Personalized Luck Outlook for Tiger in 2023


Born in: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022
Secret friend: Pig
Allies: Horse, Dog
Career: * *
Wealth: * *
Health: Nil
Love: * *

Good Stars: Jin Yu star (Abundance), Tian Yi star (Heavenly Doctor)

Bad Stars: Wang Shen star (Death God), Bing Fu star (Sickness Charm), Tian Guan Fu (Heavenly Officer Charm)

Compared to the year 2022, the outlook for Tiger is slightly more promising because you are no longer being suppressed by Tai Sui in 2023. But you are not totally out of the woods yet. The Tiger may not have an astonishing year due to very poor health. You may not enjoy the fruits of your labor because without health you cannot give your full energy to work. If you have vision for good tidings, you will need some cures to fix the problems first.

First and foremost, you have the positive Jin Yu star (Abundance) on your side. However, it is not a powerful auspicious star though. Only with the absence of evil stars, this star can actually shine. Its role is to create more food on your table for you, family members and family happiness. Therefore you will need to put in effort to suppress all the evil stars so that this star can be lit up.

Next, the Tian Yi star (Heavenly Doctor) gives you the advantage of finding the right path to healing if you fall sick. There is going to be a nobleman who will advise you on what primary treatment, alternative cure or supplement to take that leads you to fast recovery.

On the downside, the sickness Bing Fu star (Sickness Charm) will cause you ill winds from time to time. You may also need to undergo an operation. You are prone to accidents and injuries, therefore be alert at all times. Every year, this is the strongest illness star that is feared most when it enters ones constellation. Eat the right diet for you, do plenty of exercises and sleep early so that your immune system can be charged. You should also avoid visiting any sick person in the hospital to avoid triggering the onset of bad luck.

What is more worrying is that you will need to be more careful as the unlucky star Wang Shen (Death God) star will cause you losses in your personal belongings and potential robberies. You will also need to be cautious of the health of the elderly members of your family. To prevent you from putting on mourning cloths, you need to pay attention to the elderly and be mindful of preventive measures. Do not be lackadaisical or ignore this warning. Devote more time to be spent with your loved ones who matter most and remember that the lasting memories will be of family and love.

On an equally negative note, you will need to watch out for vile characters and properly screen through any document before giving your approval to any kind of project. Be prudent on what you write on Facebook and Twitter. This is due to the presence of inauspicious star Tian Guan Fu (Heavenly Officer Charm) star which can lead you to legal problems, gossips and arguments.

All in all, the year will be lower than average with your career and wealth goals. Windfall luck is mediocre unless you activate it. You may not be able to accumulate wealth due to medical expenses. Take precautionary actions against robbery and theft. You are advised against attending funerals if possible, else your immune system will cause you a long term illness. Relationship wise, you do not have peach blossom luck this year unless you proactively activate it.

Using cures and enhancers will be vital to subdue unfavorable outcome and materialize favorable ones. Preparing to counter setbacks will help you stay on top of things. They have the power to bring negative issues or bad occurrences to an end and convert negative outcomes into positive ones, resulting in a lot of seemingly problematic obstacles becoming blessings in disguise. On an equally important note, you will also need to use the recommended enhancers to release the good luck. If you don’t do anything about them, you will only let the opportunities pass. The luck activation practice is like creating new inroads to manifest. It has to be emphasized that changing your approach, thought, behavior, stand and attitude alone are considered as reactive and will not address bad luck or release any good luck. Bracing yourself mentally against any unfortunate events that may occur throughout the year without doing anything is the most unwise plan to do. The followings are the proactive measures to drive for a fruitful year.

Subdue Broken Army Star #7 that flies to your Zodiac Direction – Display the Monkey King in the northeast.

Career Empowerment/Dispel Vile Characters – Display the Unicorn on your work desk or in your living room. The unicorn is a horse with a horn. Besides having the ability to counter vile characters, the unicorn’s horn is known to have healing abilities which is what you need to ensure your health is always at the tip top and able to work. Carry in your work bag or display somewhere at your work desk the Five Quiren Amulet to garner support from your management so that they are always on your side and your career is secured all the time.

Health Protection and Longevity – In every cycle of 12 years, a zodiac is bound to be afflicted by Bing Fu star. It is now your turn and you will need to pay special attention to it because the detrimental effects is not supposed to be taken lightly. Once a disease strike, it takes away happiness, money and possibly the life away. It is therefore a must to display the powerful 5 Element Wulous by your bed or anywhere close to where you sleep and let them heal your body at night time. You should also consider carrying along the Medicine Buddha Longevity Amulet.

Wealth Enhancement – Display the Double Your Fortune and Profit on your dining table or in the south of the living room. You should also carry along with you the Wealth God Expanding Treasury Amulet.

Prevent Financial Leakage – Display the Five Way God of Wealth Protecting Treasury with your financial portfolios, on your dining table or in the vicinity of your safe.

Vanquish Troublemakers and Legal Problems – Display Fire of Nine Heavens in the southeast of your house or living room. As your zodiac ally, the horse when coming together in nine of them provide ultimate protection to you and elevate your social status.

Prevent Bloodshed/Injuries/Accidents/Mishaps/Safety Issues – Your zodiac is likely to have your safety at jeopardy this year. Carry along or display the Chung Kwei 12 Horoscope Amulet in your car.

Safeguard Elderly – Display the Enchanting Peacock next to the elderly members’ bedside for night time healing and overall protection of their health. Besides, it is a must for them to carry along the Medicine Buddha Longevity Amulet.

Love – Display a Rabbit Love Box in your bedroom or in the center of the living room. Carry along the Four Friends Amulet to bring in more suitors into your life.

Situational needs:

  1. Academic Success for Kids – Display at the study the Secret Green Dragon in Globe. Keep in the bag or under the pillow the Breakthrough Success Amulet for examination achievement.
  2. Increase Business and Sales Competitiveness – Ring frequently the Big Money Bell and display Double Your Fortune and Profit in the south.
  3. Enable Asset Wealth such as earning and saving enough to buy a prosperity  – Display Power in Period 9 in the north.
  4. Conceive a Baby Boy – To be blessed with illustrious offspring, display the Benevolent Giraffe in the southwest.
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