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Dragon Gate and Mandarin Ducks - Energy Infused

List Price:USD148
Our Price:USD71.88
30% Discount:USD49.88
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold Plated; Multicolored
Dimension(in): 3.7x3.7x0.1in primary piece; 1.1x1.1x0.1in each coin; 3.7x10x0.1in overall


Product Description
It has 9 Carps bouncing above strong currents to reach the dragon gate of heaven. One of them had successfully jumped over the gate to form a dragon grasping a pearl. The old tale of the carps jumping and crossing over "Dragon Gate" to transform into the dragon reminds us of the ability to resist hurdles and achieve success. Portraying perseverance and determination, the carp is a tough fish that could resist big currents in China's ancient Yellow River. The carp is able to persistently resist hardship, swim upstream and rapidly jump above the tides to reach the heaven, denoting great achievement in ones pursuit or high ambition. Although the carp is often being associated to scholastic success and literary luck, it is also a potent emblem of happy outcome, joyful marriage, sufficient fortune and prosperity. The consequence of academic success is of course career advancement as a literati, with its attendant privileges of wealth and power. The other side of the plaque has the mandarin ducks connoting love and romance showering incessantly over you. The beautiful pair of mandarin ducks with lotus signifies "gorgeous romance luck" which is much needed in this era of fragile relationships owing to too many social ills on-line. The mandarin ducks are the strongest love magnet of all. They always build together faithfulness and loyalty in their love relationship. They have been applied for centuries as the most traditional symbol of love in Feng Shui practice. The mandarin ducks signify love, romance, devotion, fidelity, affection and partner loyalty. Their motifs are often used as remedy to help singles find new love partners and eventually lead to marital bliss. It has the Wishfulfilling Mantra which promises you a quantum change in making your impossible wishes possible. It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing possibilities and materializes your dreams. The magic created will move events, people and circumstances to fulfill all your dreams. Besides, there is a taoist incantation of ROMANCE that blesses one with friendliness and the type of attitude that would seduce and attract new prospects to your romantic life. It helps to initiate a new love and spice up your existing love life.You will become more attractive than before, thus inviting men into your life. Lastly, it is further consecrated with the Taoist Incantation of Confucius, which is also known as the "Wenchang Talisman". The coins hanging below the emblem sums up the meaning of this enhancer. One side has the chinese characters "bai zhan bai sheng" which expresses the sentiment of "winning all 100 battles". The other side has the Chinese Characters "da gong gao cheng" which means "succeed in all undertakings".

Note: This item is energy infused. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

1. Display it at your personal "Sheng Chi" direction or anywhere that is prominent in the house to attain greater heights in material success and power.
2. Display it at your study desk or the northeast direction to attract academic excellence.
3. Display it at the reception or cashier's counter for increased sales and business success.
4. Display it in the southeast corner to boost wealth luck, windfall luck and more sources of income.
5. For those who are familiar with "water placement" in feng shui, you may display it to symbolically emulate a "water element":
a. North - for career luck
b. East - for enhancement of family health
c. Southeast - for wealth luck
d. Water Star #8 positions according to Flying Star feng shui - for wealth luck
6. Display it in the north if you are a boss, manager or working employee seeking for more personal career development and new avenues of opportunities. The Dragon Gate will create the differentiator between you and your peers, giving you better advantage.
7. Display it at the Annual Star #4 to activate scholastic and romance luck.
8. Display in your personal "Nien Yen" direction or southwest corner to invite romance luck.

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