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Golden Mountain of 8 Immortals - Energy Infused - SOLDOUT and DISCONTINUED

List Price:USD128
Our Price:USD56.88
40% Discount:USD38.88
Material: Pure Brass and Wood
Color: Gold and Dark Walnut
Dimension(in): 5.5x0.5x7.25 in
Weight: 300g
ID: 14-PC-04

Product Description
Made from holy brass, this stunning plaque features the auspicious Golden Mountain of 8 Immortals. A symbol of permanence and immovability, the Golden Mountain is the emblem of rising wealth, powerful support and protection from reversal of fortune. The 8 Immortals are legendary beings of Taoist sect, said to have lived at various times and attained immortality through their studies of "Nature's Secrets". The 8 Immortals each represent a different condition in life i.e poverty, wealth, aristocracy, plebianism, age, youth, masculinity and feminity. They periodically appear on earth to help bless families with positive energy, good health, good fortune, wealth, fame luck, longevity and good descendants luck. The 8 Immortals become even more important in Period 8 as the symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Their presence will ensure smooth sailing in all your endeavours, pursuits and 8 life aspirations. They will bless you with happiness, trouble-free career and safety.

Consecrated with 4 taoist incantations of "Gold Quality Wealth", it empowers you with acceleration of wealth luck explosively and rapidly, providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine blessings for maximum riches. The energies of wealth here refers to both mainstream income and irregular income, enabling you to gain both small and big types of wealth. The magic created fights away losses, ensures success, invites wealth and leads one to financial victory. It will protect and maximize the wealth luck of all zodiacs whether one has good or bad luck in any particular year.
1. Your financial difficulties will change back into positive cash flow.
2. It will cushion any negative impact of your finances and put them back into the growth trajectory so that they will not be sluggish. You will emerge unscathed from the worst consequences.
3. It enables you to anticipate new financial opportunities that could fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook. Your income will rally even under economically ravaged economy.

This fabulous plaque is also adorned with a very powerful chinese character that has hidden meanings of a special 4-worded sentence. It reads "wong karm man liong" in one breathe which means "ten thousand tahil of pure gold". In ancient times, only the royal families, officials and tycoons were able to possess this much of gold! Today, this is equivalent to millions or even billions.

Last but not least, the symbol of 8 White Stars on the top right corner of the plaque signifies the rolling in of serious prosperity and riches. It is a top-notch wealth increasing star to bring abundant inflow of wealth, favorable for pay rise, promotions and investment gains.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What the 8 Immortals symbolize?
The 8 Immortals are chinese deities worshipped by many. They were originally chartered to come down from the heaven to assist mankind and help us achieve our goals. Each of them carry a special auspicious object (used widely in feng shui like wulou, fan, flute, sword etc) and each of them has a special ability. They help mankind to fulfill the following aspirations of life: wealth luck, recognition luck, reputation and fame, literary luck, military/business sharpness skills, humanity, integrity and discipline. Inviting them into our homes and workplace would help us in all those areas.

They possess supernatural powers and are capable of performing magic. Their presence bestow good health, happiness and extremely good fortune in Period 8 especially.

The team is led by Chuan Chung Li , who holds a magical fan which he uses to revive sick people and the soul of the dead. He is the symbol of good health, longevity and possesses curative powers. Being the chief of the Eight Immortals he obtained the secrets of elixir in life and powder of transmutation during the Chou dynasty 1122-249B.C. He is said to visit earth on a Chi Lin very often till today from his heaven realm. Having his image at home also benefits those who are experiencing bad luck from the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter). His direction is the East and element is wood.

The 2nd Immortal is Chang Kuo-Lao , who carries the bamboo tube (Yu Ku) and can render himself invisible. He is depicted on a magical horse. He possesses the wisdom of ages and is regarded as a sage who will bestow wisdom on the family patriach. He blesses childless couples so that couples can conceive children when placed in bedrooms. He obtained his supernatural powers in the 7th and 8th century AD and is believed to have assisted those who have passed away to reincarnate into good realms. His direction is the north and is water element.

The 3rd Immortal is Lu Dong-Pin, who uses a sword to overcome evil spirits and slice through bad energies caused by bad "chi". The sword was given to him by a dragon. He also holds the fly whisk which he uses to cure illnesses. He also blesses scholastic luck to the family. His animal is tiger. He learnt Taoism magic from the chief Chung Li Chuan in AD750 and attained immortality at the age of 50. He had successfully rid the world with his sword from various forms of evils for over 400 years and still visits earth till today. Taoist mediums can communicate with him through meditative means and his image at home will ward off any evil spirits. His direction is West and metal element.

The 4th Immortal is Tsao Guao-chiu, who dressed in official robes who holds a pair of castanets to symbolize his noble birth. His animal is a horse. He bestows recognition and high ranking authority to the patriach in the family. He is a patron saint of the theatrical profession. He was the sone of Tsao Pin AD930-999 who was a military commander and the brother of empress Tsao Hou of the Sung Dynasty. He is believed to still live on earth and blesses one with scholastic luck and protect them from harm. His direction is NE and element earth.

The 5th Immortal is Tieh Guai Li, who is the master of supernatural ability.He is represented as a beggar leaning on an iron staff for the following reasons. He attained so much proficiency in magic during his life that he was frequently visits the heaven. When his spirit leaves his body to the heaven, his disciple that he was truely dead and burned his body. On his return he discovered he had no way to enter back his burnt body and had no choice but to enter into the body of a dead beggar in the woods. He is therefore always represented as a beggar with iron crutch and a pilgrim's wulou from which a scroll is escaping, emblematic of his powerf to set his spirit free from the body. He blesses one who needs money and cure any hard to cure illnesses from anyone sick. His animal is a lion which he used to visit the earth frequently. His direction is South and element is fire.

The 6th Immortal is Han Hsian Tzu, who makes sounds with his flute to attract good chi around him to induce healing energies. He is said to make flowers grow and blossom instantaneously. He studied under Lu Dong Pin and became an immortal himself in AD820. His emblem is the flute, able to provide six healing sounds and he is the patron of musicians. He wandered around the country playing his flute and attracting birds and beasts of prey by the sweet sound. He is depicted riding on an Ox, a mythical beast. He had mastered the Five Elements and Yin and Yang theories.

The 7th Immortal is Lan Tsai Ho who carries a flower basket and she brings luck to young women. Generally being regarded as a woman, she continually chanted a doggerel verse denouncing this fleeting life and its delusive pleasures. She is the patron saint of the florist. She carries with her flowers of chrysanthemum, peach blossom, pine and bamboo to bless everyone with longevity. Having her at home brings happiness and beautiful people into your life. She is depicted seated on an elephant. Her direction is NW and is metal element.

The last immortal is Ho Hsien Ku, who carries the holy lotus and fly whisk and who bestows family and marriage luck for the whole family. She became an immortal in the 7th century AD after eating a peach. She was saved from a demon by Lu Dong Pin during a critical moment in the woods. Her emblem is the lotus and the fly whisk which represents her purity and power. She is still alive today and blesses people with love, relationship luck and family luck. She assists in house management. She sits on a deer an excellent symbol of longevity and good fortune. Her direction is SW and her element is earth.

Where to display the plaque?

You may display the plaque in the following areas to fulfill your aspirations:
1. Display in your living room to ensure success in all areas of your life, leading to fulfillment and abundance. The 8 Immortals will help you in your endeavours, help your children in their studies and generate family harmony.
2. For managers, corporate leaders and businessmen, display the plaque behind you or on your desk to ensure success and protect you from luck reversals. The Golden Mountain ensures you are never lack of support from important people. Having support from important people promises smooth sailing in your career and business.
3. Display at your personal "Sheng Chi" direction to smoothen your career, improve investments and increase your money luck.
4. Display in the east for family luck and southeast for wealth luck.
5. Display in the Mountain Star #8 sector of your Natal Chart. When the Mountain Star #8 is activated, it represents never-ending turnover of good health luck and relationship luck. It will manifest the type of luck where you will gain warmth, support and goodwill from people. You will find that your number of friends will increase significantly, you are being well liked and see everything agreeable to your side. You will also gain a lot of networking and more achievement in life. On the other hand, it will also strengthen your health and prevent your entire family from long term fatality ailment. Remember that both relationship and health are the source of extreme good fortune.
6. To magnify new wealth opportunities, display in the southeast universal wealth corner or the Annual Wealth Star #8 corner.

Note: Do not place the plaque in the toilet and kitchen.

Energy Infused with Scalar Tag

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