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Jade Peony Amulet (Love Potion) - New Revision

List Price:USD60
Our Price:USD19.88
Material: Genuine Jade
Color: Green
Dimension(in): 1.0x0.4x7in
Weight: 100g
ID: KH10001

Our Price:USD32.88
ID: KH10001set
set (2 pcs)

Product Description
Peony signifies beauty, romance and the magic feelings of youth. Displaying the peony always benefit ladies who are single as it is said to bring many suitors for their hands in marriage. The beauty and love making skills of the famous concubine an emperor in China was likened to the peony. She decorated her bedroom with peonies and this kept the emperor's libido desire for her to continue unmatchable. The presence of the peony acted like a love potion. Ladies who display peony in their surrounding will encourage libido of their desired men. Single men are also recommended to display this best flower of love in the southwest corner of their bedroom as powerful emblem of conjugal love and activation of yin energy to bring prospective female into their lives. This love enhancer is recommended as a potent feng shui enhancer used to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. The peony is tied together with a gold ingot symbol to improve wealth luck as well. This product can also be hung on handbags, in cars, offices, living rooms and bedrooms conveniently to make you attractive wherever you go.

Large view

What Peony symbolizes?
Flowers are the natural nectar that bring auspicious energy to our surroundings. They signify the growth energies of the wood element and the successful attainment of success. The peony symbolize beauty, romance and purity. The peony is China's Queen of Flowers. The peony when hung at home makes single ladies witty and charming, thus bringing many suitors to their hands in marriage.

Displaying peony in the bedroom is an enticement for sexual entanglement for married couples. Therefore, married couples should display them in the living room to lighten the effect instead. However, for those who want to encourage libido in their husbands can hang one in their bedroom.

Displaying the peony around ladies will benefit those at marriageable age to find a partner of life. For men, the peony will help to bring in some female energy into their surrounding, thus bringing potential partners into their lives too.

Note: The tiny accessories attached to the red mystic knot strings could differ slightly from batch to batch, with factory improvement in design from time to time.

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