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Bountiful Harvest Tai Chi Oxen - Energy Infused

List Price:USD88
Our Price:USD42.88
30% Discount:USD29.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Brown and Black
Dimension(in):9.5x9.5x3.7 in
Weight: 184g
ID: 19-RF-04


Product Description
The ox is regarded as a spiritual animal owned by the shepard God of Spring. Its traits include tolerance, determination, a decisive nature and trust in others. The ox is the emblem of spring which connotes bountiful harvest, happiness, windfall, joyful news and good year ahead. It grants people with most of the "wishes" anyone would have, thus also popular for its wishfulfilling capabilities. It will bring you wealth through persistency, consistency and hard work. It is considered as a sacred animal in some countries and brings successful business encounters, luck in investments, luck in stocks speculation, prosperity, wealth, abundance, success, passing examinations, good descendants luck and good fortune to households. This pair of oxen sitting on a tai chi base is suitable for those who intend to gain smoothness in acquisition of wealth and abundance. Perfect gift for those who have just embarked on a new career or opening of a new business.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What the ox symbolizes and how to place this object?

The ox is considered as sacred animal in China, Thailand, Nepal, India and many parts of Asia. Chinese always associate the ox to spring. Each year, in chinese almanac, the ox and its gesture is used to describe spring and what the outlook is for the year in terms of weather, agricultural harvest and economy. It is also believe that the ox could deflect any evil spirits as it is considered as a sacred animal in Buddhist texts. For example, the Summer Palace lake at Peiping had a bronze image of the ox erected to suppress any demons that would possibly disturb the lakes, rivers and seas. Besides that, it is also known for its effort in controlling floods. Yu was said to place a coq at the bottom of the river to keep the floor under control. Another saying was that Li Bing from the Warring States period once turned himself into a cow and fought with the river god. The Chinese therefore believed that the ox could suppress floods. Many Buddhist followers believe that the ox has the power to transform all wishes into reality. It is a symbol of harvest and good yields. In the west, we refer to the term "bullish" share market as reflecting stocks rising crazily for a substantial period of time. Therefore, the ox symbolizes ultimate gain, success and incremental fortune.

The real ox

For excellent feng shui associated to investment, stock market, career, wealth abundance and successful encounters:
1. Display the ox at your work desk where you make a career, business dealings or investment.
2. Display the ox in the SE corner of your living room or family room of your house if you desire to get rich fast by activating your wealth corner. This fortune ox will transform your wealth wishes into riches and reality.
3. Display the ox in your personal sheng chi location to jazz up more successes and smoothen your endeavours.
4. Display the ox in the north if you are seeking for career victory, career enhancement, obstacles removal and political remedy to the problems faced in your office. It will also increase your awareness to defend against backstabbing and ill intention from your competitors.
5. Place the ox at your cash register if you are seeking for victory over your competitors and increase in your business gains.
6. Display the ox in your bedroom if you are seeking for a gifted child, particularly best if you place it in the west corner of your home.

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