Personalized Luck Outlook for Ox in 2023


Born in: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021
Secret friend: Rat
Allies: Rooster, Snake
Career: * *
Wealth: * *
Health: * *
Love: * *

Good Stars: Ba Zuo star (Eight Seats)

Bad Stars: Pi Tou star (Peeling Head), Tian Gou star (Sky Dog), Diao Ke star (Suspended Guest), Gua Su star (Lonesome), Yue Sha star (Monthly Poison), Bao Wei star (Leopard Tail)

The Ox is not likely going to enjoy a spectacular year on its own if you leave it to fate. There will be major upheavals with less chances of seeing stability However, you may be able to experience a better social status which you can conserve for future use. If you have vision for good tidings, you will need some cures to fix the problems first.

Firstly, you have the lucky Ba Zuo star (Eight Seats) that will increase your social status level and unexpected likelihood of success due to helpful people from time to time. However, it does not mean you are getting the luck of promotion. This star favors those who are in the field of research, development, information and learning arena. Students will benefit significantly from this star. It is not going to be that useful for those who are in sales, marketing and business. You will need to capitalize on unexpected chances given by your superior if you like to see a successful end. Mainstream income is stable, but you can forget about the luck of gambling. You will most probably overspend and run into financial problem.

On the downside, the very unlucky Tian Gou star (Sky Dog) charge in strongly to bring bloodshed, petty characters, financial losses and gossips. This is one of the most feared trouble bringing stars. You are likely to face legal problems. Its presence also indicate that you should avoid attending any funeral by all means. Do not neglect this warning! If there is anything less positive at all to be anticipated, it is the result of another pesky Diao Ke star (Suspended Guest) that denotes health problems among elderly members of the family. Give more care to the health of the elderly at all times.

Another less positive aspect is that the presence of Pi Tou star (Peeling Head) star suggests the possible demise of the elderly of the family, friends or relatives. To prevent you from putting on mourning cloths, you need to pay attention to the elderly and be mindful of preventive measures. Do not be lackadaisical or ignore this warning. Devote more time to be spent with your loved ones who matter most and remember that the lasting memories will be of family and love. If you are away from your loved ones, follow your heart to lead you back home. Avoid hospital visitations and funerals.

Also on the unpleasant phase, the discord Gua Su star (Lonesome) can cause you to suffer from yearnings, the feelings of absence in love, loneliness and alienation. Although the indications are that you will have the love and support you need, this pesky star will prevent you from seeing 100% of that.

Next, Yue Sha star (Monthly Poison) will bring about turmoil at work and problems from female figures. Therefore be watchful not to step on their tails. Backstabbers and troublemakers will make your life miserable with long period of unrest. Therefore you will need to exercise patience and tolerance. You are advised not to commence or expand a business.

On an equally bad note, Bao Wei star (Leopard Tail) will send you many troublemakers spreading gossip which leads to argument and loss of wealth. Troublemakers give you one trouble after another causing you a total mental breakdown.

All in all, with numerous ominious stars hindering you, you will face difficulties in your studies, career, safety, health and romance. You are most likely to face financial leakage if your feng shui is unprotected. Your love life is challenging because you feel low spirited and emotion charges up regularly. Singles are unlikely to meet anyone new due to poor peach blossom luck. Romance luck is negative and you are most likely going to breakup.

Using cures and enhancers will be vital to subdue unfavorable outcome and materialize favorable ones. Preparing to counter setbacks will help you stay on top of things. They have the power to bring negative issues or bad occurrences to an end and convert negative outcomes into positive ones, resulting in a lot of seemingly problematic obstacles becoming blessings in disguise. On an equally important note, you will also need to use the recommended enhancers to release the good luck. If you don’t do anything about them, you will only let the opportunities pass. The luck activation practice is like creating new inroads to manifest. It has to be emphasized that changing your approach, thought, behavior, stand and attitude alone are considered as reactive and will not address bad luck or release any good luck. Bracing yourself mentally against any unfortunate events that may occur throughout the year without doing anything is the most unwise plan to do. The followings are the proactive measures to drive for a fruitful year.

Offend White Tiger (Neutralize Villain and Avoid Breakup)  – To overcome, display the Shishiruyi in the SOUTHWEST (direction of relationship) and the Red Tribute Horse in the SOUTHEAST (direction of gossip), in order to summon Nobleman (helpful people), eliminate troubles, never cross path with villains, obtain protection, eliminate troubles and setbacks.

Subdue Broken Army Star #7 that flies to your Zodiac Direction – Display the Monkey King in the northeast.

Career Empowerment/Dispel Vile Characters – Display the Ferocious Rooster on your work desk or in your living room and keep the names or images of vile characters inside its box. When imprisoned and locked under the watchful eyes of the rooster, they will face negative repercussions. As your faithful ‘zodiac ally’, the rooster can super charge your luck towards favorable success. Carry in your work bag or display somewhere at your work desk the Four Friends Amulet to create harmony in work relationships.

Wealth Enhancement – Ring the Big Money Bell to magnetize money and park it in the south. You should also carry along with you the Wealth God Expanding Treasury Amulet.

Prevent Financial Leakage – Display the Five Way God of Wealth Protecting Treasury with your financial portfolios, on your dining table or in the vicinity of your safe.

Vanquish Troublemakers – The feng Shui set up will be the same as the above recommendation for countering White Tiger.

Prevent Bloodshed/Injuries/Accidents/Mishaps/Safety Issues – Your zodiac is the most likely one to have your safety at jeopardy this year. Carry along or display the Chung Kwei 12 Horoscope Amulet in your car.

Safeguard Elderly – Display the 5 Element Wulous next to the elderly members’ bedside for night time healing and overall protection of their health. Besides, it is a must for them to carry along the Medicine Buddha Longevity Amulet.

Love – Display a pair of Tai Kat Tai Lei’ Love Swans in your bedroom or in the center of the living room. 

Situational needs:

  1. Academic Success for Kids – Display at the study the Secret Green Dragon in Globe. Keep in the bag or under the pillow the Breakthrough Success Amulet for examination achievement.
  2. Increase Business and Sales Competitiveness – Ring frequently the Big Money Bell and display Double Your Fortune and Profit in the south.
  3. Enable Asset Wealth such as earning and saving enough to buy a prosperity  – Display Power in Period 9 in the north.
  4. Conceive a Baby Boy – To be blessed with illustrious offspring, display the Benevolent Giraffe in the southwest.
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