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Lucky Door Every Year - Energy Infused

List Price:USD158
Our Price:USD62.88
30% Discount:USD43.88
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Brass, Red and Maroon
Dimension(in): 3.4x7in each piece
Weight: 120g all
ID: 18-PC-05

Product Description
The feng shui of the main door is the primary criterion that will determine the fortune and misfortune of a house. These stunning door plaques are powerful means of protecting and improving the door feng shui. Besides protecting your homes from misfortune, robbery and evil spirits, they dissipate the Fatal Five Yellow, the Three Killings, the Illness Black Star #2 and the Robbery Star #7. Your door will therefore be protected every year against any detrimental effects. Whenever any of those affliction arrives at your door from year to year, it will not impact you at all. Whether you have a single or double door, you can display the pair on the left and right sides respectively by either taping them or screwing them on the door panel facing out. The salient features and the importance of other auspicious symbols on this door plaques can be explained and elaborated as follows:
1. Door Gods - They protect your home from misfortune and evil spirits. They will correct and subdue any harmful chi keeping them out of your house at all times. Displaying the door gods can also resolve insomnia problems caused by dark energies. They will also keep robbers out of your homes.
2. Three Fu Dogs - This ancient guardians have been used as potent protectors in imperial palaces, homes of high officials and rich merchants. In modern times, they are invited into homes to protect against theft and robbery, to help out working people who are not at home most of the time. They can also subdue the Violent Star #7. Together in three, they also counter the Three Killings.
3. Chien Hexagram - Represents big metal and brings out potent metal energies from these plaques to subdue flying star afflictions.
4. Five Element Pagoda - Signifying 5 Elements. A symbol to subdue #5-Yellow.
5. Four Taoist Incantations - 1. Chung Kwei's Home Safety Charm to stop any ghost and evil spirits; 2. One Hundred "Shar Chi" Fix to stop dispel any forms of poison arrows directed at your main door.

Note: This pieces are energy infused and emit energy unendingly. They come with a certificate of authenticity

The legends of Door Gods
Door Gods originated in the eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), where they were engraved on peachwood and hung at doors of homes. Then in Song Dynasty (960-1279), they were drawn on red paper and later machine printed.

According to "Classic of Mountains and Sea", evil spirits passed between the spirit world and earth on Dusu Mountain. Fearing for the safety of humans, the Jade Emperor assigned Shen Tu and Yu Lei to guard the gate. If the spirits create troubles, they will be captured by them and fed to tigers at the foot of Dusu Mountain. Later, humans engraved their images onto peachwood and hung them on doors for protection.

Another legend said Emperor Tai Zong of Tang Dynasty (618-907) was disturbed by ghosts while he was asleep. Two generals who could succumb to nocturnal duties were then summoned to guard the door of the emperor's bedroom. They were Qin Qiong and Yu Chi Gong who were not afraid of ghosts Their presence solved the emperor's sleeping problems. The portrait of the officials were then drawn and displayed at door of the emperor's bedroom and palace gates. No further commotion was heard from the spirits since then. These two brave generals were venerated as door gods and soon many homes display their images.

For those who have stayed in the Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong, you will notice there are immaculate portraits of door gods guarding thie hotel. Hanging outside the hotel's front entrance between two sheets of plate glass are two enormous gilded "Door Gods" who perform the same task and protect all those who sleep in the house from footloose evil spirits. British artist David Gillespie created the original Door Gods in 1965 and the new versions were later installed during the hotel’s renovation in 1994. Affectionately known as “Huffer and Puffer”, the modern door gods are made from bronze-woven mesh with an applique of copper and bronze foil, which was then gilded with gold leaf and painted. It took six weeks to make the new Door Gods, and there are, in fact, four of them - two on each side of the glass.

The door gods usually come in pairs, facing each other.


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