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Space Clearing Brass Magic Mirror

List Price:USD50
Our Price:USD32.88
Material: Brass
Color: Natural Brass
Dimension(in): 4x1.2x5.5 in each
Weight: 350g
ID: SL10396

2 Pieces Special
Our Price:USD60.88
ID: SL10396st
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
This is the reproduction of the ancient circular shaped mirror made from brass in the ancient times for feng shui rituals. Ancient mirrors are supposed to have magic power to protect owners from evil and are called "Hu Hsin Ching". They are believed to make hidden spirits visible and to reveal the secrets of futurity. Metal mirrors are potent feng shui ornament used by taoist practitioners for space clearing, protecting against people of bad intention, dissolving bad chi, turning enemies into friends, attracting new love into ones life and bringing good luck. The mirror uses reflection of rays to do space clearing and the benefit of it is it will continuously clear the space automatically without anyone attending to it. This is therefore advantageous for those who are working and not able to perform singing bowl space clearing everyday. It is therefore excellent to be used in premises and houses where energy is bad due to bad feng shui or flying stars. The magic mirror is required in the center of homes or living rooms or ones personal bedrooms to continuosly deflect away evil energy and secure good feng shui.

What the magic mirror symbolizes and how to use them?
The replica of ancient mirrors can be concave or flat but must always be circular in shape and made from brass as the main ingredient. The brass mirror will reflect rays that trigger lucky influences and space clearing purposes but never by the modern glass mirror. In ancient times, the mirror is flashed upon the bride on her wedding day to bring her luckiness. Ancient people also use mirror to clear away stale and dark energy from their face to start off a new day when they are going out for an important pursuit. Another example is rich people placed mirrors in their halls to prevent mad people from entering their homes. If one had studied the history of feng shui, the brass mirror was hung up on outside of the ancient bed-curtain to counteract, prevent, or dissipate devilish or unpropitious influences. It was supposed that evil spirits, on approaching to do harm, will be apt to see themselves reflected in the mirror, and becoming frightened, will betake themselves away without delay.

There were also countless examples of real life historical figures who claimed the magical effects of mirrors as follows:
1. Chin Shih Huang (the first emperor of Chin Dynasty AD255) was credited with the possession of a magic mirror, which had the power of reflecting the inward parts of those who looked upon it.
2. Li Shin Min (the second emperor of Tang Dynasty AD597-649) is recorded to have remarked, "By using the mirror of brass you may see to adjust your cap, by using antiquity as a mirror, you may learn to foresee the rise and fall of Empires."

What is more, mirror as a gift represents good luck. Giving away a magic mirror to someone would bring marriage luck, descendants luck or even leap frogging promotion in his or her career.

Also according to ancient beliefs, one could absorb the energy from a full moon with this magic mirror and then used it as a make-up mirror to create long term beauty and radiance in ones face. The powerful yin energy from the moon would make ladies prettier and having smooth skin, thus making her more attractive.

Besides, the mirror could also be used to shine on someone you like to create two way attraction to each other. If you want to make friends with colleagues or people in an important ball (e.g. business ball), absorb sunlight yang energy, then when shone on people, including your enemies they will become your friends instantly.

Similarly, you may use this magic mirror to do space clearing for your room and home or office space. Absorb strong yang energy from the sun to charge it up once a while, and shine the magic mirror in the interiors to dissolve bad chi right away. Your surrounding energy will be revitalized right away.

One may place the magic mirror in their space to CONTINOUSLY clear the space, rejuvanate energy and deflect away bad energy. Unlike the other space clearing tools such as the singing bowl and incense smoke, the mirror will work for you every day for 24 hours a day automatically and effectively. This leaves no rooms for bad energy to accumulate in your space. Suitable for areas where you desire to create good feng shui, such as curing bad flying stars in living rooms, dining and including bedrooms.

One may also place the mirror diagonally facing to the maindoor to ward off any bad chi that tries to enter their properties. This was a special ritual practiced by many taoist masters.

Cosmetic Disclaimer
Defect rules built over time: Because they are held by tools and shaped through machining from blocks , there could be tiny tool marks or scratches visible under 30cm visual. Cast brass work experiences high heat process, gas defect, extreme shrinking and rough process steps, therefore they have "common irregularities" on their surfaces. They include blisters, bubbles, shrinkages, cavities, scratch lines, dents, tarnishes, dark spots, oxides etc. They are NOT considered as faulty and therefore are non rejectable. Despite obtaining from factories that provide high brass purity and the best in workmanship that supply only grade A pieces to us, common irregularities are still unavoidable.

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