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Personalized Luck Outlook for Rabbit in 2018

Born in: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011
Secret friend: Dog
Allies: Pig, Sheep
Career: * * * *
Wealth: * * * *
Health: * *
Love: * * * *

Good Stars: Sui He star (Tai Sui Union), Yue De star (Monthly Virtue)

Bad Stars: Xiao Hao star (Lesser Consumer), Si Fu star (Death Charm), Xian Chi star (Salty Pool)

The Rabbit ranks in 3rd position in overall luck compared to the 12 zodiacs. The year 2018 augurs an enriching year for the Rabbit complete with good career prospects and increment in income. You are in "secret union" with Tai Sui, bringing you great interpersonal relationship with everyone and best terms with people. Fate will smile on you, enabling you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you desire some breakthrough in your career, it is time to seek partnership with someone trustworthy and passionate about the same vision for good tidings. Your chances of success are higher if you collaborate with someone whom you can trust. This is symbolized by the Sui He star (Tai Sui Union) denoting useful help from nobleman and blessed with excellent networking luck. You enjoy constant interpersonal relationship, thus paving way to get things done effortlessly. It will be a vibrant and awesome year with lots of opportunities coming from all directions. Next, the auspicious Yue De star (Monthly Virtue) will bless you with nobleman luck from powerful figures that help you navigate through difficulties. It is actually a forgiving star that makes people tend to be more accommodating to your needs and holding less grudges against you. Yue De is the star of kindness that will turn every mishap into favorable fortune. It will aid your year smoothly by bringing in new relationships, support and wealth opportunities. Grab this opportunity to see breakthrough success in business partnership and collaboration. Positive months for rolling out progressive activities are the lunar months 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12. On the downside, there is a minor financial loss Xiao Hao star (Lesser Consumer) that will make you spend unwisely causing your money to drain away. This star will pave way for impulse spending on things that you don't need. Although it is a star of minor financial loss, if you are not careful with your investment portfolio, you can end up in debt. Exercise caution and preventive measures to safeguard your wealth. Health wise, the unlucky Si Fu star (Death Charm) will need you to pay attention to your health as well as the health of your elderly members. To prevent you from putting on mourning cloths, you need to be mindful of preventive measures. Do not be lackadaisical or ignore this warning. Pay attention to bones and joints problems. Xian Chi star (Salty Pool) indicates short term relationship, adultery and illicit affairs through frequent social outings. As it is a star of temporary relationship, it may not be bad for the singles after all. However, for married people, you will be brewing with extraordinary out of the wed lock love luck throughout the year. Love life is enriching and full of varieties but do not over indulge in sex encounters to avoid serious troubles and unhappiness later. Instead you can make good use of your extraordinary charm and excellent terms with people to build useful connections.

Using cures and enhancers will be vital to subdue unfavorable outcome and materialize favorable ones. Preparing to counter setbacks will help you stay on top of things. They have the power to bring negative issues or bad occurrences to an end and convert negative outcomes into positive ones, resulting in a lot of seemingly problematic obstacles becoming blessings in disguise. On an equally important note, you will also need to use the recommended enhancers to release the good luck. If you don't do anything about them, you will only let the opportunities pass. The luck activation practice is like creating new inroads to manifest. It has to be emphasized that changing your approach, thought, behavior, stand and attitude alone are considered as reactive and will not address bad luck or release any good luck. Bracing yourself mentally against any unfortunate events that may occur throughout the year without doing anything is the most unwise plan to do. The followings are the proactive measures to drive for a fruitful year.

Subdue Robbery Star #7 - Display the Blue Rhinoceros Mountain in the vicinity of your main door.

Career - To break out of predicaments, display the Magic Hammer at your work desk or in your living room.

Promotion - Wear the Blue Enchanting Globe Pendant.

Accumulate Wealth - Display the Wealth Cat Holding Magic Hammer in your living room viewable from the main door. Wear the 5 Wealth God Bracelet.

Catalyze Windfall - Display the Northern Stars Ornament in your SW of your living room.

Prevent Financial Losses - Carry along the 5 Supernatural Guardians Amulet.

Health - Keep under your pillow or hang at the knob of your bedroom's door the Crane Wulou Amulet.

Safeguard Elderly - Display Sau Sing Kung next to the elderly members' bedside. Let them wear the Sau Sing Kung Longevity Pendant.

Anti-Adultery Affairs - Display the Eternal Love Amulet in the north. Married couples must additionally display the Double Magpies by the bedside.

*Business/Investment Luck - Display the 3 Magical Objects at the cashier, director's desk or with investment portfolios. Wear the Kwan Kung Lucky Pendant.

*Kid's Blessing/Safety/Protection - Wear the Goddess of Mercy Pendant.

*Education/Career Beginning - Carry along or display at the desk the Kung Fu Tze Amulet.

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