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Star of David with Crystal Spheres on Yellow Jasper

List Price: USD98
Our Price: USD28.88
Material: Genuine Natural Crystals
Color: Multicolored Spheres on Yellow Jasper Stand
Dimension(in): 2x2x0.9 in
Weight: 80g
ID: SL10037

Star of David + 7 Chakra Bracelet
Special Price: USD33.88
ID: SL10037st
set (Star of David + 7 Chakra Bracelet)

Product Description
Using principles of sacred geometry, this exclusive 6-pointed Star of David greatly enhances and strengthen the inherent beneficial energies of crystal spheres. Scientists have documented that powerful energy spirals through such combination for crystal spheres to create a strong energy shield. Such energy known as "chi" in feng shui will clarify your space and amplify good energy-charge to generate a fortunate, harmonious and healing environment that is suitable for perfect living, meditation and even prayer practices. The Star of David is known to also clear, activate and align 7 chakras of human so that they could achieve the highest excellence in all areas of their lives. In other sacred traditions Star of David is referred to as the Yin/Yang, or Shiva/Shakti energies or aspects which regulates 5 Elements and create an ultimated balance in feng shui. The Star of David is the best tool to continuously recycle "chi" in your surroundings endlessly. Therefore, the 7 precious chakra gems when placed on a Star of David carved on a circular wealth-generating yellow jasper's base, is said to bring in lots of wealth, good fortune and money to the family.

Note: This item is genuinely made from natural crystals, non-synthetic and is dugged from the earth. They have been tested and guaranteed to give good fortune vibrations, by our own 3A pure pendulum. The crystal balls come in assorted colors and may not look exactly like the arrangement in the photo. The non acidic adhesive (that does not tarnish shiny surfaces) that we use to assemble the parts together may not be strong enough to withstand shock vibe due to shipping. In the event that they arrive at destination detached in separated pieces, there is no insurance coverage for adhesive failure. They are not considered as damage and will NOT be less effective as a feng shui cure. Please glue them back together!

For ladies who love feng shui jewellery, you just need to add $5.00 for this 7-Chakra Bracelet

What Star of David symbolizes and how to place the ornament?

Star of David is engraved on a Yellow Jasper circular base. The sacred star connects the seven chakra spheres together so that they can interact with each other to generate powerful energy.

The Star of David is an ancient, sacred symbol which appears in many spiritual traditions worldwide. This six-pointed star is formed by a downward pointing triangle merged with an upward pointing triangle. The downward represents the creative, female, Yang, or Shakti energy; the infusion of the Divine into matter. The upward represents male, Yin or Shiva energy; the ascension of spritualized matter back to the Divine. This is the symbol of the cycles of Creation: the manifestation of the Divine into matter, and Ascension/Disoloution- the return of spiritualized matter back to its Divine Source. In other sacred traditions this is referred to as the Yin/Yang and Shiva/Shakti energies. Merging together they create a Star Tetrahedron. This sacred shape is also the basis of the yantra of Sarasvati (Vedic Goddess of inspiration and beauty in creation), often found in mandala. A Yantra is a geometric composition that reveals a particular energy configuration whose power increases in exact proportion to the abstraction and precision of the diagram.

Where the two triangles intersect represents the center point where the two forces of duality; Shiva/Shakti, Yin/Yang, male/female energies merge in balance, as well as the center point where matter and spirit merge and commune. It is a supreme symbol of Balance,Harmony and Wholeness. In essence, the Star of David geometric energy grid represents wholeness, and is said to be the Light Body Vehicle which we incarnate into this world with, and which when properly activated allows us to transcend the physical world, in a process referred to as Ascension. This Merkaba or Light Body Vehicle also serves as an "Energy Antenna"" connecting us with our Creator and all of Creation. It is constantly shifting, moving, and dancing in rhythmic flow with our creative conscious and subconscious mind. Using this Crystal Star of David as a visualizing tool, one can become more aware of their own energy grids: clearing, healing and creating what is chosen.

Endorsed by Feng Shui masters, these programmed stars can also be used to empower and infuse your home or workplace with healthful energy. They are also best used for healing and protection by producing sacred space for homes and workplaces. The seven crystal spheres will be combined with either amethyst, smoky quartz, tiger eye, rose quartz, white crystal, bluelace agate, green adventurine and red agate. The base would determine which energy you want to enhance most, if jasper, it represents wealth and abundance.

Our seven chakras would determine our overall luck associated to all 8 aspirations of our life. The 7 chakra crystal spheres when placed on Star of David helps to activate and balance all the seven chakras in us:
1. The first chakra known as "muladhara" is situated at the base of the spine. Colors associated to it are black, gray, red and brown. When in balance this chakra is responsible for activity, spontaneity, independance and leadership ability. When out of balance might cause anger, violence, impulsiveness and even sexual compulsion. It is connected to the lower spinal column, lower abdomen area, and male sexuality.

2. The second chakra known as "svadhisthana" is situated above the spleen. Colors associated to it are red and orange. When in balance this chakra is responsible for security, courage, ambition and creativity. When out of balance, might cause signs of cruelty, indolence and feelings of superiority or depression. It is connected to the abdomen area including all internal organs.

3. The third chakra known as "manipura" is situated above the stomach. Colors associated to it are light orange, yellow and light green. When in balance this chakra is responsible for organizational ability, clarity of thought and inner discipline. When out of balance might cause indolence, nervousness and cowardice. It is connected to the upper stomach, including inner limbs and digestion system.

4. The fourth chakra known as "anahata" is situated above the heart. Colors associated to it are green and pink. When in balance this chakra is responsible for generosity, sense of security and readiness to receive. When out of balance might cause feelings of jealousy, materialism and feelings of insecurity. It is connected to the heart physically and emotionally.

5. The fifth chakra known as "visshudha" is situated to the throat. Colors associated to it are turqoise and blue.When in balance this chakra is responsible for idealism, perseverance, patience and calmness. When out of balance might cause depression, loneliness and extreme conservatism. It is connected to the throat, allergies, communication and speech.

6. The sixth chakra known as "ajna" is situated on the third eye. Colors associated to it are dark blue and purple. When in balance this chakra is responsible for seeing situations correctly, telepathic ability and optimism. When out of balance might cause belief in superstitions and indoctrination by others. It is connected to the eyes and to channeling.

7. The seventh chakra known as "sahasrara" is situated on top of the head, also known as crown chakra. Colors associated to it are purple, transparent and gold. When in balance this chakra is responsible for abundance, creativity and humanitarianism. When out of balance might cause day dreaming and arrogance. It is connected to spiritual development.

The Star of David can be placed anywhere you want to cleanse and enhance, including the bedroom. Everytime you feel that the crystals are out of energy, the best way to reactivate them is to shine some lights on them, because fire energy produces earth energy. This signifies nurturing the energy of the mother earth which results in activating the crystal power even more.

Remember that southwest is the love corner, which means when crystals are placed there, they bring steady relationships, romance and love.

Meanwhile northwest is metal element, and earth creates metal, therefore placing Star of David in that area will benefit the patriach and also your mentor/networking luck. Good network is the key to success to the riches.

The Star of David can also be placed in the center of the house.

When placed at work place or offices, it would bring you a smooth ride and ability to counter all resistance to create a path for continous promotion. When placed at the cashiers, it brings you more sales. When placed at your investment desks, it brings more speculative luck. Therefore, the Star of David is extremely useful and auspicious to own.

For most homes and any room in our homes, whereby creating a balance for 5-Elements is difficult due to placement of furniture and associated colors of decoration, the Star of David would be the best cure to balance the energy flow throughout our homes and living spaces.

Note: All crystal items would be placed in a singing bowl to rejuvanate fresh new energy prior to shipping to ensure potency. Also note that natural crystals from earth may have uneven textures and colors, natural inclusions or original internal lines/cracks in them which may extend to the surface. These are not flaws or damages. They are absolutely fine from a feng shui perspective and would not make natural crystals less perfect compared to manmade items.

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