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LARGE Extravagant Mandarin Ducks Biting Lotus

List Price:USD78
Our Price:USD26.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Bright Multicolred
Dimension(in): 6x4.2x3.7in
Weight: 700g
ID: SL10138



Product Description
This most brightly colored Japanese style "Mandarin Ducks biting the Lotus" is a suitable enhancer to activate passion and devotion of the Romance Star#4. Such love birds specifically biting the LOTUS is more auspicious to be used to activate this Romance Star#4 because the Romance Star#4 is slightly weak in Period 8 (2004-2024). When the star is weak, it could either bring very lucky romance or it can also lead to sex scandal and 3rd party intervention. Therefore, we require the lotus to counter the negative effects of the star and only bring out the positive side. The lotus is a powerful symbol of peace, harmony, no destruction, no suffering and having strong dedication. The Mandarin Ducks biting the lotus signifies serious commitment to love with peace, harmony and happiness as the end result. This large Japanese Mandarin Ducks will ensure their presence are felt in the center of homes and bedroom, thus bringing more tangible results in your love relationship.

What Mandarin Ducks symbolize and how to place this object?
Mandarin ducks have been used for centuries as the most traditional symbol of love in Feng Shui practice. The Mandarin ducks signifies love, romance, devotion, fidelity, affection and partner loyalty. In real life, Mandarin ducks are always seen as loving pairs. The symbols are often used to help singles find love partners in love and eventually marital bliss. Placed nearby their owners, the Mandarin ducks emit strong love chi that makes them more loveable and attractive to enhance their chances of finding partners.

Colorful Mandarin Duck (left) and Pair of White Mandarin Ducks (right) in our pond

Mandarin ducks (an earth element animal) are usually in a pair of male and female. The male has more attractive tail in an upward direction, while the female does not. To generate the devotion in your partners, you may tie the necks of the pair with red string to signify "tying-the-knot" in your successful relationship.

To activate your romance luck,
1. The product is made of wood to activate Love Star# 4 in the practice of Flying Stars Feng Shui. Activating flying stars star #4 promises the fastest results. In 2009, Love Star #4 resides in south. In 2010, it will move to north.
2 . Display the Mandarin ducks in the southwest location of your bedroom, living room, dining, family room, your car and even your workdesk. Southwest is the universal love sector according to Life Aspiration Theory. Mandarin Ducks made from earth material is most suitably placed in this location to generate earth energy in SW as this section belongs to earth element too.
3. Next, you may also want to check out your personal love direction according to your kua number (based on your birthdate) to activate your Nien Yen direction. This is in accordance with 8 Mansions Theory.

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