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2022 Feng Shui Almanac (Free On-line Version for Public)

Every household of feng shui practitioners will usually have the chinese Tung Shu (Tung Sing) or almanac in place to ensure smooth sailing of endeavours and important undertakings. In fact no feng shui masters nor practitioners will do without the almanac when they want to guide people in commencing a new business or starting a new endeavour. Most sites normally make big money out of this, but we want everyone to benefit from and is providing it FREE. It is packed with information converted from the genuine annual chinese almanac. Clearly illustrated in English and simple to use, it is packed with information on auspicious dates and hours used to select for important occasions such as weddings, moving house, commencing business, travelling and renovation. It also describes the new moon and full moon days of the chinese lunar calendar into the roman calendar. You may also use the auspicious time and dates contained in this calendar to attend an interview, sign an agreement, meet someone important, throw a big party, have a one-on-one meeting with your boss, do your home space clearing, feng shui rituals, furniture movements, making wealth vases, inviting wealth gods into homes and placement of feng shui symbols. It is also important that you do not engage in any of the important activities if it is a bad day for the animal sign you were born under.

What is the Chinese Almanac?
The ancient chinese almanac (better known as Thoong Sing or Tung Shu) has more than a thousand years of history and research, and it is the Chinese system of measuring and recording the passage of time. The system of timekeeping in feng shui is a combination of the lunar and solar calendars, or more appropriately, a lunisolar calendar. It actually records the months that mirror the movements of the moon and the years reflect with the seasons of the sun.

The almanac is used to indicate traditional festivals and to select dates for important occasions such as renovation, wedding and moving house. For the farmers, it is used to time agricultural activities in the countryside. Ordinarily, the Chinese live their daily lives on a monthly basis according to the lunar cycle, which mark the new moon and full moon days. On the other hand, the farming community, feng shui masters and fortune-tellers subscribe to Solar Hsia calendar which follows the time of the sun.

For centuries such ancient almanac has been consulted for suitable dates on everything to assist us in Feng Shui practice and forecast individual's luck for the day. Today, it is widely used by many giant corporates to advice on selection of appropriate days for almost every important activity, from groundbreaking ceremonies to signing new agreements, launching of a new products, opening a new office, wedding ceremonies to be held, renovations and moving houses.

***Important Day Taboo for Extremely Important Occasions ***
It is vital to know that there are a few days in every month which are prohibited for important celebrations even though the feng shui almanac indicates the days to be good or excellent. Important celebrations are such as wedding celebration, signing an important contract, starting a new business and starting a new career. These dates are known as the "San Niang" Killing days (San Niang Shar). No matter how good the almanac describe these days, please avoid them by all means.

The "San Niang" Killing days are 3rd, 7th, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 27th day of every LUNAR month. Please take note that the days refer to "lunar days" and does not refer to western calendar days.

Most inexperienced masters or younger generation who refers to modernized almanac may not be aware of this important rule of thumb. We would like to share this secret tip that has never been revealed over the internet before because we have seen so many cases of bad spell happening to those who have chosen these days, such as divorce, collapse of business, unsuccessful career etc.

Some grand masters will deliberately pick these days, which is termed as "Dou Shan" Killing (Dou Shan Shar).Unless the eight characters ("phat chee" or "ba zi") of the person concerned is in great favour of that day. To pick this day, if one is lucky enough, the luck will turn 180 degrees for the better. On the contrary, it will bring disastrous results. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid these days by all means to prevent regrets.

How to Read the Almanac?
1. One will have to find out their planned agenda for the day. Eg. moving house, carrying out a renovation etc.
2. Then find a day that does not conflict ones zodiac and age. This is very important. If the day is in conflict with ones zodiac, then avoid carrying out the important agenda by all means.
3. Check also to make sure that the day falls on a San Niang Afflicted Day. If yes, avoid it by all means.
4. Weigh if the day is only good for that specific task or if it is generally a good day. One can guess if the day is a lucky day, fairly lucky day, neutral day or unlucky day by checking if the day is suitable to manage the number of task. The more tasks one can carry out, the better is day's luck. For example, if a day is good for opening business but not good for renovation or moving house, then it is considered as a neutral day. But if a day is good for everything, then it can be considered as a lucky day.

"Warning warning warning"
1. The chinese almanac is never used to do "fortune telling". It must never be used to check the events of the past. If you use the almanac to check if the date of the "past event" is good or bad, it is said to bring grave misfortune. A chinese almanac is a calendar to guide you in "future" activities.
2. Date selection should only be done by yourself and applied to your ownself. It must never be done for "other people" if you are not from the energy world and not receiving an "ang pow" (red packet) from the person you are selecting the date for. Else good luck will be take away from you by the person you are doing the date selection for.

Almanac by Month for 2022

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Auspicious and Inauspicious Days in October 2022

Auspicious and Inauspicious Days in November 2022

Auspicious and Inauspicious Days in December 2022

2022 Almanac Premium Version (FREE for our customers)
If you are looking for something with more in-depth, this will be the one. This is a special privilege for our buyers. The 2022 Almanac "Premium Version" will be provided electronically for FREE if you make a purchase with us for an amount of USD100 and above in merchandize starting from 1 January 2022.

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