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2022 Annual Afflictions And Luck of Various Directions

Warning - copyright reserved by Feng Shui Bestbuy. The following contents on the page are written and owned by Feng Shui Bestbuy. No direct or indirect copying without permission is allowed. Article was authored and originated by our Feng Shui Scholar.

Why do we need to do a check and balance on feng shui annually?

Feng shui winds blow differently each year. Highly accurate, the Flying Star Chart reveals the time dimension of energy changes for each corner of your house. Understanding the forces revealed and proactive remedy will help you to navigate through misfortunes, illnesses, pitfalls and troubles. Proactive remedy refers to the placement of appropriate cures and enhancers to generate energy vortexes that subdue afflictions or magnify positivities.

Whether one is using Luan Tou (Landscape) or Time Dimension feng shui, the fundamental principle of feng shui requires one to divide a space into 9 equal chambers or palaces. These respective chambers will have eight compass bearings: North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. One will then have to superimpose this simple chart onto the space of study (object). The space of study can be the world, a country, a district, a city, a home and a living room. A bigger space of study is known as "big tai chi" while the smaller space of study is known as "small tai chi".

Next, you will need to incorporate "time dimension" into the study of these 9 palaces. As time changes, the luck of each palace will change accordingly due to the change of "chi" (energy) in these palaces. The luck cycle will keep changing every 180 years, every 20 years, every year, every month, every day, every hour and every quarter hour. From this you can actually predict the events that will happen. Say for example if you check the 9 palaces of a house according to the change of time, you can predict which year the houseowner will be prone to extramarital affairs, which year he will have substantial financial gains and which year he will fall sick. This can method can be applied to almost every incident in your daily life and you will be simply amazed at the propensity on fulfilling your predictions is actually quite high.

But do not overdo this, else it can become sheer tribulation, where you will be overly concerned with where you will go and what you should and what you should not do by constantly checking your quarterly hour charts. The best option is to focus only on two important charts that will contribute significantly to the quality of chi of our space:
1. The natal flying star chart of a house (where the types of chi will remain forever in the same chambers until the next significant renovation is conducted or the building is demolished) - this will determine the life destiny of the occupant staying in the house till the end.
2. The annual chart - this will determine the fortune of the occupant for that particular year. Even so, it cannot be ignored because the results is more explosive. For example, if one knows how to tap the fortune luck of the year, he could become rich very fast. Similarly, if one ignores a misfortune spot of the house, he could end up a failure immediately.

What you cannot do with Flying Stars feng shui?

It is difficult to change the luck that is affecting something of a larger scale, say the whole world, a country or a city. For example, the outbreak of Covid-19 (back in 2020) could not be avoided when Burglary Star #7 flew to the center and robbed the world. But individuals could choose to escape from it even though the majority of the world is being affected by it. Although the world that you are staying in is an important influence, but what determines your individual luck is still determined by the nearest means of container that keeps you in it. The container in this context is your own home sweet home. And you can definitely determine your own luck by cleverly updating the feng shui of your own home.

When will the annual luck cycle change every year?

The change of energy in 9 palaces follows the chinese SOLAR calendar. Every year, 3rd or 4th February would be the date of change in energy. So, remember that feng shui is never static. The dynamism of feng shui lies in the changing of stars in different sectors and directions of our homes, premises and even in our geographical map. There are good and bad stars that move from one location to another every year and must NEVER be taken lightly. And if you know how to identify the good and bad locations in your homes, then you will be able to apply remedies for problematic areas and enhance the luck of the good areas. You will then be able to capitalize the best out of the year and prevent misfortunes brought by the bad energies.

Introducing Annual Bad Stars and Afflictions

In feng shui practice, we ought to PROTECT and DEFEND against any bad luck as the first step before trying to activate for any good luck. Neglecting this protective step will result in one experiencing problems more than having good luck. In general, each year has certain directions that are considered inauspicious because they exert evil influences (known as shar chi) and they can bring danger if unattended. Those who choose not to do anything or keeping those areas quiet are simply like ignoring sickness symptoms passively and hoping that nothing will happen. If one is lucky, of course it still stands a good chance that nothing will happen. But the more proactive ones will cure them to prevent the symptoms from turning into fatal diseases. The followings are the annual afflictions in general that we need to take pre-caution against. The basis of knowing feng shui is for us to get ourselves prepared and defend against bad luck. If we do not wish to do anything, then it is better not to learn feng shui.
Disastrous Flying Stars
1. Fatal Star #5 Yellow (Wu Huang)
2. Illness Star #2 Black (Er Hei)
Dangerous Annual Afflictions (Shar Chi):
3. Three Killings (San Shar)
4. Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)
5. Year Breaker(Sui Po)
Troublesome Flying Stars:
6. Violent Star #7
7. Quarrelsome Star#3

The Fatal Star #5 Yellow, Illness Star #2 Black, Violent Star #7and Quarrelsome Star#3, formulated from flying star charts in "San Yuan" school of Feng Shui, are related to Luo Shu and the annual location of them are in one of the 9 palaces of the bagua.

Next, the theories of Three Killings (San Shar), Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) and Broken Year (Sui Po) are originated from the "San He" system of Feng Shui, which later got incorporated into the San Yuan system of Feng Shui during Ming Dynasty. San He uses the concepts of Four Pillars to read Feng Shui. The primary factor involved in recognizing the location of San Shar, Tai Sui, and Sui Po is the branch of the Year. This factor will determine all of their annual positions.

Introduction to Good and Fortunate Stars

To achieve benefit from feng shui, besides defending against the evil, we also ought to know what the good stars are and where they are located every year. Knowing how to capitalize on them will bring success, good fortune, wealth, good health and opportunities for a smooth ride for the whole year. The followings are the good stars that we ought to harvest our luck from:
Good Flying Stars
1. Wealth Star #8 White
2. Advancement Star #9 Purple
3. Career Star #1 White
4. Heaven/Windfall Star #6 White
Moderate Flying Star:
5. Wen Chang Star#4 Green

**Setting Up Countermeasures and Enhancers**

The art and science of setting up countermeasures to deal with aversive conditions and installing enhancers to improve on existing conditions have become a very important part of a traditional feng shui purist's knowledge. It is almost impossible not to use countermeasures and enhancers when working with the feng shui of a building. Even if you have optimal positions in the nine palaces in the geomantic chart, the stars of the yearly and monthly cycles change, and you may have to use countermeasures to lessen the impact of destructive effects and enhancers to bolster beneficial influences. In fact in differentiating yin and yang schools of feng shui, lucky motifs and symbols are a must in the practice of dwellings for the living (yang feng shui). Because auspicious symbols will activate "yang" energy. While feng shui for graveyards (yin feng shui) are supposed to be done with little to no symbols. It is therefore a big mistake for dwelling for the living to apply "yin feng shui" practices. Countermeasures deal with aversive conditions. They are designed to help us avoid, dissolve, weaken, or remove destructive energy. While countermeasures are used to neutralize undesirable effects, enhancers are designed to increase desirable effects. Typically, an enhancer is placed in an area to strengthen the energy associated with the benevolent star. Enhancers work n the opposite direction of countermeasures.

Feng shui purists have always proactively introduce "intervention" to counter the harmful effects of malevolent stars. This makes sense as malevolent stars need "immediate attention". "Intervention" involves countering the malevolent stars by neutralizing the energy associated with them. Using the knowledge of how the the elements nourish, weaken and destroy each other, it is possible to place objects or artifacts in strategic locations to counter the effects of malevolent stars. The artifacts are carriers of elemental energy, and can be used to lessen or even eliminate the harmful effects brought on by the star's element.

Staunch traditionalists normally consider the combination of "three factors" when prescribing feng shui countermeasures and enhancers:
1. Those using esoteric, religious, imagistic, symbolic, iconic or magical remedies.
2. Those using Form and alignment considerations, by absorbing, blocking or deflecting sha chi.
3. Those using element interactions to reduce or enhance an element.

Only remedies that encompass all the three factors above are considered as appropriate feng shui remedies that can certainly help to correct or enhance feng shui. All these are "yang cures" and help counter an excess of yin, opposite of yang, darkness, silence and stillness. A practical suggestion is to choose remedies as close as possible to traditional remedies. Feng shui is susceptible to deduction, but you need to guard against using your intuition and making up remedies. For example, colors is a useful reinforcing adjunct to placed remedies, but be wary of using it solely on its own. Colors alone do not work. A red floor rug for example has zero effect on countering #3 Green star. Another example of wrong remedy is to use a lump of metal such as metal trophies to counter dangerous stars such as #5 Yellow or #2 Black stars. The reason windchimes are used instead is because passing breezes will stir metal windchimes, thus keeping the metal activated, where most of the effects is derived from the passage of the chi through the windchimes.

Some pseudo practitioners believe on the principle of "avoidance". They believe that if movement is lessened in an area, the destructive effect is minimized. This is not the best way to deal with malevolent stars and can be very dangerous. Such practice is often being disregarded by the purists who would prefer to proactively apply an "intervention". Inactivity is overly reactive and not a remedy.

The annual chart can be superimposed onto the floor plan of any home, office and even individual rooms to understand how the luck patterns will change with the new year. This will allow you to install the appropriate feng shui enhancers and cures to activate lucky stars while suppressing unlucky ones.

When will the stars transition and when is the expiration date of cures and enhancers?

For the lunar Year of Tiger in 2022, the locations of the afflictions and fortunes mentioned above are pre-calculated and shown in the 9 palaces of the flying star map below. This new chart will only be effective starting 4th February 2022. This follows the solar calendar, which begins with the start of spring. The Flying Star system does not follow the Chinese Lunar year, which has a variable commencement date. Spring is known as "Lap Chun" in chinese.

Analyzing the 2022 Chart

The Annual Flying Star Chart with nine palaces is a map that shows the auspicious and inauspicious directions of the year. Use this chart to update and organize your house for a prosperous year. This chart is for all houses, regardless of the direction, layout and inhabitants of the houses.

The first step is to look at the annual number itself which takes prominence in the center of the Annual Flying Star Chart. Remember that the center is the heart that pumps and dominates. It means the center affects all homes and households. A menacing chart unfortunately, the most feared Fatality Star #5 Yellow enters the center palace and rules the chart in 2022. This sends fear down the spine of every feng shui master and practitioners as it will bring endless troubles if not properly remedied starting from your own home. The #5 Yellow is the epitome of fatality, illness and bankruptcy. Be cautious and watchful at all times!

Next is to look at the facing palace and alsot the main door's palace of your house. If the facing palace and main door's palace of your house has numbers 1,6, 8 and 9, it is auspicious. Houses facing North, Northeast, Northwest and Southeast are good in 2022. Then check for the axis. Houses along the Northeast-Southwest enjoy the parent string 2-5-8 which makes them very special in 2022.

Each number gives us clues to the afflictions and good fortune accurately. You should approach the year by remedying the problems first in order to protect yourself against the negative effects. New cures are designed according to inter relationships of the elements of the types of chi, flying star numbers, directions and trigrams so that they work effectively to subdue negative energies. Once all afflictions are remedied, you can benefit from the good fortune stars if you release their energies by activating them with authentic enhancers. Our enhancers work like magic by generating vortexes that will pulsate well with the intrinsic energies of good fortune stars.

Each sector will be analysed one at a time in detail below, starting with the worst to the best sectors. The more you energize the benevolent sectors and the more you suppress the malevolent sectors, the better the luck of the whole household for the year.

2022 Flying Star Map: Afflictions and Luck for Various Directions
Copyright Reserved 2022


According to the classics, the center means the "whole space", which means the energy here freely spreads to all the other eight directions. Therefore, if the center palace has good energy, all the other eight directions will equally benefit. However, if the center palace is afflicted with bad energy, all the other directions will be equally affected as well. The center affects all homes and households. Unfortunately, the center palace becomes the most dangerous sector in 2022. This is because the deadliest affliction, known as the Fatal Star #5-Yellow (also known as Lien Chen Star), moves into this sector of all houses and premises. The center is the sector that rules all the other directions and also the sector that governs the luck of the entire year. It has earth element as its base element. Therefore if Fatal Star #5-Yellow which possesses earth energy enters into the earth sector, the afflicted energy becomes reinforced and the bad consequences become worsen. It causes high amplification of obstruction, serious misfortune, mishap, diseases, calamity, family disharmony, family breakup, injuries, accidents, ailment, fatality, obstacles at work, a whole series of bad news, all sorts of difficulties and bankruptcy if this sector is disturbed or not remedied. A moment of negligence can spiral your luck from bad to worse in a heartbeat. It is a star that will bring disasters fast.

Being in the CENTER, its power increases and as this is a dangerous affliction, every effort needs to be made to subdue its effects.Therefore, careful attention has to be paid in selecting a proper and authentic remedy. The cure must be authentic and acknowledged by classical feng shui masters and grandmasters. For greater power, the best cure to be displayed when #5-Yellow rules the center is the the super muscled Five Element Pagoda Fu Dog Inside. The pagoda symbol alone is regarded as doubtful by the purist, therefore we need to add on esoteric, religious, imagistic or magical symbols to make the remedy truely effective. The pagoda arrests, traps and locks up the harmful energies of earth element, while the Fu Dog terminates the devil to zero strength so that it has zero ability to harm. During the period of pandemic, we ought to make sure that the nastiest star is fully diminished and not allow it to lurk around.

If the #5 Yellow sector is in the kitchen, total quietness will not solve the problem even if you have the luxury to do so. Whether you cook or not in the kitchen, the kitchen is still fire element which will amplify earth element of #5 Yellow. This situation can cause major illness, even fatalities, and on the wealth luck side, it can cause bankruptcy. Besides displaying the pagoda, apply additionally the Garuda Coin parked under the hob.

When #5-Yellow rules in the center, everybody including all family members and all zodiacs will be affected by the #5 Yellow in 2022. And the best amulet to have is the protective Chung Kwei 12 Horoscope Mirror.

One also need to watch out if your bedroom is located in the location of #5-Yellow. If it is, you are in great danger with a list of misfortunes ahead of you. You will have to carry along the amulet the whole year through.

Last but not least, you also need to check the monthly arrival dates of the #2, #5 or #9 into the CENTER palace. These are the months to particularly guard against. During those months you should be more circumspect and not take the chances that you might ordinarily take. The months that you ought to take extra care will be February, April, August, October and November in 2022.

One should not disturb the earth or perform any ground breaking nor renovation in the area where #5 Yellow resides. In the face of adversity and change, hold steady and constant. Do not get too eager to make changes. If you have thoughts to renovate, alter or move into the CENTER, shelf the plans first. If disturbed, it can lead to injury, accidents and illnesses including fatality. The best is to keep the area with as little activity as possible. If one has an electrical fan here, try not to turn it on at all. All moving water features such as aquarium and water fountains should also be temporarily removed for one whole year. If the CENTER cannot be kept quiet, more doses of strong cures recommmended above MUST be in place, or you may experience an endless parade of bad fortunes, mishaps and accidents. Instead of keeping the place dark, one should keep it bright. Just do not use "warm" lights. Instead, use low powered LED cold lights that will not aggravate the #5 Yellow and at the same time this can prevent "yin energies" from accumulating. Please take note that "yin energies" once accumulated can worsen the situation.


Illness Black Star #2 (also known as Ju Men) flies to this sector to send chills. It is one of the most evil stars and is charging fiercely. Besides being infamous for provoking health issues and aggravating existing medical complications, this star also represents ill-speaking in its widest sense, particularly arguments, gossips and slander. Those with a maindoor, bedroom or kitchen here, in particular, needs to watch out for danger and long term illnesses, especially those related to abdominal and gastrointestinal areas. Having said that, even if your bedroom or kitchen is not located here, the illness energy in the SOUTHWEST should not be left unattended without a remedy. Apart from charging you with viruses and illnesses, this star is also capable of bringing about lost of wealth, injuries, gossips, lawsuits, relationship problems, insomnia (sleeping problems) and depression.

The SOUTHWEST is the matriarchal corner of all houses and its base element is earth. Remember that the Illness Black Star #2 is also made up of earth energy and therefore will be reinforced when it enters the earth sector. In feng shui, the martriarch's health is the priority because the mother is an important pillar of the house. The female owner (or owner's wife) and older women of the family need to watch out for danger and long term illnesses, especially those related to abdominal and gastrointestinal areas. Aggravated by the #5-Yellow in the center, the remedy must be of powerful substance. Else you may need to move rooms. Best not to take chances, the finest cure to this sector in 2022 is having the Five Element Pagoda Anrensui. It is a strong diminisher against monthly ill winds, all forms of deadly viruses and serious illnesses.

On the feng shui front, careful attention has to be paid in applying extra remedies in the following situations:
1. The sector is particularly bad if it coincides with your front door, because the constant traffic will stir up its malefic tendencies. As #2 Black is an earth star, the five element method of depleting it is to introduce metal which is produced by earth (and therefore depletes earth). The best kind of metal is "active metal" - a hanging symbol. In this case, we recommend you hang additionally the Chung Kwei Heart Sutra on, above or by the side of the door.
2. If the #2 Black is at the back door, any other door or window and a bed headboard, you may also additionally display Chung Kwei Heart Sutra on them.
3. If the #2 Black sector is in the kitchen, total quietness will not solve the problem even if you have the luxury to do so. Whether you cook or not in the kitchen, the kitchen is still fire element which will amplify earth element of #2 Black. This situation can cause major illness. You may also additionally display Chung Kwei Heart Sutra parked under the hob.

One must always avoid any construction or renovation work in the Illness Star #2 location as such activities can heighten the negative effects.

A more advance feng shui expert will have to look into more than one dimension when remedying potential problems. If one desires to protect their health thoroughly, you need to identify which sectors are important to the health. There are three major areas, namely:
1. Five Ghosts (Wu Gui) Sector
2. Bedrooms
3. Kitchen

The "Five Ghosts" or traditionally known as Wu Gui is an evil energy that will bring one empty hopes and disturbances in the form of illness energy. This is because illnesses can ruin many things and lead one to emptiness in life. Feng Shui masters from Hong Kong had obtained significant statistics showing that many cases of illnesses, abnormal growth and surgeries are due to Wu Gui. Therefore, they will always identify cures first thing they find someone's bedroom in the Wu Gui's position. This is often not shared openly in books because it is a trade secret of the consultants.

Therefore, besides remedying the #2 location, the Wu Gui location is also compulsory to be addressed whether it falls in a bedroom or not. And the Double Wulou with 5 Dragons will be the best remedy against Wu Gui. The followings are the Wu Gui sectors based on the 8 Mansions Theory (irrespective of time dimension):

Houses facing north, the Wu Gui sector is in the west.
Houses facing northeast, the Wu Gui sector is in the southeast.
Houses facing east, the Wu Gui sector is in the south.
Houses facing southeast, the Wu Gui sector is in the east.
Houses facing south, the Wu Gui sector is in the northeast.
Houses facing southwest, the Wu Gui sector is in the north.
Houses facing west, the Wu Gui sector is in the northwest.
Houses facing northwest, the Wu Gui sector is in the southwest.

A sickness year lies ahead if any one of the following scenarios applies to you. You may keep with you the Boundless Miracle Healing Amulet for additional protection:
1. Your entrance is facing the direction of SOUTHWEST.
2. Your entrance is located in the sector of SOUTHWEST.
3. Your bedroom is located in the sector of SOUTHWEST.
4. Your kitchen is located in the sector of SOUTHWEST.
5. Your Zodiac Palace is located in the SOUTHWEST, eg. SHEEP and MONKEY.

What is more, the SOUTHWEST is also being afflicted with Sui Po, spanning from 2332.6 to 247.5 degrees (SW1). The Sui Po (referred to as Broken Year) should not be taken lightly. Also known as the "wrath of the Tai Sui", Sui Po can lead to serious jeopardies which are more severe in nature compared to the Tai Sui itself. Although Sui Po energy is not as severe as the Three Killings, it can bring similar bad luck including fatalities. It is always located at the direction directly opposite the Tai Sui direction. Offending the Sui Po will lead to unrest at home, unwanted demotion, career downfall, lawsuits, gossips and unfavorable changes in life. The traditional use of the secret friend of Tai Sui according to the Theory of Liu He in this area will greatly help to counter Sui Po. An effective countermeasure for the Year Breaker is the Golden Pig of Prosperity. One has to abstain from renovating or doing ground breaking in this sector for the whole year as these activities can inadvertently trigger its effects. Anyone whose house is sitting NORTHEAST facing SOUTHWEST or sitting SOUTHWEST facing NORTHEAST will have to carry along the Grand Duke Charm because you are considered as either offending or confronting the Tai Sui, even if your zodiac sign is not affected.

Note: All moving water features such as aquarium and water fountains should be temporarily removed for one whole year.


The NORTH is afflicted by the malicious Three Killings. The Three Killings refer to 3 Violent Robbers in the mountain. It is the combination of Age Killing (Sui Sha), Plundering Killing (Jie Sha) and Calamity Killing (Zai Sha). They move in unison and sends shivers to feng shui masters and practitioners. Sometimes they are translated as "3 Curses". The Three Killings cover three specific noncontiguous 15-degree Mountains each year. This means they affect 3x15 degrees spread out across a wider arc:
1. Sui Sha - Year Curse connected with Tai Sui, Counter-Jupiter.
2. Jie Sha - Robbery Curse associated with robbery and financial betrayer.
3. Zai Sha - Calamity Curse indicating natural calamities such as flood and fire.

These three are all regarded as being malefic due to an excess of yin in each of these departments of life. San He School masters consider this affliction to be the worst among the three afflictions, namely the 5-Yellow, the Tai Sui and the Three Killings. The Three Killings were a San He (Three Combinations) School concept that was subsequently absorbed by the San Yuan Flying Star School in the late Ming Dynasty. Therefore one should never take it lightly. The Three Killings bring robbery, lawsuits, legal problems, quarrels, enemies, potential injuries and death. Entangling into lawsuit problems, meeting up with accidents and involvement in sex scandals are almost unavoidable if the sector is not properly remedied.

On the feng shui front, careful attention has to be paid in applying a proper and authentic remedy. With knowledge, remedying the Three Killings is not difficult. You ought to consider a more powerful remedy for 3-Killings this year due to the #5-Yellow in the center that has its deadly energy emanating to all directions. A powerful remedy would be displaying the 3 Brothers 3 Chilin 9 Dragons in the NORTH facing the NORTH. The sector is particularly bad if it coincides with your front door or back door, because the constant traffic will stir up its malefic tendencies.

An additionally problematic year lies ahead if any one of the following scenarios applies to you. You may carry along the Three Horses Amulet for additional protection:
1. Your entrance or back door is facing the direction of NORTH.
2. Your entrance or back door is located in the sector of NORTH.
3. Your bedroom is located in the sector of NORTH.
4. Your Zodiac Palace is located in the NORTH, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST and SOUTH, eg. RAT, PIG, OX and HORSE.

Fortunately, Success and Achievement Star #1 (also known as Tang Lang) also arrives in the NORTH to bring great fortune and nobleman luck. The Star #1 is the star that will bring sustainable and favorable employment and opportunity. Therefore those who are looking for new employment and new opportunity can also activate this star. It is also the star that increases your elective incomes, such as partime businesses or work. During times when salary prospects of the mainstream income is not bright, you ought to start looking for multiple sources of income as back-up or as means to increase your wealth. More sources of income will multiply your success rate faster, being the reason why true businessmen diversify and put their eggs in more baskets. This sector is going to be the sector for everyone who wants to see good public relations, success, achievement and breakthrough in their career, promotion and long term flourish in their income. It will determine the present and future of your career if you activate it correctly. Money and income is important to ensure we enjoy significant amounts of luxury in the forthcoming years. New growth and beating the competition are important. Activating this star is the key to unlocking the luck from it. The best enhancer recommended is the Everything In Your Favor. Those seeking for an event worth celebrating such as winning an award, winning a million dollars, getting a scholarship, enjoying a promotion, getting a child or becoming famous, will have your dreams realized by this star. Activating the Star#1 will also be beneficial for kids sitting for important examinations, those who are commencing a business or young graduates starting off a new job.


The WEST is being violently afflicted by the Broken Army Violent Star #7. As we are fast approaching Period 9 in 2024, this notorious star had turned very agressive as proven by how it had robbed the world in 2020 giving us long Covid-19 when it ruled the center palace then. This is basically a star of loss associated with loss of many kinds, but particularly to do with violence, betrayal and accidents. It is also called "Po Jun" star in chinese. It can cause havoc, financial losses and endless mental breakdown. It will create fights and make people get furious for no practical reason. Disputes will be created in aspects of relationship, career or finance. Your investments and bank savings will be subjected to heavy losses. If unattended it will also make you lose your loved ones, precious belongings or documents. Vile characters will triumph in their disputes over you. In aggressive cases, it causes bloodshed caused by metal objects such as guns, knives and swords. All in all, it brings disturbances, turbulence, lost of lives, violence, financial losses, fire, injuries by sharp objects, fightings in the family, armed burglary and theft. And in 2022, since the WEST is a metal sector, this star #7 becomes stronger than usual as it enters into a sector that amplifies its base element. A strong remedy to safeguard against #7 Red is therefore needed and the best will be to display the Unshakeable Prosperity. After understanding that the malevolent energy from this star is fierce and cannot be underestimated anymore, we need a more substantial cure. Protect the west because it is a very important corner of the descendants. When Star #7 hits the WEST, it will bring bullying, hate crime, health problems and bloodshed/surgery to the children of the family. If your maindoor or backdoor is located in the WEST sector of the house or facing the WEST, you may want to consider stepping up security and additionally carrying the Fulin Atop Rhinoceros Amulet. This also applies to those whose bedroom is in the WEST.


The Quarrelsome Green Star #3 (also known as San Bi) flies to the EAST bringing unwanted argument, violence, gossip and injuries. It brings disharmony and strain to marriages and office relationships. Court cases, litigation and quarrelsome energy will enter to destruct you .Worst case scenario, you may even need to face jail time. Because it causes you to lose concentration and make wrong decisions and things blown out of proportion where there is no going back, it can cause you financial losses. Also when a person is always angry, he or she cannot have good fortune or gain any prosperity. Injuries can also be resulted with lasting consequences. Many unreasonable quarrels and fights will flare up in the sector or for those who frequently use the sector leading to damages in relationship, be it professional or intimate. There will be many disharmonies and hostilities among friends, colleagues, employer-employee, lovers, family members and spouses. Families may suffer from breakup due to quarrels and fellow colleagues will be found in many arguments jeopardizing your career. This star can also lead you to scandals. As it is a wood star, metal can be used to cut it, or more subtle, fire can be used to deplete it. But you cannot use real fire because real fire is impermanent and is a risk. Best is to use one that embodies symbolic meanings of both metal and fie. The best cure to be displayed in the location is the 100 Peace 3 Harmony. If you have a bedroom or main door here and you are unable to move and you found that the star had been inadvertently activated, you can carry along the Diminish Petty People Desires Actualized Amulet.


The NORTHWEST has the arrival of the Heaven Star #6 (also known as Wu Qu Nobility White Star). It means the right person will turn up at the right time when you need them. It is also a star of authority. Unexpected windfall is indicated if this part of the house is activated. This is also the star that blesses one with the luck of mobility, for those seeking to work overseas or migrate overseas. This star will also help you recover quickly in your investments. Business seeking to recover should activate this star to tap for a big change and a huge gain. The wonderful heaven energies here if activated can foster wealth, good fortune, excellent career, good financial support, prosperity and popularity luck. One will also obtain benefactors (noblemen) who aid you in solving difficulties, particularly in business and sales. So, don't ever take this sector lightly due to its strong potential. It is also important to note that the NORTHWEST is also the direction of the partriarch. This means that whenever the luck of partriarch is energized, it benefits the entire household. To activate heaven's luck effectively, the best way is to display Tree of Long Life and Abundance in this sector. The tree represents growth and is adorned with mandarin oranges and wulous to harness both wealth and health for the partriarch and the entire family.


The star of intellectual achievement Wen Chang Star #4 (also known as Si Lu) flies to the SOUTHEAST. In the period 8 (2004-2024), the Wen Chang Star #4 has the good as well as the bad side. But it is quite stable and neutral. On the good side, this Star will bring good luck in networking, noblemen, literary pursuits, nobility, wealth, agility and even good romance that leads to marriage and everlasting love stories. However, on the bad side, it can bring literary conflicts, third party involvement in marriages and sex scandals. One must display a positive enhancer to release only the good energy. If you ignore it, then the bad side will become more pronounce.

For the adults, one can achieve more rapidly and far better if you have powerful network, connection to important people and benefactors' luck. It is the sector that you need to activate if you are looking for new ways to forge ahead and upward mobility. This Wen Chang Star #4 can actually be activated to bring about such type of luck to ensure faster success, including finding a better job, blessed with better opportunities and inheriting important assets. Creative breakthrough will propel one to a new height. It is also a "travelling star", therefore those who desire to travel abroad more or migrate to other places to work can depend on this star. You can display Dragon Gate Mandarin Ducks in the SOUTHEAST to activate such properties from this star, mainly in strategic thinking. This is an "all-in-one" energizer that brings out all the characteristics of Star #4. However, for those who strictly do not want any romantic disturbances to young adults at school, then you can display the statue of Confucius instead.

For those who are in school, activating this star also benefits those who are seeking for intelectual achievement, good progress in studies, heighten their education interest and do well in examinations in 2022. It will help one excel in school, improve concentration and quality of thoughts. In today's environment, knowledge is equivalent to success. All kinds of work involves some sort of knowledge, literature, skills and information. And to excel in your work, you ought to have literary luck to always stay at the forefront of competition.

The Wen Chang Star #4 is also a "peach blossom" star. For singles who are looking for new love and romance, activating the flying star #4 promises fast results. For wedded spouses seeking to strengthen their romance, you can rely on this star that promises sustainable happiness in a relationship. This is suitable for those who are seeking for endless love leading to the tying of marriage knot. Not only does it bring love relationship, but a relationship that creates true happiness.


The NORTHEAST is visited by the most prosperous Wealth Star #8 White (also known as Ba Bai Star). The annual Wealth Star#8 is the most important star in the whole of the period 8. This wealth-bringing star brings in "current" wealth to make one wealthy and super rich instantly. It benefits both mainstream and speculative incomes. You will gain fame luck, financial magnification, good career and all types of good fortunes from this star. This star can also shine brightly to bring you to greater heights in career and business. Because this star brings "current" wealth, you must tap to the POWER OF NOW to benefit fully from it. Don't wait and find excuses to postpone the time to get rich. It is now or never. When others are cautious, you rise to be the brave one to seize the opportunity to make it rich this year. You want to be a millionaire and make it your destiny this year. The most authentic way to activate this star is to display the Pi Yao Atop Mansion in the NORTHEAST. This Pi Yao Atop a Mansion captures wealth that come your way, with its presence sowing the seeds for riches beyond wildest dreams to take root and manifest. It brings auspicious forces that generate abundance, increase in income steam, advancement in your job prospects, happiness and good fortune. A Pi Yao like this one is a strong wealth magnet that is especially beneficial if there is strong resistance from planet jupiter in the sector. The Pi Yao is a powerful celestial creature known to absorb all the bad vibes caused by inadvertantly offending the Tai Sui, for example if you cut a tree, dig a hole, hammer a nail or unavoidably disturb the Tai Sui corner.

Unfortunately, the NORTHEAST is also the location where Tai Sui is sitting as hinted above. The Tai Sui is also being referred to as the Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year. The Tai Sui conflict is a serious affliction that must not be taken lightly of. Offending or disturbing the Tai Sui may cause various levels of effects including career setbacks, surgery, illness, injury, loss of money and fatalities. Whether you are comfortable or not with the personification of this energy as a duke, the usage of a traditional remedy is unavoidable. The traditional use of a Tai Sui Plaque in this area will greatly help to appease the Tai Sui. We like to emphasize that there is no other element, symbol or shape that can replace the Tai Sui Plaque as the only remedy to bring the deity who in charge of everything to support and bless you. There should be no construction work done in this sector of the house, including repair work. If this sector is disturbed, those staying in the house will have a tough year ahead with a lot of arguments, legal problems, financial losses and sicknesses. If there is no choice but a serious need to work on this area, then avoid starting and ending in the NORTHEAST.

For houses that are facing NORTHEAST in particular, you are considered as in confrontation mode with the Tai Sui. For such cases, it is better to display the Tai Sui Plaque at home as a way of paying deep respect to the deity and seeking blessings from Him. This is a common method of acknowledging the goodwill of Tai Sui as the Heavenly Divine One who is in charge of the year. The Tai Sui of the Year always bring virtue and good tidings, and promises divine help when needed. If you want to read more about the 2022 Tai Sui, you can read from here.

Anyone whose house is sitting NORTHEAST facing SOUTHWEST or sitting SOUTHWEST facing NORTHEAST will have to carry along the Grand Duke Charm because you are considered as either offending or confronting the Tai Sui, even if your zodiac sign is not affected.

Note: All moving water features such as aquarium and water fountains should be temporarily removed for one whole year.


Purple Advancement Star #9 brings joyful events to the SOUTH. It is a long term prosperity star and a happiness star that will also bring about joyous occasions such as moving to a better house, marriage, newborn, increase in power/status and promotion. Since we will be entering Period 9 in 2 years, this star is becoming stronger as a harbinger of wealth during its transitionary period. Hong Kong feng shui masters often refer to this star as the strongest love star that creates fruitful bondage. Therefore those seeking for love and marriage will benefit from it. Marriage luck and long term happiness seekers can tap to and activate this star. It is also the star that will shine wealth energy upon you and will be the most prosperous star because it is the future period's star. It is the future wealth star, thus is very auspicious as a secondary star to bring wealth, prosperity and abundance to residents. This star is especially important for people in the business sector seeking for advancement and flourishing in businesses. The best is to display the Wishfulling Bird in this sector. It will bring you happy endings and successful conclusions in your projects and endeavors.

Feng Shui Taboos

      In all the directions and sectors that are occupied by certain annual afflictions, it is important to exercise caution. Avoid disturbing the earth or engaging in renovations, demolition and construction, as this will trigger shar ("fan shar"). Also avoid hammering and nailing in those areas. If you absolutely need to renovate those areas, check out an auspicious date to start work from the chinese almanac ("tung shu"). And also worth taking note that having doors (especially the main door) in these directions and sectors of a building or rooms will cause disturbances too when opening and closing them. Any movement and noise is considered as an activation of the sector. Appropriate remedies have been suggested above to counter the ill effects for every affliction. Also be extra careful when your bedroom is located in any of the afflicted areas. If possible move to other rooms, else apply the remedies as suggested above. For 5-Yellow in specific, take precaution if the kitchen is afflicted by it. Use the remedy suggested above, and avoid too much cooking and using of the stove as this can possibly activate the 5-Yellow further. For Three Killings in specific, never sit at your dining table or at work with your back facing Three Killings, else you will be swarmed with backstabbing, but instead you are allowed to confront the Three Killings. As for Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), never confront him as facing him brings you disasters.

The summary of 2022 afflictions, exact locations, effects and remedies are illustrated further in the following table.

Exact Location in 2022
Harmful Effects
Feng Shui Taboos
5-Yellow CENTER Disasters, bad luck, severe illnesses, accidents, death, financial losses, obstacles to success, fortunes taken severe tumble, lawsuits. BEST to use Five Element Pagoda Fu Dog Inside 1. Avoid renovations, banging, nailing, digging or disturbing the earth.
2.If bedroom is here, additionally display the Garuda Coin.
3. Do not use too much fire element here as it will aggravate the 5-Yellow, keep cold lights (LED) moderately lit.
4. If 5-Yellow flies to the kitchen, reduce cooking, display "additionally" in the vicinity of the hob the Garuda Coin to control.
Illness Star #2 SOUTHWEST Illness for family which can lead to long serious illness and fatality. Five Element Pagoda Anrensui 1. Avoid renovation and disturbing the earth. No nailing.
2. If bedroom is here, you are prone to falling sick more. Apply the Boundless Miracle Healing Amulet.
3. If 2-Black flies to the kitchen, reduce cooking, display "additionally" in the vicinity of the stove the Garuda Coin to control.
4. If main door is here, additionally hang by the maindoor the Chung Kwei Heart Sutra.
Three Killings NORTH Robbery, theft, blood related injuries, illness, loss of wealth, court cases, lawsuits, calamities, destitution, fatalities. 3 Brothers 3 Chilin 9 Dragons
1. Avoid renovations and disturbing the earth. No knocking, banging and nailing.
2. Use extra remedy if maindoor or room doors are facing this direction. Display 3 Brothers 3 Chilin 9 Dragons facing your maindoor.
3. Do not sit with your back facing Three Killings at work and at dinner table, but better to confront it directly.
Tai Sui NORTHEAST Loss, bad luck, illness, injuries, career obstacles, calamities, fatalities. Tai Sui Plaque 1. Avoid renovation and disturbing the earth.
2. Do not directly confront Tai Sui at dining and at work, but okay to have your back facing him.
3. Display Tai Sui Plaque at home if maindoor is in the direction. Occupants also need to carry the Grand Duke Charm .
Sui Po SOUTHWEST Bad luck, fatalities Golden Pig of Prosperity 1. Avoid renovation and disturbing the earth.
2. Use extra remedy if maindoor or room doors disturb the direction.
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