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Health and Longevity Amulet - Energy Infused

List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
30% Discount:USD26.88
Material: Pure Brass
Color: Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in):1.9x3in primary piece; 1.9x0.1x7in Overall
Weight: 75g
ID: 16-PC-06

Our Price:USD48.88
ID: 16-PC-06st
set (2pcs)

Product Description
Featuring "Six Signs of Longevity" and "Nine Health Incantations", this stunningly powerful amulet pulverizes all issues related to health, paving you to a stronger and less sickly year. Having great control over viruses, diseases and illnesses it wields its miraculous power, guard against loss of health and loss of life. Incredibly powerful, it wards off the terrible potential for reversal of health. Those who are vulnerable to monthly ill winds and diseases, for example elderly people or people whose zodiac show signs of health issues in the year will require this protective amulet. Some afflictions, pesky stars and evil spirits tend to bring a host of health problems big and small.

The salient features of the Six Signs of Longevity are:
1. The Rock of Longevity
2. The Water of Longevity
3. The Tree of Longevity
4. The God of Longevity
5. The Birds of Longevity
6. The Antelope of Longevity

As for the importance, according to TIbetan texts the Six Signs of Longevity once invoked will accomplish the followings:
1. Indications of poor health will be overcome.
2. Risks of untimely death will be overcome.
3. Happiness, wealth, power, life and merit will increase.
4. Karmic "debts" owed to other beings will be repayed and purified.

The Nine types of Taoist Health Incantation have the following functions to protect you from a sickly year:
1. cure incurable disease.
2. promote good health.
3. relief all poisons.
4. combat cough.
5. combat epilepsy.
6. assist the healing of cancer.
7. cure bone ailment.
8. cure intestinal illnesses.
9. cure kidney diseases.

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity. Free gift box.

Six Signs of Longevity
The six signs of longevity are recorded in both ancient chinese and tibetan texts. They are:

1. The rock of longevity (brag tshe-ring) - is a conch-shaped rock whose geomantic properties are believed to benefit ones health. Monasteries, temples, stupas and habitations normally would seek an area with such rock feature.

2. The Water of Longevity (chu tshe-ring) - possesses the eight qualities of pure water, and essentially pours forth as the nectar of immortality which is contained in the flask held by the long life deity Amitayus. The water springs from the rock of longevity nourishing the tree, which in turn nourishes the man, deer and cranes.

3. The Tree of Longevity - underneath which the God of Longevity sits is usually represented by a fruit-laden peach tree. The divine peach tree of Hsi Wang Mu (Goddess of the West in chinese heaven) yielded the fruit of eternal life. Imbued with the eight medicinal qualities it blossomed and ripened over an immense period of time. The transitory nature of the peach blossom heralded the onset of spring and the marriage season; the development of these blossoms into ripe peaches symbolises good health and longevity.

4. The God of Longevity - is one of the Three Star Gods of the southern hemisphere. He is better known as Sau Sing Kung and is often accompanied by God of Happiness and God of Wealth. He was believed to be born from a peach. He is usually represented as a contented old man with large prominent forehead, white hair, long white eyebrows and beard. In Tibetan Buddhism, he represents a contemplative sage who manifests the qualities of Amitayus - the Buddha of Longevity.

5. The Bird of Longevity - is often being represented by the crane. The crane is believed to live to an advanced age of over a thousand years, and it can survive on water alone. It can transport the souls of the dead to the Heaven of the West. It is one of the triple symbols of longevity in Tibetan Buddhism, the others being the antelope and pine tree.

6. The Antelope of Longevity - is credited with its ability of being the only creature capable of locating the ling tzi (fungus of immortality). The antelope is also the vehicle of God of Longevity. It is therefore a strong animal symbol of longevity.

Where to display this amulet
It is best to carry along this amulet with you or display it near you for maximum benefit. You can optionally display the amulet in the following areas:
1. Display it in the bedroom to generate good health, to heal ailments/sickness and to rejuvanate the energy of sick people.
2. Display it in the sector afflicted by mountain star#2 or water star#2 according to the Natal Flying Star Chart of your house.
3. Display it in the East sector of your living room, family room and dining room for the benefit of the entire family.
4. Display it in the sector where the annual Illness Star #2 flies to.

Energy infused with Scalar tag

Customer Testimonial
Hi feng shui,
I have just come back to my senses from the Vegas massacre. It was a horrible experience and we shall never go back to that place again. I am back to Texas safely with my husband. We want to tell you how grateful we are that your amulet had saved my husband's life. I have captured the photos for you. I am ready to spread a word for you. If you need a live testimonial I can put somewhere for you, let me know. Again, thank you for saving my husband's life. God bless.
~Emma, USA

Photos by customer Emma

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