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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #8

1. Heightening Education to Improve Career
2. How to spark up new business luck for an excellent start?
3. Problem with child developing bad habits…
4. Protect mum at her workplace…
5. Trying to get pregnant. How do I get feng shui blessings to have a child?
6. Using Feng Shui to find a house!
7. Confused between home's flying star chart and annual afflictions!

Question 1: Heightening Education to Improve Career

Hello FS Scholar,
I am trying to find a way to better educate myself so I can get a better job. What would help me in that area? Thank you.



Dear Diane,
We are so glad to hear someone who has the self initiative to improve herself to achieve greater heights. Your intention had already win you half the war. You are on the right track.

First, focus on your personal "fu wei" direction according to your kua number. The Fu Wei direction of yours would be your personal direction that enhances your literary pursuits and education luck.

Try to move your bed so that your head could point to your fu wei direction when you sleep. That is the first thing feng shui masters always do when they make bed placements for the kids of a premise. Also when you are taking your meals, have your face pointing to this fu wei direction all the time. Remember to get a good compass to determine that for you, do not make guessing by depending on where the sun rises.

Compass with rotatable degrees

Next most important promise of feng shui is its potential to create living spaces that encourage and motivate you to achieve greatest heights in your education, study skills and attitudes. Enhance three places of your house.
1. One is your "fu wei" direction. Locate your study desk in this room if possible, or else have your face facing this direction all the time when you read a book.
2. The other is to enhance the universal literary corner NE.
3. And the other important one being the location where your literary and romance star#4 is. This year (2004) the star#4 is located in the SE. And next year (2005) is a literary year when this literary star moves to the center of every house and premise. It marks the spark of education as the most important event.

The best and most authentic enhancer is the Wen Chang Pagoda. They are built in either 7 or 9 tiers is a powerful enhancer for education in specific.

9 Tiers Blue Obsidian Wen Chang Pagoda (left) & Dragon Head Carp(right)

The other authentic enhancer you must not miss is the Double Carps over the Dragon Gate or the Dragon Head Carp. They signify the carp's ambition to resist all the waves and jumping over the dragon gate in the yellow river to turn into dragons. Dragons are very auspicious in feng shui..

Beautiful Bronze Double Carps Over Dragon Gate (left) and 9 Emperor Coins Amethyst Gemtree

Next is the Crystal Globe. That had created many wonderful examination luck for many kids.

Crystal Globe

Last but not least is the Amethyst Gemtree with 9 Emperor Coins that would enhance you thinking power and ability.

Sunshine Laughing Buddha

It would be also an excellent idea to carry along a wenchang pagoda with you all the time so that you are always being surrounded with literary luck. It could be in the form of jewellery such as the adventurine bracelet or keychain or amulets.

Good luck to you!

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: How to spark up new business luck for an excellent start?

Dear FSBB,
Me & my business partner just opened wedding dress business. So we're going to put a signboard to advertise our new business. What is the most auspicious colour/paint to attract more customer? What f/shui object that can attract more customer and where do we put it?



Dear Vicky,
Greetings. Congratulations on your new business!

Some feng shui masters would refer you to colors according to your personal element based on your kua. But universally, red is preferred. That is why our own store has red as the dominant color. The most auspicious color would be red! You will know how much good luck it would bring to you once you have your logos and symbols or overall shop having red as the dominant color.

First you may want to invest a little on a good compass to help you find your good directions and not judged by luck. I want to stress this point because most of our customers found out later that they got their directions wrong for not using a compass.

Check out the facing direction of the maindoor of your shop. Check against your kua number and see if it is one of your four good directions. If it is, very good. If it is not, dont worry. You can place the Dragon Tortoise on Bagua and let it face to your best direction near the vicinity of your door. This will symbolically adjust your maindoor to your good direction.

Dragon Tortoise on Bagua

Next, the success of a business is determined by your competitiveness against your peers in the same field. That is the first thing you do in your feng shui. Be prepared to protect against competition and bad intention from people in the same field. The best is to have the the 5-Dragon Flag Kwan Kung face your main door out to win the war for you. Alternatively you may also place him inside the administration office of the boss. He is the most sought after statue for all businesses for people who practise feng shui.

5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung

He holds behind his robe the 5 victory Dragon Flags. The five flags represent the power from all the 5 Elements in feng shui practice. He has a total of 9 dragons surrounding him. Such a position and profile of the Kwan Kung is most powerful for business pursuits, politicians, protection against evil forces, wealth luck, energizing family achievements, activating more helpful people and countering ill effects of bad stars.

The most powerful and wonderful protector which no self-preserving office should be without is this Kwan Kung with 5 flags and 9 dragons, facing the main entrance into your office or behind your chair. He scrutinizes people with bad intention, troublesome and competitors and put them to losing side. The Kwan Kung must hold his knife in his right hand, and to safeguard in an extra manner, he has another sheathed sword on his left being prepared behind him. That ensures double the protection!

After you perform protective feng shui, it is time to enhance. Place three money frogs in your personal sheng chi direction.

Another three in the universal wealth SE corner and three more in the position where water star#8 is. This is a powerful feng shui method and combination to bring you a lot of wealth!

Pineapple Wealth Pot (left) & Money Frog(right)

At the same time, you must not forget to also have the gold ingots and wealth pots such as the pineapple wealth pot and treasure pot in those areas.

Place the image of the elegant Double Carps reaching Prosperity Coins in the north to enhance your new career luck and income.

Double Carps Reaching Prosperity Coin (left) & Chien Lung Coins (right)

In your northwest, place the image of the Chien Lung Emperor or any powerful kings of a successful kingdom so that you are never lack of support from the important people and good networking. It is the network that makes a business successful. Feng Shui people prefer the Chien Lung because of his many key attributes. The reign of Chien Lung was considered the most powerful and prosperous period with international trade massively taking place, China going through a peaceful period and the nation enjoying tremendous wealth. Therefore, the image of Chien Lung signifies getting solid financial luck and support from Emperor Chien Lung. It is also during his reign that the kingdom was undefeatable and army was the strongest. Chien Lung Emperor bring prosperity, good career luck and success in every area of life for mankind. Also, couples would be blessed with both patriach and matriach luck, outstanding achievement in life and great fortune and prosperity with many filial offsprings. I guess this would be the most ideal image in your shop. Most business people would also scatter Chien Lung coins all over their homes and imbed them into their floors and walls to create a wealth bed of abundance. It works remarkably because Chien Lung coins are the most auspicious coins for good luck!

Chien Lung Emperor and Empress

Next important area to look at is the south corner for fame and popularity of your company's name. You must activate this corner with image of a Tribute Horse, the Fortune Chi Lin Pair , 8 Auspicious Objects Chi Lin or other forms of feng shui Victorious Horses.

Golden Tribute Horse (left) & Golden 8 Magic Chi Lin(right)

The other thing you have to do to accumulate business, wealth and abundance would be creating the treasure wealth vase or the ever potent Fortune Piyao vase. Fill it up with gemstone and chien lung coins to attract fortune. Remember, the Pi Yao only swallows and never let go. That is the wonderful thing about the Pi Yao. Place him at your cash register facing the maindoor.

Pi Yao Wealth Vase (left) & Rich Wealth God(right)

Talking about the cash register, you must have the Wealth God (either Rich Wealth God or Military Wealth God), Wealth Cat, the Chinese Abacus and also the Wealth Laughing Buddha at your cash register.

Wealth Cat (left) and Chinese Brass Abacus(right)

Then next is to have a wealth ship filled with goodies and gold ingots sailing into your shop. Let it enter and harbor on a table in the shop from the maindoor facing inside.

Hang the lucky doorbells and 3-coins in each of your door knobs.

Doorbell Set (left) and Gold Plated Abacus Keychain(right)

And remember to always fill yourself with feng shui amulets and good luck items to. You are now a business making person, and always looking forward for money to pour in. For eg, get the abacus keychain so that you are never lack of money to calculate.

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Problem with child developing bad habits…

Hi Feng Shui Scholar,
I would like advice to help my son,born 11-26-84(KUA-7). He is currently attending his 1st year at the University,and seems to be engaged in more social activities than studies. Recently he is going out every other night and returns way past midnight,he plays cards with his friends almost daily.I am terrified that he is developing a bad habit. We live in a Period 7 house facing West W2 type and his bedroom is in the NW corner. I consulted a Feng Shui master and was not very succesful since his advise was major construction, and we had finished remodeling (before I knew any feng shui). Thank you, for your kindness and understanding.



Hello Ade,


First and foremost, I would like to comment on the bad influences on Period 7 houses could feel when we embark in Period 8. In Period 8, the star #7 which used to be auspicious in Period 7 will start to become hostile. Therefore houses which used to enjoy great feng shui due to the Double 7 combinations or single Star#7 at the front of the houses will now start to turn bad due to the change of behaviour of this star #7. These houses will now be more susceptible to hostility, family members turning bad, robbery, quarrel, violence, lawsuits, legal issues and hardship in life. For those who do not plan yet to renovate their houses into Period-8 houses, they are recommended to cure this violent star#7 with the rhinoceros, the coin sword and yin water (a bowl of clean stagnant water with nothing else inside). Place the rhinoceros facing towards the maindoor (inside-out) and hang the coinsword with the tip slanting down and facing outwards in your front area. Period 7 houses (built between 4 Feb 1984 - 3Feb 2004) that has violent star#7 in their center front portion of the house are houses that faces S1, SW1, W1, W2, W3, NW1, NW2, NW3, N2, N3, NE2, NE3, E1, E2, E3, SE1, SE2 and SE3.

Rhinoceros (left) and Coinsword(right)

After curing star#7, focus on a few areas where you could harness good feng shui to benefit your son:

1. Activate your northwest according to bagua theory to invite nobleman luck into your son's life. Friends are very important in shaping up a growing child. Currently, he could have been influenced by bad people. Although it is hard to control whom he is currently befriending, but with a little help from feng shui, you can invite good people into his life that would hopefully change his thinking process and overall growth. First, cure his current situation by placing a golden brass rooster and a coinsword in the NW. The rooster can eat up poisonous centipedes. Meanwhile, the coinsword will remove all the bad network in his life. Then, you activate the newcomers by hanging a stronger 6-rods all metal windchime & 9 Emperor coins and placing 6 smooth crystal balls in that area of your house. 6 smooth crystal balls will ensure a smooth encounter with all endeavours in his life.

Gold Plated Rooster

2. Next is to activate the NE for his education luck. Fortunately, this year, that location also coincides with the place where auspicious star#8 settles. Therefore NE is double auspicious. Place the ever potent crystal globe, double carps and six smooth crystal balls in NE corner of your family room, dining room and in his bedroom.

Strong 6-Rods Windchime (left) and Six Crystal Balls (right)

3. If you are a flying star enthusiast, focus on SE where literary star#4 resides in 2004. Place a water feature and some plants in this area of your house.

Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: Protect mum at her workplace…

I have an elderly mother who is in a nursing home i would like to purchse a symbol which i can put in her room to protect her from any bad intentions,can you please advise me which one would be the best.

Stephen Egan


Dear Stephen,
We are so glad to answer the questions to a filial child. You will have many blessings. In feng shui, we believe the most important blessings come from our mum. If we love her, we will be blessed for great fortune.

There are a few things that would benefit your mum:
1. Hang the powerful 5 Fortune Bats Longevity Tassel in her bedroom. That would bring her great fortune luck and blessings of good health. This is important to her since she is working in a nursery that is filled with yin energy. Also to ensure her safety from being struck by bad energy at her work place, let her wear the 9-Eyed dZi bead for protection. These are powerful sacred protective talisman mined from the Heavenly Himalayas which have more than a thousand years track record.

9 Eyed Dzi Bracelet

2. Next is to hang the bagua horoscope coin at the door knob inside her bedroom for protection against bad luck and bad people. In fact it is recommended that all family members should have this powerful evil protection amulet hung at the doors of all bedrooms for the whole family to ensure a smooth ride all the time.

Bagua Horoscope Amulet

3. To assure she would be competitive in her work and endeavours, place the plum blossom coin under her pillow where she sleeps. That amulet would help her overcome obstacles.

5 Bats Longevity Amulet (left) and Victory Coin (right)

4. And if she wants to dissolve unhappiness, ask her to use our 5 bats fortune magic mirror.

Magic Mirror (left) and God of Longevity (right)


5. For longevity and good health, the deity that could be placed in a bedroom is the "God and Goddess of Longevity".

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 5: Trying to get pregnant. How do I get feng shui blessings to have a child?

Dear FS Scholar,
My husband and I we trying to get pregnant . Please tell me what to do i have a shower in west of my house and a bathrooms in the middle of the house.



Dear Christiane,
Water in the west would reduce descendant luck. Plus the bathrooms in center could really hurt your aspiration because the bad chi will spread towards all the eight directions of the whole house. Please hang a 6-rods windchime in each of the bathroom to suppress the bad luck and stagnate the bad chi. Please keep the doors of those baths closed all the time.

Precious 100 Children

Now try to activate two directions that are deem extremely important. One is the west wall of your living room, dining room and bedroom. The other is the nien yen direction of your husband. The best enhancer is to be activated would be the picture of Precious Hundred Children in your bedroom and the the living room to bring in the pure yang chi in into your home. This would be most auspicious to bring you heaven's gift for a child. Another thing you could do is to place our special edition Fertility Pigs with Piglets to increase fertility in both your bedroom and living room. Last but not least is to place 6-smooth crystal balls in the west wall of your living room and let a lamp or shades shine on it. Lights (fire element) build more earth energy in the crystals which in turn boost up metal energy for the west, thus bringing descendants luck also.

Fertility Pig (left) and Strong Six Rods Windchime (right)


Good Luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 6: Using Feng Shui to find a house!

Dear FS Scholar,
I am in the process of looking for a house to buy and would like to know what I can do to help me find on? Thank you.



Dear Diane,
Finding a house would be directly link to one of the 8 aspirations, getting the luck of helpful and supportive people. You need someone helpful and reliable to get you a neat house and a good bargain. You would need to invite nobleman into your life in order to achieve that, and it could be done by activating your Northwest direction of your house or living room. The best is to hang either a 6-rods or 8-rods windchime in the NW. Other than that you should also consider 6 round crystal balls and the 9-Emperors Coins.

Six Crystal Balls (left) and 9-Emperor Coins (right)

I guess sometimes with only one pair of eyes, you may overlook things and make wrong decisions. So when you go to the site for viewing, please make sure you wear the 9 Eyed Dzi to help you have a bigger view of the intangibles, so that you do not miss out anything bad you could find in the house you intend to buy. It would definitely prevent you from making wrong decisions. Our customers have so many good comments about these magical Dzi Beads.

9 Eyed Dzi


Good Luck!

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 7: Confused between home's flying star chart and annual afflictions!

Dear FS Scholar,
My question is my house is period 7. I want to know is it important to remedy the afflictions according to my home's "Permanent flying Star afflictions" - remedying water stars # 2 and #5 and mountain stars #2 and #5 and activating star#8or is it more important to remedy the "2004 Annual Afflictions"- 5 yellow star in the center of every home, Illness star#2 in every southwest corner of home and the 3 killings? I bought product from you for period 8 from the "Essentials for Period 8". But now I'm confused about which is more important for my period 7 house? Taking care of the 2004 afflictions or the Permanent flying stars. I don't want to place things wrong. Also the Permanent Afflications are according to the direction your house faces and the 2004 Lunar Year of Monkey afflictions go by 9 palaces is this according to the bagua direction of entryway or the direction your house faces? I am confused about this.

Pamela Hurles


Dear Pamela,
In time dimension feng shui, both aspects have to be considered in your flying stars. One is your own house's permanent flying stars, which you would cure by placing the remedies permanently in those locations until you renovate your house into another new period. The other aspect is the annual flying stars (annual afflictions), which we have to cure as well, even if our permanent flying stars map is perfect or we are already enjoying good feng shui. The annual afflictions cannot be taken lightly as they could strike as hard. Generally the annual afflictions move from one corner to another of every house from year to year to strike any being in those rooms or areas.

In short, both aspects have to be considered. The only difference is your annual cures will move around in your house every year, but the permanent cures will stay there as long as you have not renovated your house.

5 Element Pagoda


I m glad you got your 5-Element Pagoda. That would fix the deadly 5-Yellow in the center of your house as the priority cure this year, irrespective of which house you stay in. If you do not remedy 5-Yellow in the center this year, its detrimental effects would spread to all the eight cardinal and subcardinal directions causing all your aspirations to be damaged, and cause the ineffectiveness of any enhancer in the 8 directions.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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