he frees himself from worrying about poverty and can exercise generosity with an unselfish attitude to help others. One can display the Yellow Jhambala in the north of the living room, wealth corners, at the prayer altar, at their water falls or water fountains and in their wealth vases.

How to place the God of Wealth?
The God of Wealth traditionally is known to help people become rich, distribute wealth to the people and free them from worries. He brings prosperity (a lot of gains from money perspective) and good fortune to all households and businesses. He is considered to be the most powerful symbol of wealth in Tibetan Buddhism.

The God of Wealth is recommended displayed in the following areas:
1. To magnify your wealth luck, display the God of Wealth in your sheng chi direction, SE universal wealth corner and water star-8 location in your home or workplace.
2 . Display the God of Wealth in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (wealth corner) to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
3. Display the God of Wealth facing your entrance so that you can see him as you enter to invite wealth and multiple fortune luck into your homes at chi entry points. This is said to help transform all forms of chi to become prosperity chi.
4. Display the God of Wealth in your office and shops to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
5. Display the God of Wealth at your water features such as waterfalls and fountains to bring you money everyday.
6. Keep the God of Wealth in your wealth vases to harness outstanding wealth luck from your wealthvases.

Note: Kindly do not display this deity in kitchen, on the floor and in toilet areas. He must be treated with highest respect.

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