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Jade Secret Friend and Allies for DRAGON

List Price:USD30
Our Price:USD16.88
Material: Natural Jade
Color: Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 1x0.4x7 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10162


Product Description
Carry along jade zodiac buddies lucky charm to help you make the most out of the year to achieve maximum results. They will help you through the challenges, protect against harm and provide great strength for persistency. The secret friend of DRAGON is the rooster. Its allies are monkey and rat. For DRAGON people, place this good luck charm in the southeast to ease your year ahead, remove all obstacles, improve networking and reap the most benefit out of the year for maximum luck. Such zodiac recommendation is presribed by authentic classical feng shui masters.

Zodiac Allies and Secret Friend
In the practice of Feng Shui, there are many formulas such as Bagua 8 Aspirations Theory, 8 Mansions and Flying Stars that could help us increase our luck in health, wealth and relationships. However, very often these formulas have to be practiced together with the ancient formula for Chinese Astrology/Zodiac to bring the best out of Feng Shui practice. Chinese zodiacs (horoscope) are based on the lunar calendar and goes in a 12-years cycle giving 12 animals sign altogether according to one's year of birth. Each zodiac is assigned to one compass direction in a wheel known as the Astrology Wheel. It is this personal compass direction that would benefit one's personal luck in countering obstacles and becoming a winner. When one's personal chi essence in their living space is activated, it will bring the most out of them.

It is important to note that every zodiac have their own personal secret friend and allies. These secret friend and allies have special affinity to them and will help them achieve their endeavours.

This formula is therefore best applied for:
1. Those zodiacs that will be experiencing a good year, your secret friend and allies will help you make the most out of it to achieve maximum results
2. Those zodiacs that will be experiencing a bad year, your secret friend and allies will help you through the challenges, protect against harm and provide great strength for persistency.
3. Those who are seeking for smooth relationships, good social life, activate their networking and business luck.

The formula is shown in the table below. First, identify your personal zodiac or animal sign based on the lunar calendar. Each zodiac will have his own personal direction beneficial to them. The big tai chi and small tai chi should again be applied here. The big tai chi refers to the whole house or whole building, while the small tai chi refers to rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. One may then activate their personal direction according to the chart by placing their own animal sign together with their secret friend and allies. This formula can also apply to your workdesk. For those who want to reap such benefit also when they are outdoor, they should carry along the zodiac secret friend and allies amulets.

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