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Feng Shui Offsite Audit For Residential Properties - Full Consultation Package

Our Price:USD1888.88
ID: FM300
Important: DO NOT add this service together with other items in your shopping cart. This is a service purchase and not a merchandize purchase. You can use coupon code "consultation" to waive its shipping cost (which should not be applicable since no merchandize is involved).

Consultation Description
It is good for every house to do a one time thorough feng shui evaluation where results will last for a lifetime. Living in an environment with optimal feng shui can empower you to achieve peak performance in your career, business and investments while maintaining tip top health, enabling you to achieve breakthroughs and stupendous success. While the opposite can result in dire consequences. You will receive a report that contain pages and pages of detailed evaluation customized for your residential property (one) and also information that you wont find anywhere on the internet or in books.

Our master from Hong Kong will be engaged to do a very detail analysis for you and after evaluation, proper solutions will be provided. In Hong Kong and Mainland China, his consultation charges range between USD20,000-USD80,000 per audit (on-site) for residential properties depending on the size. Lately due to restrictions in travelling (Covid-19), he no longer travels to mainland China and has more time to take our offsite audit requests. In the past, his queue was so long that we were totally unable to engage him on behalf of our clients.

Undeniably, customized feng shui audit is way more effective than trial and error by yourself. If all this did was to ensure recurring income streams, harmony, peace of mind and a lifetime of abundance, how much would that be worth to you? Instead of experimenting with mistakes, this could really save you time. This hot seat coaching with customized laser advice can make you avoid costly mistakes. It is most likely that we will not be able to offer his service again once borders are opened again between hong kong and china. The extreme dedication to detail and precision is why many of his clients are able to achieve phenomenal results.

This audit package is designed to cater for all types of residential units with an average number of household members. It involves analysis and plotting the energy map of the property for a maximum of two levels (additional level will be charged USD488 per level). The audit evaluates if the entire floor plan has ideal feng shui and Identify if important rules have been complied with to enable good feng shui. Part of the evaluation includes an Advance Flying Stars Analysis of the Geomantic Chart. Interaction between "Base Stars" with "Water" and "Mountain" Stars will be analysed for every sector. The others out there only interprete using water and mountain stars and have no knowledge of the base stars. But our master does more in depth analysis including the base stars. The master will also be able to observe various categories of star combinations and understand if special charts or tricky situations are indicated. To complete the audit more successfully, a micro Geomantic Chart will be provided to suggest placement of furnitures. Traditional rules that bound the quality of main door, stove, bed position, safe placement, interior water features and study will be properly evaluated. A full evaluation of individual's Guardian Star will be conducted to find out if every occupant of the house suits to the house and matches their individual bedrooms. For example, a house with good feng shui may not necessarily suit every individual. Solution to strengthen every individual's element for optimum luck will be provided for up to 4 Persons (additional person will pay USD188 per pax).

Bonus - Landform Assessment
Landform audit is a tedious process that requires only genuine masters with many years of real audit experience to be able to do it. This is what differentiates a superior from an inferior. This separate portion of the audit can cost more than charting the layout with formulas, but our master is offering it to you absolutely FREE of charge as a bonus gift. External landforms within the nearby vicinities govern how the macro energies from the environment influence the wealth, health, relationship of the occupants within the building. The master will assess the presence of white tiger, green dragon, red phoenix and black tortoise. Auspicious landform features and inauspicious landform features will be identified. Surrounding topography will be checked. Most effective counter measures for external environment afflictions will be suggested based on the concepts of protection, reflection, absorption, deflection, bouncing, blocking and destruction.

Information Required
FIrst and foremost, you are required to prepare a house layout plan in jpg or a scanned copy drawn by hand in a scaled paper on furniture layout. The year the house completed its construction will be required. If there have been renovations conducted, you will need to inform us the features renovated and the year they were done. Besides telling us the year you moved into the house, you will need to recall what happened to you and your family after moving in over the years. For example, you get promoted in the year 2014, there was an accident in 2017 or an surgery in 2019. Next, you will need to know how to use a compass to read directions. We will point out to you which specific points you will need to take directions at. In addition, a questionaire will need to be filled because more details are needed to check with you on your concerns, problems you are facing, aspirations etc.

The Process
Interaction and daily discussions between our staff and the master will take at least 21 days. We may need to get back to the client if there there are doubts in between. An advanced FENG SHUI REPORT will be delivered to your email inbox in 30 days (subjected to queue) with analysis on problem sectors identified, along with effective, easy-to-implement recommendations and solutions to enhance the Feng Shui of your house.

Post Audit Support
The report is already very detailed and questions are usually unlikely. However, we provide a 7 days complimentary after-sale service (starts from the day we delivery your report), to answer 5 questions from you about the audit results and to guide you through your Feng Shui setups process. If you decide that you need longer assistance and have more questions related to the audit and the report, you can top up at only USD198 to purchase our after-sale consultation service where you are entitled to ask 10 questions for one week.

Note: This service does not include paranormal activities or haunted home identification. You will need to approach genuine taoist sharmans to resolve those problems.

Contact Us
For any queries,please e-mail us at sales [at] fengshuibestbuy.com
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