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24 Mountain Compass for Master Practitioner

List Price:USD32
Our Price:USD16.88
Material: Plastic and Magnetic Needle
Color: Transparent/Blue
Dimension(in): 2.0x3.0x0.3 in
Weight: 50g

Our Price:USD28.88
ID: SL10578st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
Classical Feng Shui places great emphasis on directional and locational influences. A compass is the most fundamental tool to determine these directions. This master practitioner compass is specially designed to show 8 sub/cardinal directions and further divided into 24 subdirections so that at a glance one can find the facing direction they need without having to memorize the subdividing degrees. It is suitable for applications of both Eight Mansion(Ba Zhai) and Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) Feng Shui for master practioners. It is the most basic tool necessary for consultants and also for students who are learning feng shui. The needle quality is reliable and it provides accurate and stable reading. The biggest advantage of this compass is having a rectangular base and arrow to increase accuracy when checking a facing direction!

Note: Instructions provided with this compass.

Details about this Feng Shui Compass
This high quality compass is suitable for those practising classical compass school feng shui, especially useful for landform feng shui, mountain audits and flying stars analysis.

Magnetic needle quality - this is the most important feature as the accuracy of feng shui readings depends on the quality of needle. Our manufacturer uses the best type of stainless steel metal to make their needle. Its magnetic field is very strong and the reliability is ever-lasting. The needle is divided into two parts, red and white. The red part shows the north and marked with "N". It points to the north all the time. This needle is swift in picking up north direction almost immediately. On the contrary, a needle that is too slow is not a good one.

Accuracy of partitions - every single degree counts. Our compass has a very strict specification on partitions and degree readings within the outer ring which could be easily rotated to match to the north when you are taking your readings.

8 main division and 24 subdivisions - The 8 main partitions showing North, Northwest, West, Southwest, South, Southeast, East and Northeast will immediately tell you at a glance the direction you require without you having to guess anymore! They are required for your application to Flying Stars, 8 Aspirations Theory and 8 Mansions Theory.

Rectangular base - This is the main advantage of the compass because it provides better accuracy when taking a reading on a facing direction. It has an arrow that guides you towards the facing direction you are taking.

The item comes with a neck string in case you like to hang it around your neck during your audits.

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