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Special Cures and Enhancers
This sections displays special cures and enhancers which are authentic and not listed in other categories.
Six Emperor "Longbi" BIG METAL Strip - Energy Infused
An all new "Six Emperor Coins Strip" favored by classical feng shui masters, the stunning piece features Six "Longbi" (Dragon Discs), a Strip of Coins from the six most powerful reigns, Six Powerful Mantras and a Tai Chi Symbol. These symbols individually are effective in the manipulating the Flying Star system. When all the four are combined together, they merge to become a SUPER CURE that is most optimized and more powerful than the ordinary. The traditional Six Coins Strip cure needs an extensive fortification in this manner to ensure it can adequately suppress fierce energies.There are six compartments concealed with natural Clear Quartz Crystals to empower the dragons and enliven them. The primary piece can be twirled because it has a built-in bearing that sits on another base inscibed with auspicious symbols. This SUPER CURE is not only capable of pulverizing Fatal Star #5-Yellow and Illness Star #2-Black, but it can magnify the Heaven Star #6 in the flying star charts. Besides it is also an important cure and activator for the partriarch's corner Northwest. In 2017, display it in the south to subdue the #5 Yellow and enjoy also the enhancing properties of it.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD168
Our Price:USD66.88
30% Discount:USD46.88
Material: Brass and Natural Clear Quartz
Color: Gold Chrome, Matt Silver, Bronze, Black and White
Dimension(in): 8.4x2.4x1.1in all; 8.4x1.1x0x4 primary piece; 2.3x2.3x0.9in
Weight: 285g
ID: 17-SH-01
2pcs Special: USD79.88
ID: 17-SH-01st

Plaque of Winged Rhinoceros and Elephant with Nine Lions - Energy Infused
In times of global economic tension, more powerful cure is needed against the Violent Star #7 due to higher crime rates across the globe.The magnificent protective duo with wings are definitely more powerful than without. The Flying Elephant and Flying Horse with wings embody magic and are actually sacred animals living in a higher realm, representing speed, power and mobility. Because they are speedier in their motion, this means that if you desire to speed up any of your protection, they will serve as your protective accelerator. Next, lions in a pack of nine are associated with military strength and hunting prowess, a powerful symbol of enforcement. They also denote protection for all the nine directions including the center. The lions which are considered to be spiritually endowed creature can provide more power in countering the evil energies from the hidden realm of Violent Star #7. This is necessary when the #7 becomes too powerful. Having the nine lions placed near the entrance of your house will allow you to ride through the year smoothly with less problems associated to burglary and theft.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD128
Our Price:USD38.88
25% Discount:USD28.88
Material: Brass
Color: Silver Chromed, Gold, Crystal Blue, Black
Dimension(in): 3.2x0.8x3.1in all; 3x0.2x3in plaque; 3.2x0.8x0.4in base
Weight: 112g
ID: 17-SH-10
2-Pcs Special
Our Price:USD48.88
ID: 17-SH-10st

Blue Tortoise Pillar of Success - Energy Infused
Featuring the Pillar of Success on Universal Tortoise, it is the most important centerpiece to have that will activate the ruling Star #1 in the center of all homes in 2017. The dragon is the secret friend of the rooster, therefore its motif allows you to reap the most benefit out of the Year of Rooster for maximum luck. Capable of ushering in bountiful career success, you will see good public relations, achievement, breakthrough, promotion and increment in income. The Pillar of Success (Hua Biao) symbolizes solid support and is an excellent enhancer to plant seeds of success. Built in ancient palaces, the "Hua Biao" pillar is said to invite auspicious energies from "heaven" and "earth" to fulfill the wishes of the emperors and "mankind". A pillar is a principle that creates the foundation for how you wish to live your life goals and helps you have greater ability to recognize the resources and opportunities that are before your very eyes. Holding this pillar is equivalent to the feng shui way of winning a grammy award for success. Next, known to be the celestial guardian of the north, the "Universal Tortoise" guards the career corner in the north. The crystal blue resonates well with the energy of water element in either the north direction or the Star #1 location, thus empowering these career success corners. Empowering the tortoise are the hidden symbols of the mystic knots and the 8 Trigrams of the Universal Tortoise. Lately, many people are losing their jobs due to the attrition process conducted by many multinational companies. Overnight, many heads of families lost their jobs causing their family and children to suffer. Some even have to request their children to return from overseas education. And most of the time, it was hard for the sufferer to find another job as lucrative as the one that was lost. If you like to escape unaffected by such shocking overnight termination from your job, this will be your guardian star. It is the undefeatable tortoise that has the capability to protect ones career securely.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD61.88
35% Discount:USD39.88
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Chrome, Silver Chrome, Crystal Red, Crystal Blue
Dimension(in): 3x2.5x3.1in all; 0.6x0.6x3in Pillar; 3x2.5x0.2in Tortoise
Weight: 112g
ID: 17-SH-06
2-Pcs Special
Our Price:USD69.88
ID: 17-SH-06st

Five Element Golden Mountains - Energy Infused
A symbol of permanence and immovability, the "Golden Mountain" is the emblem of rising wealth, powerful support and protection from reversal of fortune. Regarded as the most powerful symbol on earth, mountains played the same sort of role in Chinese Cosmology as the Emperor did in society; they ensured cosmic order and permanence. They are repository of great wealth for those who practise old school feng shui. Similar to the mountains on imperial motifs from ancient times, these mountains are designed together with border of wavy lines representing the ocean. This denotes the auspicious blessing "shou shan fu hai" which carries the meaning "longevity and good fortune as unlimited as that of the oceans and mountains". These mountains in five element colors contain within them precious symbols such as the 8 Immortals' Implements and Imperial Dragon. The 8 Immortals' Implements catalyses the powers of the taoist 8 Immortals. The 8 Immortals help bless one with positive energy, bring good health, good fortune, wealth, fame luck, longevity and good descendants. Awe-inspiring, the mountains capture the powerful assembly of 5 Element Dragons. When the 5 Element Dragons come together to merge and bond, they will share one powerful vein together to create an unusually high form of power which is essential for rapid multiplication of economic advancement and big financial opportunities. According to authentic feng shui masters, in places where you find 5 Element Dragons, you will find long term prosperity and breakthrough in wealth. For those who desire to be very successful, granted with power, enjoy multiplication of financial victory, attain economic freedom and become a business tycoon, these mountains will be the answer. They will pave way for a new beginning of a good and luxurious life for you. These mountains will offer your protection and support, subdue legal problems, increase fortune, ensure you live up to a ripe age and improve your network. They are also the best means to activate the Mountain Star #8 in the natal flying star chart. Each mountain is consecrated with "Om Ah Hum" Mantra. This empowers them to become "yang" mountains and prevent them from turning into "yin" mountains in the long term.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD188
Our Price:USD90.88
45% Discount:USD49.88
Material: Brass
Color: Gold, Yellow, White, Green, Red, Blue
Dimension(in): 4x2.6xx2.6in all; 1.9x0.5x1.6in each mountain; 4x2.6x1.2in base
Weight: 468g
ID: 17-SH-11

2017 Grand Duke Tai Sui Plaque - Energy Infused
The Grand Duke Tai Sui Plaque is displayed at home to appease as well as to protect from the wrath of the Tai Sui. The Tai Sui of the Year always bring virtue and good tidings, and promises divine help when needed. There are new powerful features that are added to our Tai Sui Plaque for 2017:
1. Taoist Goddess DOU MU (MARICI or Mother of Dipper or Primordial Sovereign of the Big Dipper) is a stellar divinity. With her great merit of medicine and healing, manages and harmonizes the five elements, balances the Vital Breaths of Yin and Yang, dissolves the stagnant and eliminates the evil and dark. A multi-armed deity with a different weapon in each hand and riding a fiery chariot pulled by seven savage boars. For these who offend the Tai Sui should also seek homage to Dou Mu to relieve you of any difficulty, danger and bad luck. The reason is because she is the mother of Nine Stars and her power is inconceivable as she oversee the welfare of all beings.
2. Big Dipper Stars which essentially has one of its stars Dubhe known as the seat of Goddess DOU MU. The Big Dipper Seven Stars are in charge of the fate of human and earthly fate in the universe. Every star controls the earthly fate for a period of 20 years. The division of 3 yuan and 9 yun of Feng shui originated from this theory.
3. Mantra of Marici consecrates the plaque.
4. Tai Sui Great General Tang Jie who is one of the 60 Tai Sui who is assigned to lead the Year of Rooster in 2017.
5. Tai Sui Talisman 2017 - A set of Taoist incantations to dissolve any wrath or punishment from the Tai Sui.
6. Four Celestial Guardians provides tection from four cardinal directions. They will also essentially give balance to the feng shui of the home.
7. Two Pi Yaos will assist in removing obstacles and invite wealth.
8. A rooster image symbolizing the year of rooster.
9. Six Longbi Symbols, a powerful antidote for punishments from the Tai Sui.
10. Lucky Windmill Symbols will blow away misfortunes.

The plaque is made from holy material PURE BRASS and attached on a brilliant wood frame. The plaque can be displayed on the table/shelf or hung on a wall to enjoy the support and blessings of the Tai Sui. In 2017, the following zodiacs are required to display the plaque in the west sector of the house, the living or the family room:

Note: This plaque is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD43.88
Material: Pure Brass and Wood
Color: Gold, Red, Black and Dark Walnut
Weight: 270g
ID: 17-PC-02
2-PCS Special (SAVE $20)
Special Price: USD66.88
ID: 17-PC-02st
1 piece Tai Sui Talisman + 1 piece Tai Sui Plaque

Regular Price:USD73.76
Special Price:USD60.88
ID: 17PC01stn

BIG EARTH Kun Hexagram (Kitchen Cure for the Northwest) - Energy Infused
Finally, those who have kitchens or fire place in the Northwest of the house or have their stoves in the Northwest corner of their kitchen need not worry anymore! This antidote is the answer to curing the problem. Having the kitchen in the Northwest corner is the most primary rule to watch out for and one of the biggest taboos in feng shui because it signifies "Fire Burning the Heaven's Gate". No matter how brilliant the form feng shui or the flying stars combination are, a house with fire in the Northwest destroys it. This translates to extreme hardship befalling the partriarch of the family. That means any man living in this kind of house will have poor reputation, insufficient income, disastrous career and worrying health problems in the future. This authentic cure uses the classical 64 Hexagrams and 5-element methods to counter the fire clashing with the big metal element of the Northwest.

The K'un hexagram (pronounced as khwan) is the symbol of BIG EARTH and represents the Matriarcal Luck or female dominance. It is one of the two most important 64 hexagrams, whereby the other is the Chien Hexagram. This is a cure for the two most primary directions of the bagua, the NORTHWEST and the SOUTHWEST, known as the Chien-K'un. When either or both of these directions are afflicted, the feng shui becomes imperfect and fortune becomes affected. As mentioned above, if the northwest of the house is missing or afflicted with fire (such as having a kitchen), the patriarch of the family and all males in the household becomes unfortunate. Similarly, when the southwest of the house is missing or afflicted, the martriarch of the family and all females of the household becomes unfortunate too.

Note: This plaque is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD108
Our Price:USD36.88
Material: Genuine Citrine Chips; Brass
Color: Yellow Citrine, Matt Gold and Auto Poly Black
Dimension(in): 2x0.6x2in Primary Piece; 2x0.6x6.5in Whole Item
Weight: 88g
ID: 17-SH-12
2 Pcs Special: USD63.88
ID: 17-SH-12st

"Horse on Swallow" Lucky Fan - Energy Infused
We keep making new "lucky windmills" almost every year because In the past many years, we had introduced many "lucky windmills" and are thrilled to share the fact that many told us they have enjoyed marked improvement in their luck. The lucky windmill never fail to establish success and stability within a household. It is used as protection against all odds, obstacles and dangers to shield one against bad intentions from others. Superbly impressive, this lucky windmill features the "8-Spoke Dharmachakra" and "Horse on Swallow". For taoist avid believers, the lucky windmill is one of the two most important symbols that generate transformational luck right away. The other symbol being the lucky drum. This being the reason why millions of feng shui practitioners in Hong Kong and Taiwan throng taoist temples during festive seasons to bring home the lucky windmill. With the ability to blow away challenges and troubled energies, this lucky windmill creates favorable fortune in all aspects of life such as career, wealth, health and overall well-being. This will strengthen your luck and ensure that the year will be supportive of you.

Note: This plaque is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD38.88
30% Discount:USD28.88
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Chromed; Copper; Bronze; Crystal Purple, Crystal Yellow
Dimension(in):2.6x0.3x3.0in primary piece; 1in mystic knot; 3.5in upper string; 4.5in lower shui; 2.6x0.3x11.5in all
ID: 17-SH-15
2-Pcs Special
Our Price:USD48.88
ID: 17-SH-15st

Lucky Divination Stick - Energy Infused
When one holds on to the "Seong Seong Chim" (Fortune Stick of Highest Hierarchy) it expresses the sentiment that one can PROCEED with any form of undertaking irrespective of whether the year's fortune is good or bad for him (according to his bazi or zodiac luck). With this "Proceed Talisman", you will experience a smooth path uninterrupted by setbacks, bad luck or sufferings. You will be injected with a dose of immunity to bad luck or misfortune. When you are at your lowest point of a cross road, this talisman promises that you will experience a reversal from shock where things will turnaround for the better. Your wish will materialize where you see successful outcome from your endeavor. It is also important to begin a new chapter of your life with a "Proceed Talisman" to ensure that good luck is always shining at your constellation, as it provides immunity for zodiacs which are pre-destined to suffer from problems due to the visiting of negative stars. It helps protect you against fortune reversal, transforms bad luck into good luck rapidly and magnifies good luck into even better luck. If you have been facing hardship for a while, this talisman actually generates better health luck, wealth luck, relationship luck and good fortune in all areas of your life.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with Certificate of Authenticity.
List Price:USD138
Our Price:USD29.88
Material: Pure Brass and Acrylic Stand
Color: 24K Gold Plated; Multicolored
Dimension(in): 4.5x1in Fortune Stick; 1.75x1.75x1.6in Acrylic Stand
Weight: 60g
ID: 17-PC-03
Our Price:USD49.88
ID: 17-PC-03st

Lucky Door Every Year (*with Fu Dogs*) - Energy Infused
The feng shui of the main door is the primary criterion that will determine the fortune and misfortune of a house. These stunning door plaques are powerful means of protecting and improving the door feng shui. Besides protecting your homes from misfortune, robbery and evil spirits, they dissipate the Fatal Five Yellow, the Three Killings, the Illness Black Star #2 and the Robbery Star #7. Your door will therefore be protected every year against any detrimental effects. Whenever any of those affliction arrives at your door from year to year, it will not impact you at all. Whether you have a single or double door, you can display the pair on the left and right sides respectively by either taping them or screwing them on the door panel facing out. The salient features and the importance of other auspicious symbols on this door plaques can be explained and elaborated as follows:
1. Door Gods - They protect your home from misfortune and evil spirits. They will correct and subdue any harmful chi keeping them out of your house at all times. Displaying the door gods can also resolve insomnia problems caused by dark energies. They will also keep robbers out of your homes.
2. Fu Dogs - The male has a globe under his paws while the female has a child under her paws. This pair of dogs are smiley and are extremely obedient creatures to their owners. This ancient guardians have been used as potent protectors in imperial palaces, homes of high officials and rich merchants. In modern times, they are invited into homes to protect against theft and robbery, to help out working people who are not at home most of the time. They can also subdue the Violent Star #7.
3. Chien Hexagram - Represents big metal and brings out potent metal energies from these plaques to subdue flying star afflictions.
4. Three Chilins - They counter the Three Killings.
5. Five Element Pagoda - Signifying 5 Elements. A symbol to subdue #5-Yellow.
6. Four Taoist Incantations - 1. Stop ghost from entering; 2. Stop spirit from entering; 3. Stop fox from entering and 4. Prevent Fire Disasters

Note: This pieces are energy infused and emit energy unendingly. They come with a certificate of authenticity
List Price:USD158
Our Price:USD62.88
30% Discount:USD43.88
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Brass, Red and Black
Dimension(in): 3.4x7in each each piece
Weight: 100g all
ID: 17-PC-12

Magic Peacock Mirror - Energy Infused
This gorgeous mirror of the "bird with thousand eyes" is used in ancient times by the royals to fulfill wishes, invite romance luck, promote recognition, protect against robbery, purify negativities and subdue ailments. Stunningly beautiful in design, it is embellished with beautiful blue jewels. The genuine brass mirror is inscribed with 4 authentic mantras:
1. Wishfulfilling Mantra - the mantra is "OM PADMO USNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT". It will actualize your wishes and multiplying them by 100,000 times more. All wishes will be materialized as long as you have good desire. It answers to all requests and promises a favorable turn in life and a quantum change in your luck.
2. Red Tara Mantra ("Kurukulla Mantra") - it helps to soften mutual restriction for better relationship especially beneficial for those suffering from negative peach blossom, bazi restriction and couples suffering from conflicting zodiacs. This mantra can be invoked to help you to whisper terms of endearment, to guide your sensual power, explore your erotic potential, deepen intimacy, reveal and fulfill your lover's fantasies and infuse lovemaking with sparkling fire. It creates beauty, colorful romance and the amorous feelings of youth. For ladies, it is like a real love potion that encourages libido of your desired men. Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck.
3. 100 Million Eons Mantra - also known as mantra of super purification, it purifies 100 million eons of negative karmas. The mantra is "Namah Sarva Tathagata Hridaya Anugatey Om Kurum Ghini Svaha".
4. Mantra of Peacock King Bodhisattva Mahamayuri - "Om Mayura Krante Svaha". Simply recite three times at your convenience. It not only helps in easing and eliminating diseases, but also dissolves natural disasters, robberies, snatch thieves and insomnia.

Note: The pagoda is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD98
Our Price:USD40.88
30% Discount:USD28.88
Material: Brass, Brass Plate, Acrylic
Color: Copper, Brass, Purple, Orange, Maroon, Blue Jewel
Dimension(in): 2.7x0.2x5.1in; 1.6x1.6x1.6in base
Weight: 112g
ID: SL17012
Special Price:USD48.88
ID: SL17012st

Quiren (Nobleman) Offering Fortune - Energy Infused
This "Quiren Offering Fortune" ornament features a pair of pure boy and girl guardian angels holding the auspicious character "fuk". Quiren (or Guiren) are powerful figures, benefactors, helpful persons or nobleman who will lend you external help to navigate through difficulties, generate you capital and elevate your financial status. They will come to your aid at all times and open up a smooth path for you to walk through by removing all barriers. They exert positive influences to your career, pave way for you to get things done effortlessly and open up a whole lot of opportunities coming from all directions. Always watching your back against anyone who stabs behind you, you will be able to capitalize on timely opportunities. With someone guiding your life and elevating your social status, your life will definitely will become more vibrant and awesome. Oppotunities will flow in naturally whereby wage earners will see salary increment and business owners will see handsome profit. It is also important to have the Quiren coming into the picture to neutralize negativities brought by petty people, subdue obstacles and turn bad into good.

Note: The statue has been consecrated and empowered with the "4 Dharmakaya Relic Mantras" and concealed inside the statue. This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
List Price:USD148
Our Price:USD71.88
30% Discount:USD49.88
Material: Earth Material
Color: Stone
Dimension(in): 7.3x3.8x6.3in
Weight: 1250g
ID: SL17001

Salt Water Cure in Seven Metals Bowl and Dragon Coin
This traditional Salt Water Cure uses the power from an extraordinary bowl made from seven metals. The bowl consists of gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, zinc and lead, with each of them representing the sun, moon and other planets of our galaxy. When one hits this bowl with a wooden mallet, it can actually produce melodies to bring in energies from the seven planets. Old school feng shui practitioners and Xuan Kong Flying Stars experts normally prescribe the salt water cure as an important countermeasure for three major flying star problems in either the natal chart, annual chart or monthly chart. It is said to be effective and quick in resolving flying star problems. It is an antidote for:
1. Fatal Star #5 Yellow
2. Illness Star #2 Black
3. Quarrelsome Star #3

The other potent ingredients included are a Silver Bagua Dragon Coin, 5 Emperor Coins, natural rock sea-salt. The Silver Dragon Coin with a bagua behind it is an effective secret antidote that empowers the cure further. The bottom of the bowl is first filled with a layer of thick salt and laid with the coins with "yang" side facing upwards. The emperor coins' "yang" side is where the 4 chinese characters appear. The dragon coin's "yang" side is where the dragon image appears. The bowl will have to be filled with three quarter water and safely placed on a table or on the floor undisturbed. If it has successfully subdued the evil stars, the coins will be corroded followed by a lot of salt activities taking place. If the #5 Yellow is totally destroyed, the color of the water will turn yellow at the end of the year.
List Price:USD108
Our Price:USD73.88
45% Discount:USD39.88
Material: 7 Metals Bowl
Color: Gold
Dimension(in): 4x4x1.5in bowl; 1.5in dragon coin; 0.9in each emperor coin
Weight: 366g
ID: SL17032

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