Personalized Luck Outlook for Rat in 2023


Born in: 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020
Secret friend: Ox
Allies: Monkey, Dragon
Career: * * * * 
Wealth: * * * * *
Health: * * *
Love: * * * *

Good Stars: Tian De star (Heavenly Virtue), Fu De star (Fortune Virtue), Fu Xing star (Prosperity), Hong Luan star (Red Matchmaker), Sui Lu star (Thriving)

Bad Stars: Sui Xing star (Year Punishment), Jiao Sha star (Crossing Poison), Xian Chi star (Salty Pool), San Xing (Triple Punishment), Juen She star (Curl Tongue), Nian Sha star (Annual Poison)

The RAT “tortures” the Tai Sui in 2023. When torturing the Tai Sui, the year spells no good harvest. There will a lot of contradictory problems afflicting them. Gossips, scandals, disharmony, badmouthing, emotional instability and bad relationship with people are going to be a norm at work and even hard work will not pay off well at the end. Crisis after crisis will occur. Crisis implies troubles, obstructions, failures in investments and blood mishaps. Therefore this is going to be a non-fruitful year for those torturing the Tai Sui. The whole year may just go to waste if you do not appease the Tai Sui. Once you have appeased the Tai Sui with feng shui cures, things will smoothen out.

The Rat ranks in 1st quadrant (top 3) in overall luck compared to the 12 zodiacs. It augurs an enriching year complete with good career prospects and increment in income. Because of so many strong positive stars shining upon you, the year will take your wealth, relationship and career to an unsurpassed height if you seize this opportunity to a renew your luck with feng shui so that it will last for many years to come. It is an ideal year to embark on new ventures.

First and foremost, the propitious Fu Xing star (Prosperity) is a star that secures your life chart to bless you with wealth luck rolling in, everlasting mainstream income and occasional lottery luck. Avoid flaunting your wealth unnecessarily and always be cautious against scam and financial plots.

Next, the auspicious Tien De star (Heaven Virtue) will transform any mishap-to-be and negative situations into favorable outcomes. If you desire some breakthrough in your career, it is time to seek partnership with someone trustworthy and passionate about the same vision for good tidings. Your chances of success are higher if you collaborate with someone whom you can trust.

Moreover, the auspicious Fu De star (Fortune Virtue) lends external help to you. It assists to remove obstacles and turns bad into good. You are likely to enjoy better social status. It is better to have a benefactor star watch your back than having someone who stabs your back.

It is a promising year of love, romance and marriage due to the Hong Luan star (Red Matchmaker). This is the strongest among all the love stars. The blessings from this star will result in happy outcomes, lifelong relationship and excellent terms with everyone. You will look more charming than usual and you enjoy more attention from everybody. Singles should take advantage of this once in a few years’ opportunity to seek desirable relationship. If you are married, you should control your lust to prevent extramarital affairs. Career wise, Hong Luan means excellent terms with people and getting useful help from powerful figures. Your increase in interpersonal skills will give you a career boost.

Furthermore, another auspicious Sui Lu star (Thriving) brings excess remuneration in both your mainstream and side incomes.

On the down side, firstly San Xing (Triple Punishment) in your constellation (brought about by torturing of Tai Sui) can lead to family dispute and marriage problems. Your relation with others will be extremely poor coupled with many disputes and arguments. It will inevitably cause tears in your relationship and a possible break-up. Your emotional instability will lead you to offend others unknowingly. Singles will be lonely and self-centered.

Another less positive aspect is that Sui Xing star (Year Punishment) brings you ill health, mishaps and injuries. This is most probably in the form of surgery and accident.

Charging relentlessly, the pesky Jiao Sha star (Crossing Poison) stirs interpersonal relationship and ignites gossips that can lead to legal issues. Be mindful that you will need to handle relationship with great care.

Also on the unpleasant phase , you will experience troubled relationship due to bad spell is casted by Xian Chi star (Salty Pool) which indicates short term relationship, adultery and illicit affairs through frequent social outings. As it is a star of temporary relationship, it may not be bad for the singles after all. However, for married people, you will be brewing with extraordinary out of the wed lock love luck throughout the year. Love life is enriching and full of varieties but do not over indulge in sex encounters to avoid serious troubles and unhappiness later. Instead you can make good use of your extraordinary charm and excellent terms with people to build useful connections.

Next, the unlucky star of gossip and argument Juen She star (Curl Tongue) will cause you major disgrace over trivial matters. Please be mindful of your speech and impulsive actions, or else vile words will shatter all your hopes.

Lastly, Nian Sha star (Annual Poison) will bring about gossips, disputes, troubled relationships and poor reputation. It is also a disaster star that brings about calamities.

All in all, you will be bask in good fortune if all the bad stars are suppressed and the good stars activated. The year bodes well with your career goals. You will achieve ideal income and may exceed your financial expectations if you activate the luck. Sporadic windfalls are also possible. Your health will be tip top. It will certainly be good news for you if you are single as you are most likely to meet your partner in life if you know how to activate your love luck. Attached people will most likely ring the wedding bells.

Using cures and enhancers will be vital to subdue unfavorable outcome and materialize favorable ones. Preparing to counter setbacks will help you stay on top of things. They have the power to bring negative issues or bad occurrences to an end and convert negative outcomes into positive ones, resulting in a lot of seemingly problematic obstacles becoming blessings in disguise. On an equally important note, you will also need to use the recommended enhancers to release the good luck. If you don’t do anything about them, you will only let the opportunities pass. The luck activation practice is like creating new inroads to manifest. It has to be emphasized that changing your approach, thought, behavior, stand and attitude alone are considered as reactive and will not address bad luck or release any good luck. Bracing yourself mentally against any unfortunate events that may occur throughout the year without doing anything is the most unwise plan to do. The followings are the proactive measures to drive for a fruitful year.

Tai Sui – Carry along with you the Tai Sui Talisman for protection. Display the Tai Sui Plaque or Pi Yao Offering Treasure Chest in the east.

Activate Happiness Star #9 – Your zodiac direction hosts the auspicious Annual Flying Star #9. Grab the opportunity to activate the luck in north sector by displaying the Phoenix Egg or Power in Period 9.

Thriving Career – Display the Magic Lamp at your work desk. This magic lamp will bring to you great fortune, protection and promotion.

Materialize Windfall – “Fu Xing” star is actually a wealth deity star. The best is keep your lottery tickets in the Celestial Beauty Saves You in Everything and display it in the west. The west is where the heaven luck is strongest in 2023 and the cosmic energy brings windfall.

Vanquish Troublemakers – If not careful, troublemakers can derail your entire year that is supposedly filled with good luck. They have to be subdued. Display the Fire of Nine Heavens in the southeast of your house or living room.

Dispel Injuries – Display in your car or at the inside knob of your bedroom’s door the Chung Kwei 12 Horoscope Amulet.

Love – To prevent adultery in a married individual whose zodiac is the Rat, the spouse of the Rat will need to carry along the Princess Iron Fan Amulet.

Situational needs:

  1. Academic Success for Kids – Display at the study the Secret Green Dragon in Globe. Keep in the bag or under the pillow the Breakthrough Success Amulet for examination achievement.
  2. Increase Business and Sales Competitiveness – Ring frequently the Big Money Bell and display Double Your Fortune and Profit in the south.
  3. Enable Asset Wealth such as earning and saving enough to buy a prosperity  – Display Power in Period 9 in the north.
  4. Conceive a Baby Boy – To be blessed with illustrious offspring, display the Benevolent Giraffe in the southwest.


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