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Protective Fu Lin Atop Rhino - Energy Infused

List Price:USD168
Our Price:USD56.88
30% Discount:USD39.88
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold Plated, Blue and Pearl White
Dimension(in): 1.6x0.6x1.6in primary piece; 7.2in total length
Weight: 71g all
ID: 22-AM-19

2-PCS Special
Special Price: USD69.88
ID: 22-AM-19st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Admired for their stunning beauty, this pair of guardians fu lin and rhino in blue and white follow two important feng shui principles. Firstly, white being the element of metal boosts the element of water (blue) according to productive 5 element theory. Water is the needed element to dispel the Violent Star #7. Secondly, the taoist concept of "double goodness" is that everything that brings good fortune and protection is always more effective when evoked as a pair. The fu lin is associated with military strength and hunting prowess, a powerful symbol of enforcement. The fulin which is considered to be a spiritually endowed creature can provide more power in countering the evil energies from the hidden realm of Violent Star #7. This is necessary when the #7 becomes too powerful. On the other hand, the rhinoceros is symbolically a tough and protective animal that could counter any form of threat. The double horns make it extra powerful in countering violence energies. Having them together will allow you to ride through the year smoothly with less problems associated to bully, hate crime, burglary and theft. They protect you from both outdoor as well as indoor dangers. These motifs are recommended by Feng Shui masters as the ultimate symbol of protection against bully, hate crime, robbery, violences, theft, internet fraud, stolen password, accidents, enemies, office politics, biz competitors and backstabbing.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Buddha's tame lion would "follow his heels like a faithful dog", according to the legend. According to an oft-repeated legend, this is no ordinary lion. Long ago a lion fell in love with a marmoset. The disparity in their sizes made this an impossible love, so the heart-sore lion asked Ah Chu, the protector of animals, to shrink him down to the size of a marmoset so that the two animals could marry. Only his heart remained its original size. From this union, the Lion Dog (Fu Lin) was born. With the spread of Buddhism to China, the status of Fu Dogs were elevated during the reign of Emperor Zhangdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty due to the religion's high regard for them. Therefore, you will find the fu dog statues abundantly available in the chinese palace and the emperors consider breeding pekingese dogs as the real form of fu dogs. With the power to drive away evil, Fu Dogs are popularly known as the defender of law and protector of homes. Fu Dogs provide ultimate protection from theft and robbery, wards of evil spirits and harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, bring in happy blessings and dissolves bad chi from neighbourly formations. It is seen as the symbol of power and strength because of its ability to eat up the tiger and leopard besides having the ability to suppress and expel evil forces.

The rhinoceros is symbolically a tough and protective animal that could counter any other fierce animals in his own way. It is therefore being regarded as an awesome animal to counter all forms of threats or violences. The rhinoceros was indigenous in southwest China until approximately the fourteenth century but then disappeared, probably because their useful hide, which was fashioned into armor, along with their valued horns, led to over-hunting. The Shanghai Museum has a beautiful lobed Tang Dynasty bronze mirror featuring two rhinoceroses. The rhinoceros was used as a rank badge image to denote a military oficer of the eighth rank in the Imperial China during both the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Why is Violent Star #7 dangerous?
One of the most hazardous stars in Xuan Kong Flying Stars is the Broken Army Violent Star #7. This star which used to be auspicious before 2004 (Period 7) has transitioned to become a notorious one. It is also called "Po Jun" star in chinese. It will create fights and make people get furious for no practical reason. Disputes will be created in aspects of relationship, career or finance. Your investments and bank savings will be subjected to heavy losses. If unattended it will also make you lose your precious belongings or documents. Vile characters will triumph in their disputes over you. In aggressive cases, it causes bloodshed caused by metal objects such as guns, knives and swords. All in all, it brings disturbances, turbulence, violence, financial losses, fire, injuries by sharp objects, fightings in the family, armed burglary and theft. Nowadays, thieves have also become IT savvy where they are stealing your passwords and your money via the internet. If this star is not properly dispelled, you are also more vulnerable to falling prey to such crimes. Its effects becomes worst when combined with bad stars such as #2, #3, #5 or magnifying star #9.

Placement Suggestions
The amulet is best carried along with you, but if you can't, then you may display it in the following locations:
1. For the safety of your family and children, display the amulet facing out towards the maindoor (from inside) to ward off robberies and accidents.
2. To dispel political problems in the office, backstabbing, arguments and petty peers, display the amulet at your offic. They will stop all the bickering.
3. To keep competitors at bay for businessmen, display the amulet facing outwards at the main entrance of your workplace or shop. The powerful duo will help you counter attack all the threats.
4. To remedy against Violent Star #7, either from the natal chart, annual chart or monthly chart of flying stars, display the amulet in its sector.

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