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Feng Shui Scholar Q&A
Issue #7

1. Improving sales for business and preventing competition
2. Do we need more than one 5-Element Pagoda and Metal Wulou in the house?
3. Why is 5-Element Pagoda the best to cure Star#5? Why can't 6-rods windchime work equally well?
4. How to overcome from obstructions in getting big projects for business?

Question 1: Improving sales for business and preventing competition

Hello FS Scholar,
My husband is KUA #2 (date of birth Dec 21, 1971). He runs a business related to ethnic wooden furniture and displays the same in his showroom. Things were going along fine until recently a competitor opened the same showroom directly above my husband's shop. Since this new competitor is a manufacturer of the items, he offers his items at a discounted rate which my husband cannot match, therefore he loses out on many potential customers.

I would really like to help my husband improve his sales and am confident the remedy lies in feng shui. Please suggest a few measures which can be taken.

The entrance to the shop is in the south, which cannot be changed. His office is in the Northeast corner. Thank you so much for your help.

Monica Gupta


Dear Monica,
Yes, Feng Shui can help in business. Having good Feng Shui can sharpen your husband's mind and enable him to take necessary steps to create better advantage over his competitors.

Your husband belongs to the West Group according to his kua #2. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that your husband sits in a desk with his face facing one of his four good directions, the best being NE. That way, he will have a better advantage over his competitors and customers as he will always be on the winning side.

Then focus to find out the water star#8 location in his shop. You could do that by finding out the facing direction of the shop and also the year the building was construction. Refer to tables in this link. The water star#8 position is your wealth corner. Place a bubbling water feature such as aquarium or a small fountain here. The alternative is to place in this vicinity our 8 auspicious carps and 8 pieces of gold plated metal gold ingots in this location. To add on wealth chi, place the 3 pieces of money frogs in this location also.

8 Auspicious Carps with 8 pcs of Gold Ingots(left) & Money Frog(right)

Next place to focus on is the sheng chi location according to your husband's kua. His sheng chi is in the NE. That is your husband's sheng chi location where all his personal wealth and success is accumulated. Place six smooth crystal balls in that corner to ensure smoothness in his business transactions. Place a Dragon Tortoise and a large wealth pot stacked with rising steps of gold ingots there too to enhance his wealth luck. Pieces of actual gold ingots are organizely stacked up in a stack-up stairway formation to signify incremental success in wealth accumulation. In other words, it means you would continuously raise the bar on your wealth abundance. This item is specially catered for those who have higher ambitions of making more money in an incremental manner and would like to leapfrog higher and higher to gain more material success. On top of that you must place another 3 pieces of money frog in that location too.

Six Crystal Balls(left) & Elegant Dragon Tortoise(right)

The other important corner is the universal wealth corner according to the bagua school, which is the SE corner of the shop. The most important figurine that you must have to increase wealth and competitiveness in business is the Military Wealth God. The Wealth God is very popular among tycoons and businessmen in Asia. His looks are more confident, grandeur and victorious compared to other Wealth Gods. He sits on a ferocious tiger on wealth bed, thus making him having extremely powerful command on wealth. Place some gold ingots or a large wealth pot in front of HIM. And don't forget to place another 3 pieces of Money Frogs in this universal wealth corner. Now you got a total of completely nine pieces of money frogs in the shop, which would definitely guarantee wealth creation and abundance.

Rising Steps of Gold Ingots (left) & Military Wealth God(right)

Next is to focus on the maindoor. The maindoor not facing your husband's good direction could be remedied by placing the dragon tortoise on bagua near its vicinity and let the dragon tortoise face SW. Hang the 3 coins with bells at the door. It is important to protect against competitors by placing a 5-Flag Kwan Kung to triumph over competitors. The 5-Flag Kwan Kung never fail to deliver, because he is the ultimate symbol of victory in war. Win the war over the competitor by placing His statue facing the maindoor.

5 Dragon Flags Kwan Kung

The success of a business also link very much to popularity. Your husband needs to heighten his fame luck in the south location. Usually a horse would do a good job in that. But for your case, get the stronger version of horse who could run faster, which is the Chi Lin. The best form is to get the 8 Magic Chi Lin for Period 8. This special Chi Lin has 8 auspicious magical objects carried by the 8 Immortals, and will fulfill all your husbands aspiration. Place this pair of Chi Lin facing the south at your maindoor close to its vicinity.

8-Magic Chi Lin(left) & Wealth Cat(right)

Last but not least is to focus on your husbands work desk and cashier. Place the laughing buddha there. His presence helps create wealth, abundance and happiness. Also place our version of cute wealth cat at the cash register. This is the figurine every chinese and japanese would not dare to neglect. The other important figurine which is a MUST HAVE for business is the dragon's figurine. He blows cosmic chi and will ensure success in your husband's endeavours. Place it on the manager's desk. Last but not least, don't forget the brass abacus. Place it at the place where your husband receives money. Ask him to shake it every morning when he starts business and money would roll in. Behind where he sits, ask him to hang the 9 Emperor's coin so that he is never short of support from the emperor's of China's most powerful dynasty Ching.

Sunshine Laughing Buddha

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 2: Do we need more than one 5-Element Pagoda and Metal Wulou in the house?

Good Afternoon,
I am sorry to bother you but I was just taking a look around your site (for new goodies) and I came across a very useful chart "Identify flying star in your home f.s.", which as you know lists the good & bad stars to activate for both period 7 & 8 homes.

I am familiar with the water & mountain star but am a little confused about a couple of things...I have a period 7 S3 home. My water star is South, mountain is S.West. According to your chart it says I should have my 5 Element Pagoda to remedy my #5 stars in the N. East & East and my #2 stars with a 6 coin wulou.

So I guess my question is should my pagoda be in the center or the N. East/ East? Or is a second pagoda needed? And do I need wulou's in my center/ N.West as well as the S. West(annual illness star)?

I am sure you are very busy & do appreciate any information you can offer to help end the confusion.

Thank you very much & Have a great day,

Christina Sullivan


Dear Christina,
Good day! Let me help you clear the confusion.

In time dimension feng shui, the period and facing direction of your house will determine your own flying star chart. That means your stars will be permanently be there for as many years as your house completed construction and you lived in there, until you renovate it the next time to a new period's house. This would be the first thing a feng shui master would check when they audit your house. And we ought to cure stars #2 and #5, and some even cure #3 quarrelsome stars so that those area will not manifest problems for you which is accumulated after many years. As earth energy becomes extremely strong in Period 8 (2004-2024) after Feb 2004, the best cure for fatal star #5 is with the 5-Element Pagoda. Star #2 can be cured with a natural wulou or a metal wulou, the most popular one recently being the 8 Immortals wulou. I leave that to you to decide. As for Quarrelsome Star#3, you can place red furnishings or Red Robe Laughing Buddha there as cure. Laughing Buddha dissolves unhappiness and the red robe fire element would counter and burnt away the wood energy from star#3.

Five Element Pagoda and 8-Immortals Wulou

Another aspect in time dimension feng shui which we should not ignore is the "annual afflictions". This means every house will have the same annual flying stars visit their house and manifest problems within that year if the afflictions are not cured and remedied.

So, therefore the answer to your question is "YES". You will need to cure your home's flying star chart as well as the annual afflictions, that means you probably need more than one 5-Element pagoda.

Red Robe Laughing Buddha

The pagoda in the center is only for this year. You can move it to the next 5-Yellow location next year. But your E and NE which has permanent mountain and water stars#5 need another two more pagodas that will have to be placed permanently there to lock them up. Same goes for illness star#2 and #3, you will need more than one wulou and laughing buddha to do the job for you if they are in different location of your house.

Warmest regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 3: Why is 5-Element Pagoda the best to cure Star#5? Why can't 6-rods windchime work equally well?

Hi Feng Shui Scholar, AGAIN!! ,
Can I use a 6 rods windchime on #5 on my home's flying star map (they are located in E and NE) or it has to be the 5 element pagoda which is the best for this?



Hello Rebecca,


The 5 Element Pagoda acts to lock-up the 5-evil permanently. In real feng shui audits, feng shui masters often suggest we build a small store room in such areas to lock up the 5-evil. But in reality, it is hard to build too many such store rooms. Therefore the best alternative is to lock up in the 5 Element Pagoda and prevent the evil from wandering around.

The windchime is effective too because it is metal element and can cure the affliction. Unfortunately it still leaves the 5-evil wanders around and it can still strike anytime when the metal element is not as strong to counterattack the amplified earth element. Remember that earth energy is extremely strong in Period 8, and in certain months when earth energy might potentially double-strike that location, the windchime may not be strong enough to defend against terrorism from that star, unless you have many of those windchimes in that location.

5-Element Pagoda is the best cure for fatal star #5 because of its capability to lock up the star and not leave it terrorizing around!

In short, the 5-Element Pagoda provides a peace of mind because it locks up the #5 permanently.

Good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

Question 4: How to overcome from obstructions in getting big projects for business?

I'm wondering if you cold help me with my business problem. My D.O.B is 20/05/1973. I'm into property and interior designing. Although my work is OK. but whenever big deals are about to happen somehow there are always obstructions and nothing happens. I'm stuck at it. How can I overcome it and gain big projects and deals? Also, how can I Feng Shui my office? Your advice would be of great help!



Dear Munish,
Greetings. The luck would favor you this year. Last two years, those Ox people had a difficult time....but the good stars had come to you this year.

We recently introduced a new type of horse, "Victory Horses Over the Wall". These special horses signify the success of overcoming crisis and freed from problems as well as achieving success in pursuits. Therefore this pair of horses are also useful for those who had been facing less luck and overcome problems for those who are unable to make ends meet all the time. Horses in such victorious galloping gesture also promises faster success in pursuits.

Victory Horses Over Wall and Twin Pregnant Dragons

For business success, you are also advised to place the Twin Pregnant Dragons on your desk. The pregnant ones are especially potent to signify growth in your business income. It doubles the luck, doubles the business.

Next, you will need to focus on activating you 1. mentor luck 2. career luck and 3. wealth luck. This would help you strengthen opportunities.

8 Rods Metal Windchime to invite mentor luck!!

Place an 8-rods windchime at the northwest corner of your house to bring in supportive clients and great network. 8-rods windchime is especially auspicious and powerful in period-8 according to the reigning number. Also hang the 9 Emperor coins at your office behind you so that you are never lack of strong support from the 9 Ching Emperors. The other powerful symbol you ought to consider having is the Dragon Tortoise placed in the north to enhance your career luck. This celestial creature had made so many of our customers happy with excellent career and promotional luck. Last but not least, get the Prosperity Pig on Laden Treasures and a large wealth pot and place them in the SE of your house to activate your wealth luck. And what is more, don't let your business ever escape out to your competitors by placing the Military Wealth God in the SE as well. Almost all tycoons in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia worship him for smoothness in business success.

Prosperity Pigs on Treasure and 9 Emperor Coins

A last useful tip for you. Get the Pi Yao...the type that has a hollow stomach. Fill it up with gemstones and coins to make it a powerful wealth magnet and place it in your office. The Pi Yao is a celestial creature that only eats and not dispose. It would help you swallow whatever wealth and opportunities coming your way. That is why it is a fortune magnifier and believe to be even more potent than the wealth vase for almost all authentic feng shui masters.

Pi Yao Wealth Vase


I wish you good luck, good fortune and prosperity.

Warmest Regards,
Feng Shui Scholar

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