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Five Supreme Powers Blessing - Energy Infused

List Price:USD168
Our Price:USD77.88
50% Discount:USD38.88
Material: Brass and Acrylic
Color: Gold, White, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red
Dimension(in): 7x1.4x3.4in all; 0.9x2.8x0.6in each Ru Yi; 7x1.4x1in base
Weight: 168g
ID: 17-SH-05
set (5pcs)

Product Description
These magnificent master pieces are used in feng shui to denote "supreme authority". With greater authority, nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from advancing forward. The ruyi is the emblem of authority, power and smooth riding endeavours. Featured in five colors, each corresponds to a type of power:
1. The WOOD RUYI (green) magnifies your "power of growth", providing you with unlimited avenues of expansion.
2. The FIRE RUYI (red) magnifies your "power of popularity", providing you with instant popularity and reputation that pave way for acceptance by others.
3. The EARTH RUYI (yellow) magnifies your "power of resources", providing you the ability to steer a direction and make constructive decisions.
4. The METAL RUYI (white) magnifies your "power of nobleman", providing you powerful figures, benefactors, helpful persons or nobleman who will lend you external help to navigate through difficulties.
5. The WATER RUYI (blue) magnifies your "power of wealth", providing you full control over finances and elevated sources of money.

Each front of the ruyi features the following auspicious symbols:
1. The head of the ruyi is adorned with five bats denoting "Five Blessings", namely longevity, wealth, health and composure, virtue and longevity.
2. The upper body is adorned with bamboo which is a symbol that helps you thrive during the good times and conserves energy and survives through harsh conditions. The bamboo symbolizes success that lasts. Its ladder-like segments is a good connotation of steps leading to the seat of power and promotion after promotion.
3. The center is adorned with two bats facing each other denoting "Double Happiness".
4. The lower body is adorned with lotus and fushou. Signifying joy, peace, purity and sincerity, the lotus dissolves hostilities. Known as the Palm of Windfall, the fushou brings about windfall luck.
5. The tail of the ruyi is inscribed with the symbol of "Fuk". It denotes "happiness".

The reverse side of the ruyi is filled with auspicious symbols of mystic knot and consecrated with the sacred "Wishfulfilling Mantra" (OM PADMO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT) to enable the fulfillment of your wishes.

Note: This item is energy infused. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

What Ru Yi symbolizes and how to display this object?
Originally, the Ru Yi was a short sword made from iron and used by ancients for self defence and for purposes of gesticulation. Later it evoluted to become a present to signify good wishes to the recipient. Some claimed it was used as a pointer of directions and others said it guards against anything unexpected. The shape was derived from lotus and some even claimed it was derived from ling tzi, a special curative fungus that cures a thousand diseases. The head of the Ru Yi is also a strong resemblance of a bat which brings fortune and good luck. Ru Yi symbolizes authority and power in the imperial courts and royal assemblies. The Ru Yi was later being regarded as the sceptre for Imperial courts and offices, which was used by high ranking government officials including empresses. Ru Yi has auspicious meanings: smoothness in endeavours and enhanced luck in undertakings. Ru Yi is also a potent symbol carried by the Tua Peh Kong, Laughing Buddha and one of the Fuk Luk Sau (3 Star Gods) and many other deities for blessings. The symbol is most suitably used to bring our career to greater heights and raise the bar for authority. The item can be displayed to ensure we get enough control over subordinates at work, increase our influential power and also if we have rebellious children. The Ru Yi can also protect you from evil, harmful people and misfortune.

What are the benefits of Five Elements?
Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) correspond to Five Directions (north, south, east, west, center) and Five Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). The Five Elements play the key to bringing out greater wealth potential. The presence of all the five elements will be beneficial for unbalanced "personal bazi chart" and "annual bazi chart", where by having them it will bring the basket of elements back into balance so that wealth and good fortune can manifest. There can be some kind of fortune meltdown when personal and annual charts are unbalanced, unless the deficiency of any element is remedied. In short, these ruyi balance out your personal elements when yours go out of sync.

The Ruyis have many uses?
1. Display them in the West (family luck corner) to enhance your authority in the family, especially over your children who are rebellious.
2. Display them in the Northwest of your living rooms or family rooms to energize your mentor luck. This will bring in helpful people and support from important people.
3. Display them in the north sector of your living room or work desk to improve your career luck and to enable promotional opportunities. They will help you gather more support from subordinates and peers, besides having more command over difficult employees.
4. For wives who are seeking more authority, control or say in the family or over your husbands, you can display them in the Southwest corner of your bedroom or living room or nien yen direction.
5. To increase one's individual luck, you can display them in your personal zodiac direction:
Rat - North
Ox - NE
Tiger - NE
Rabbit - East
Dragon - SE
Snake - SE
Horse - South
Sheep - SW
Monkey - SW
Rooster - West
Dog - NW
Pig - NW

How the Ruyis should be arranged in Different Directions?
1. North

2. South

3. East and Southeast

East and Southeast
4. West and Northwest

West and Northwest
5. Center, Northeast and Southwest

Center, Northeast and Southwest

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