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Bat Lock Luck Blessing Amulet - Energy Infused

List Price:USD148
Our Price:USD33.88
Material: Pure Brass
Color: Genuine 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored Enamel
Dimension(in):1.9x0.1x2.6in primary piece; 7.4in total length
Weight: 58g
ID: 20-AM-11

Our Price:USD58.88
ID: 20-AM-11st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Do you want to be lucky? The amulet will bring luck blessings in career advancement, salary increment, promotion, business success, prosperity and good luck. Anyone who needs a strong dose of luck can count on this amulet. At the same time, this amulet will also prevent opportunity loss. Bat is called "fu" in chinese which carries the meaning good luck and good fortune. The symbol of a bat clinging on a coin implies "fu zhai yan qian" which expresses the sentiment "fortune just in front of your eyes". The bat enhances wealth, prosperity, longevity and happy energy. Behind the coin is the image of "God of Luck" (Fuk Xing), whom originated as a lucky star and was believed to bring good fortune. The "God of Luck" (Heavenly Official who grants fortune") is one of the 3 Taoist Gods, popularized by Zhang Dao Ling (founder of Taoism). The other two are "Earthly Official who pardons wrongdoing" and "Water Official who dispels danger". He carries a scroll that reads "Tian Guan Ci Fu" which expresses the sentiment "luck blessing from heaven". Symbolizing wealth and prosperity, an ambience of abundance creating a sense of plenty will be felt instantly with this auspicious amulet. It is a way of inviting the "God of Luck" and programming prosperity. What is more, the six emperor coins formed in the shape of the lucky fan connotes that you will be well guarded from misfortunes. It is also inscribed with the "Mantra of Wealth and Power" which connects to the cosmic world, invoking divine help to create wealth and power. Last but not least, it is also inscribed with the taoist incantation of smooth progress in one's career, career protection and transformation of any bad luck into good luck. It will lead to promotion with increment of income.

Note: This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Equally Good Whether Carrying or Displaying the Amulet
One can display the amulet in the following areas:
1. At the entrance of your home, exterior, whether it is inside or in the vicinity of your doorstep.
2. By the bed to bless one with good health and longevity. It can help awaken one from long term illness as well.
3. In the family hall to channel positive luck for the whole family, with good health, prosperity and smooth career.
4. At the work desk to enhance career and increase income stream.
5. At your personal zodiac corner to reap windfall luck:
Rat - North
Ox - NE
Tiger - NE
Rabbit - East
Dragon - SE
Snake - SE
Horse - South
Sheep - SW
Monkey - SW
Rooster - West
Dog - NW
Pig - NW

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