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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #9

1. Any Cures In Creating Good Feng Shui if Colors Clash with The Directions' Elements?
2. How to Overcome Career Problems and Office Politics?
3. Helping Husband Win in Football Bets
4. Improving Family Harmony and Income for a Divorced Mum
5. Protecting Company Vehicles from Frequent Breakdowns
6. Combatting Shar-Chi from Office Pillars
7. Bamboo Flute as Potent 8-Aspirations Energizers!

Question 1: Any Cures In Creating Good Feng Shui if Colors Clash with The Directions' Elements?

Hi Scholar,
I m a grandmother. I realized that the walls of my son's home have many colors and unfortunately their colors do not match the directional elements? What can I do to ensure my grandchildren will grow to be high flyers? What color should I paint for their rooms? Thank you.



Dear Becky,
Yes, color selection for different rooms in a house or commercial building would be at their best if they suit to the dominant colors of their directions' elements. For example, West room is metal element and is best painted white, while North being water element would be at its best if painted light blue etc.

However, repainting the whole house may not be so convenient for most people in their existing houses unless they are going through a major renovation or it is a new house.

Instead of spending so much money to do that, the easiest to reconcile the elements and create a balance to tap to the element's luck is to decorate the space with Crystal Spheres on "Star of David". For most homes and any room in our homes, whereby creating a balance for 5-Elements is difficult due to placement of furniture and associated colors of decoration, the Star of David would be the best cure to balance the energy flow throughout our homes and living spaces.

Auspicious Crystal Spheres on Star of David

When placed in your grandchildrens' bedrooms, it would bring them smoothness in growing up and keep their health at tip top condition due to having sacred balanced energy in their surrounding. In addition to that, the 7 colored-spheres would nourish their seven chakras in their bodies which ensure they will never lack of luck in all areas in their lives. It could also benefit your own son, when placed at work place or offices, it would bring him a smooth ride and ability to counter all resistance to create a path for continous promotion. When placed at the cashiers, it brings you more sales. When placed at his investment desks, it brings more speculative luck. Therefore, the Star of David is extremely useful and auspicious to own. The base of our Star of David is made from Yellow Jasper and is therefore amplifying wealth luck especially.

Jade Mystic Knot

Also do not forget to hang the powerful Jade Mystic Knot in your son's and grandchildrens' living space. It is Period 8's most powerful fortune magnifier that would provide them with a smoothride in their undertakings and ensure success in their pursuits.

Good luck to you!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: How to Overcome Career Problems and Office Politics?

Dear Feng Shui Scholar,
I realized that I m sitting facing my total loss direction, which could be the reason why I m facing so much problems in the office. My boss is not on my side and my colleagues are bad to me. Please help!



Dear Rachel,

We are sorry to hear about your situation. In fact we received hundreds of emails daily from people who have problems with their careers due to bad feng shui in the office. So, please don't be upset and frustrated. Enhancing your office feng shui can help.

Firstly, place the Imperial Dragon Tortoise behind you or next to you at work to ensure more potent enhancement to draw support from your management. You will realize how effective the Dragon Tortoise is in enhancing your management's recognition and relationship.

Next, place the Double Fortune Bats Ruyi on your table to magnify your career luck leading to authority in the office and promotion opportunities. You may use it as a paper weight.

Imperial Dragon Tortoise and Double Fortune Bats Sceptre

To counter office politics and back stabbing, it is best to hang the coinsword in your office. Coinsword combats such problems. The other effective cure is to place the rooster on your table. To make wonders for promotion luck and having a successful career, don't forget that the Dragon would pave way for it to happen.

Bronze Coin Sword and Bronze Dragon

Lastly, I would like to explain a bit more about your kua number and good facing direction. Everyone would have their personal 4 good and 4 bad directions according the their gender and year of birth. To enjoy good luck in feng shui, it is recommended that they face their best directions so that they can absorb the best energy from their directions into their crown chakras located on the forehead. If you cannot sit facing your best direction, the energy that comes from your bad direction could be altered with the powerful combination of 7-Colored Crystal Spheres on Star of David. When it is placed on your workdesk, the influence of the Star of David will let good energy enter your crown chakra, therefore turning bad luck into good luck. We also recommend that you wear the 3 Color Dzi Tiger Eye Bracelet which has the Tiger's Eye gemstone to increase your confidence and reduce your fear at work, while the 3 Colors Dzi balances your elements.

"Tiger Eye & 5 Element Bracelet" and Star of David

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Helping Husband Win in Football Bets

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
Lately my husband is betting football matches with his friends on EURO. Although the amount is not a lot, how could feng shui help him win the games?



Hello Amy,


Lock Coin for Speculative Luck

For speculative luck improvement such as football bets, lotteries, horse racing and share trading, you got to get for your husband the auspicious Lock Coin. Let him have one around him either in his car or office area. Then hang one at your home's internal door knob of the home's maindoor or bedroom. Next is to place a pair of Money Frog near the inside vicinity of your maindoor facing inwards into the house as if they have just entered your house. He could also wear the powerful mystic knot pendant to ensure he taps the luck of Period 8.

Gold Money Frog and Mystic Knot Pendant

Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Improving Family Harmony and Income for a Divorced Mum

Dear FS Scholar,
My toilets are respectively in the southwest and west sections of my house. I am concerned that this is the main reason my personal relationships have been strained or have failed--no matter how hard I try to make them work. I am divorced now, and my relationship with my oldest son is very difficult. I need the usage of both bathrooms. Not using them is not practical. I also have a staircase which has 7 of the stairs open, which I have found out is very inauspicious. Not to mention the staircase is what is seen when one opens the front door. I make a decent income and actually like what I do, but I can't seem to keep any of it. my relationship with my son and the rest of my family is very important, and wish to decrease the stress of work so I can focus on them.

Catherine Rodriguez


Dear Catherine,
Greetings. Please do not be frustrated. Everyone's life has a flaw in it, no one is perfect. And the good news is "feng shui" can help. Don't worry!

Firstly, to address the problems of failed relationship. Yes, toilets in the wrong location could drain away your luck if wrongly located. Toilet in the SW could possibly drain away love luck, while toilet in the west could affect descendants' luck, although not necessarily valid 100%. It could be due to the interaction of a few things together. For a toilet in the SW, you could cure it by hanging a 6-rods all metal windchime to weaken the bad luck. As for toilet in the west, please change the toilet curtains and doors into fiery red. Keep the toilet doors and lids close all the time.

6-Rods Windchime (left) and Love Cat (right)

If your big tai-chi of your house is affected, you will need to work hard to replenish the feng shui by activating the small tai-chi. Which means you will have to focus to bring in love luck by activating the SW corner of your bedroom and living room with love enhancers. Place the Love Cat carrying crystal heart, rose quartz mandarin ducks and a rose quartz gemtree with 9-coins in your SW corner of your bedroom. To tap new chances of remarriage, try to place the married couple, Dragon-Phoenix and Double Happiness symbol in the SW of your living room.

Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks (left) and Ru Yi(right)

As for relationship with children, the best is to get a metal Ru Yi for authority in the west. You could also place the Hang Fook Elephants in the west corner of your bedroom. But that does not mean you can treat yourself like queen and expect your child to be commanded like a soldier. We have been kids before, therefore we know ourselves that at times we may not be in full agreement with our parents. Try to win back your child's heart by soft gestures. Make sure you eat dinner with the whole family gathered on the same table as often as possible. On your side, to build up more good-relationship energy, you could wear the rose quartz heart bracelet and the mystic knot pendant. Also carry along the peony to bring out more of your feminine side.

Hang Fook Elephants (left) and Rose Quartz Heart Bracelet (right)

Yes, open stairs are bad because crawling chi are not able to sustain easily cut and dispersed through those open stairs. They will have difficulty crawling to your top storey. For such cases, the best cure is to hang the Pagoda Windchimes one at the end of the stair at the upper storey and the other at the end of the stair at the lower storey. Also have lights installed in such a manner that the lights are shining upwards rather than downwards.

Treasure Pumpkin (left) and Starlite Citrine Speres (right)

To sustain your hard-earn money, the easiest way is to get yourself a precious Cloisonne Treasure Pumpkin containing 3 Emperor coins, 3 gold ingots and crystal treasures. This is equivalent to an olden style wealth vase. Its presence would accumulate wealth energy and harness abundance for the future. Place it in your personal sheng chi direction or simply in the SE of your bedroom and your living room. Place 3 pieces of Gold Money Frog surrounding this treasure. Then place the Military Wealth God in the SE corner of your living room to increase your wealth luck and guard it against losses. Place 6-8 pieces of starlite citrine crystal balls in front of the Wealth God. For yourself, you could wear the citrine apple pendant and the citrine bracelet to increase your personal wealth luck and invite inflow of income luck. For career luck, place the Ru Yi with bats and Rooster on your desk. Place an Imperial Dragon Tortoise behind you for support from management. We wish you good luck, good fortune and may happiness be with you.

Citrine Bracelet (left) and Imperial Dragon Tortoise(right)

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: Protecting Company Vehicles from Frequent Breakdowns

Dear FS Scholar,
Do you have anything for prtection of our vehicles and construction equipment? We seem to be having a lot of breakdowns. Also our employee is very negative but he is an excellent worker. We fear that his negativity is affecting our business and our equipment and vehicles. Thanks for your time.



Dear Rebecca,
I would regard a vehicle breakdown as a vehicle falling sick. I guess the best solution is to hang the Rainbow Obsidian Wulou with a "Third Eye" in that vehicle. This wulou is excellent to counter paranormal events, combat evil energy, penetrate negativities and nourish good chi. What is more, it would also be able to protect against accident and health.

Precious 100 Children

As for the worker who is negative, hmmmmm.....I wouldn't say he is the cause of the car breakdown. But I guess to harness good feng shui within a work environment, everyone must be in harmony together. Try to win his heart more, that way you can slowly influence him to change. Place a Ru Yi at your desk to increase your authority.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 6: Combatting Shar-Chi from Office Pillars

Dear FS Scholar,
My office has moved to new office block and my manager has decided a new sitting place for all his staff. My new work desk is placed next to the pillar. The pillar size is about 2 feet x 2 feet. My desk is L shape and the size is about 5 feet x 3 feet for Desk 1 (please refer to sketch below). My desk is facing to East (E) but I'll place my computer at NE as NE is my most auspicious direction (Sheng Chi). My colleague (male) is sitting behind me where his back is facing to my back and my desk is facing to the solid wall (painted in Orange colour) which is about 15 meters far from my desk. My KUA is 5 (Male) Could you advise me if my new working desk good or bad. If bad, what are the remedies? My boss has mentioned a few times that he will not allow us to change the sitting place.



Dear Bryne,
The primary concern is the pillar. A pillar at your cubicle will block progress in many areas of your career. You will need to find a way to camouflage the pillar. Place pictures, mirrors or even white boards and furniture to cover it up. To help deflect bad shar exerted from the pillar, place a crystal lotus on your desk. Also place the Crystal Spheres on Star of David on your desk to space-clear, remove bad chi and enhance the energy in your surrounding. When placed at work place or offices, it would bring you a smooth ride and ability to counter all resistance to create a path for continous promotion.

Crystal Lotus

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 7: Bamboo Flute as Potent 8-Aspirations Energizers!

Dear FS Scholar,
My house is a small space and am wondering if there are simple alternatives to activate all the 8-Aspirations without taking up too much space?



Dear Walt,
Greetings. The most relevant energizer which save space, authentic, powerful, give quick results and convenient is the Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes. It is rather rare to find any other Feng Shui item that could replace Bamboo Flutes for the so many positive aspects it has. Hang at different directions of your house or rooms at appropriate angles shown below to energize your desired aspirations according to the powerful Bagua 8-Aspirations Theory. It is the most potent energizer as a strengthener for our life aspirations. We have seen a real life results from a local restaurant in Penang Island. Originally, the restaurant suffered from poor business to the point where the owner had wanted to close it down because of its poor location. After he brought in a Feng Shui Master to audit the place and activated his wealth luck with a bamboo flute at the SE of the shop, his business had since prospered to the greatest heights. Now, there is no way you could get a table in his restaurant if you do not make bookings early.

Using Bamboo Flutes to activate your eight aspirations

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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