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Maximizing Love and Relationship Luck in 2022

Warning - copyright reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy. The following contents on the page are written and owned by Feng Shui Bestbuy. No direct or indirect copying without permission is allowed. Article was authored and originated by our Feng Shui Scholar.

Love is only a word until you give true meaning to it. You want true love that brings happiness in the long run. You want love to shower you all the time so that you can be successful in other aspects of your life. You want to improve your existing love relationship. You do not want to be yearning, suffering from loneliness or alienation. It is therefore a good practice to look thoroughly at all the love sectors in 2022 so as to maximise the good energies to the greatest extent.

1. Union with Tai Sui - indicates strong influence on relationship because these sectors have special bond with the Tai Sui.

2. Zheng Tao Hua - the star that promotes further bonding on existing relationships. Display Love Mirror in this sector.

3. Pian Tao Hua - the star that brings new sources of love and relationship. If you want to meet someone new, this is the star that will help. Display Romance in the Air in this sector.

4. Romance sector - sector that enables new love or to bind an unstable love further. For those who are impatiently seeking for new romance luck, you can display the Mandarin Ducks in this sector.

5. Joyful Events sector - sector to enable the ringing of wedding bells. Those who want to tie the knot will need to activate this sector. Display the Wishfulfilling Bird in this sector.

6. Position of Relationship - the sector that brings about long term commitment in a relationship and for those who want to resolve unwanted third party relationship. Display Everything in Your Favor in this sector.

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