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Nine Amethyst with 24K Gold Plated Coin

List Price:USD48
Our Price:USD16.88
Material: Genuine Natural Amethyst and Brass Coin
Color: Natural Amethyst and 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.5 in diameter
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10397

2-Pieces Special
Our Price:USD26.88
ID: SL10397st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
The nine amethyst balls with gold prosperity coin is best to activate the auspicious Purple Star #9, which is our future wealth star and a luck magnifying star associated "completeness" and "fullness". Amethyst is purple in color which is associated to fire energy, which is best to activate Purple Star #9 when in 9 pieces. One may also activate the south corner fire element with this amulet. The fiery amulet brings joyous occasions such as child birth, fame luck, popularity, recogntion, promotion, marriage luck, favorable investment yields, good support from benefactors and property revenues. The 9 amethyst is also a magnificent enhancer for Tao Hua Love Luck, where one can display it in their personal Tao Hua direction and obtain a partner of choice into their lives. Meanwhile, the 24K gold plated prosperity coin represents long term wealth luck and prosperity. One should activate the Purple Star #9 to bring wealth and career expansion opportunities. Carry this amulet along with you all the time.

What Nine Amethyst symbolizes and how to place the object?
Amethyst is purple in color and is purple represents fire energy activator. Nine amethyst also represents Purple Star #9. It may be placed in the following areas:
1. Hang this nine amethyst in the south to activate for fame, recognition and popularity luck.
2. Hang this nine amethyst in the location where Purple star #9 is in both your natal and annual flying star chart to activate your long term wealth and prosperity that can last in future.
3. One may hang it to activate the annual Purple Star #9 to activate long term wealth luck and money flow.
4. For those who are seeking for romance and love luck, you can increase your chances of getting it by activating your personal "Tao Hua Luck". Hang it in your personal "Tao Hua" direction. It is also suitable to fire up the SW universal love corner with the 9 Amethyst to catalyze new love.

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