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Maximizing Career and Business Luck in 2022

Warning - copyright reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy. The following contents on the page are written and owned by Feng Shui Bestbuy. No direct or indirect copying without permission is allowed. Article was authored and originated by our Feng Shui Scholar.

You cannot move people's cheeze if living as mice in other people's maze. You are the lord of your own life. Therefore you need to be able to independantly stand out and reach further than your regular self. It is therefore a good practice to look thoroughly at all the career enhancing sectors in 2022 so as to maximise the good energies to the greatest extent. You want to get the best network, to ring in more sales and to be career/business savvy. The formula to get you there is one that activates the nobleman luck, creativity and better income all at once. The career influential areas in 2022 are consolidated in the chart below. You have to to capitalize on each sector for maximum output for the year.

2022 Career/Business Sectors
Copyright Reserved 2022

In general, there are altogether three sectors where we can tap the career luck in 2022:
1. Zheng Quiren - the benefactor star that will bring helpful people (from existing sources of management, family members, relatives and friends) to increase your success in career and business. Display the Dragon Gate in this sector.

2. Pian Quiren - the benefactor star that will usher helpful people (from new acquaintances, new social network and new friends) to increase your success in career and business. You should display the Military Wealth God on Tiger in this sector.

3. More sales and better income - the location where the wealth star #8 flies to in 2022. The best enhancer to create wealth miracles with this most promising wealth area is the Pi Yao Atop Mansion.

4. Creativity - the location where Wen Chang star #4 flies to in 2019. The most reliable activator for the Wen Chang star #4 for a promising career and success in business is the Dragon Gate.

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